Best Animated Corporate Videos

Animated company videos that will inspire you to make your own

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Animated Corporate Videos

Need to build brand awareness or promote a new product? If yes, then you’ll need to make an animated video. Today’s businesses fully realize the benefits of creating animated videos for business.

Some corporate video examples include animated corporate training videos, product explainer videos, and animated sales videos for companies. If you haven’t started using video content in your business you’re late to the game, so take the plunge.

Animated corporate company videos help you deliver your message using stories that easily connect with your audience on a personal level.

As a creative video animation company we understand that good corporate videos play an essential role in every business. So, before you make your own video or hire an animated corporate video production company, check out what other companies are doing.

Best Animated Corporate Videos – Examples

Here’s a list of the best animated corporate videos we’ve cherry picked. It’s the 20 best corporate videos we hope will inspire you to go out and make your own business animation video to tell your story and promote your brand.

1. Brady Corporation

Here’s is an animated corporate video we made for Brady Corporation, a Milwaukee, WI based company that makes identification solutions that help companies improve productivity, safety and security. We created this animated corporate video to explain how Brady Corp solves the problem of identifying cable infrastructure in servers and networks.

2. Starbucks

Second in our list of best business animation videos is from Starbucks. To make corporate videos, you don’t always have to think of complex ideas. You can keep your idea simple, as you can see in this Starbucks video. In this corporate explainer video, Starbucks educates its viewers about how to choose and blend coffee beans to make new flavours.

3. IBM

This creative company profile video beautifully provides a complete overview of IBM’s cloud-based security platform. Cloud security is a need for every business today, and IBM enables this innovative defense system to keep their customers away from risks. IBM Cloud has the data, tools, and APIs that are making AI real.

4. AT&T

This AT&T animated corporate video is one of the best animated videos in out list. It demonstrates how AT&T helps shippers manage costs, enhance quality control, and decrease risks through Cargo View. AT&T provides fixed telephone, broadband TV subscription services, and mobile telephones.

5. Bosch

The concept behind this animated corporate video is to explain to partners how Bosch’s new HR platform benefits them. For the most part, the business animation videos showcases their high value HR services. And that includes HR issues such as competence management, career development, and recruitment.

6. Twitter

This video promotes Twitter’s Flight School service that helps users by teaching the best ways to use Twitter. Twitter is making the most out of the genre of corporate animated videos. It creatively presents the idea that makes you want to learn more. This approach to creating animated videos for business is beneficial for customer engagement and higher interaction.

7. Landstar

Yes, you can use symbolism to explain your service business in the corporate world. Landstar creatively demonstrates in this animated corporate video how to provide businesses with freight solutions to move goods around the globe via land, sea, or air.

8. Dupont

DuPont created one of the best animated corporate videos, creating an excellent example of how you can explain your business. If you provide multiple services and specialism, corporate explainer videos can help you package your details in an easy-to-understand manner. The transitions from one scene to another are impeccable.

9. Philips

Creating a combination of 2D animation and motion graphics is also an effective way to create animated videos for your business. Philips creatively shows the concept of a smart city and how it can operate the whole town through its light management system. It explains how business animation videos have no creative boundaries.

10. Levtech

This animated sales video is an example for corporate advisors and consultants. It illustrates how Levtech is a global service provider and offers solutions to the world through its high-end management system for companies.

11. FGV

This animated corporate video is one of the most excellent examples of what agribusiness is and the importance it has in any economy. The sentimental value and people’s interconnectivity are the main themes of the business marketing video. It explains the power of goodwill.

12. Dubai Association Centre

DAC is a combination of Dubai Tourism, Dubai Trade Centre, and Dubai Chamber that promotes the formation of global trade bodies, and professional associations in the Emirates of Dubai. The business video creatively uses rich colors to present a dry topic.

13. Urban Farmers

This professional corporate animation video provides the viewers with a complete guide on how Urban Farmers can be helpful. If you want to inform and educate your audience while entertaining them, this video is a perfect source of inspiration for that.

14. eFax

eFax is the leading digital fax service in the world. This corporate animation video creatively explains how they help you in sending and receiving faxes on the internet via any device with email access. It incorporates smooth transitions, soft music in the background, and clear narration to explain the process.

15. Sensis

Sensis packs a solid punch with this explanatory corporate video. The video perfectly explains how it can direct consumers to your business through White Pages, Yellow Pages, Skip, Whereis, and TrueLocal.

16. Comarch

Comarch, in this animated corporate video, gives us an understanding of how they provide a mobile solution through Comarch Sales Force Automation (SFA) to make sales teams smarter. The video ultimately splits into multiple windows to further simplify the process.

17. Ripple

Ripple connects you with payment providers, banks, corporate, and digital asset exchanges through RippleNet so that you can send money globally. This business animation video explains how Ripple opens up the world of the internet to the people for money remittance purposes.

18. Ziegler

Ziegler is a private capital market, investment bank, proprietary investment firm, and wealth management company. This type of animated corporate video highlights the aspects of community and how Ziegler provides financial services.

19. Experis

Corporate training videos show how employees connect to training, jobs, and learn tools to facilitate the business and themselves. And this animated corporate video tells how Experis helps businesses. It is a perfect example of how to make animated videos effective despite the use of simple graphics.

20. Axens

Axens focuses on technologies that facilitate converting coal, oil, biomass, and natural gas to cleaner fuels. This corporate animation video shows how they offer their services to businesses. The use of moving pictures of buildings and the absence of human characters keeps the viewer’s focus entirely on the explanation.

Animated Corporate Videos

Make An Animated Video For Business

Animation corporate videos can be of different types. For example, best character animation videos can grab the attention of customers and create brand awareness. You can use several styles of videos like whiteboardanimated graphics, character animation, or 3d animation.

DIY video platforms are great for making videos on a shoe-string budget. The only downside is that you’ll have to be creative in order to produce something worth watching — and that’s not easy.

If you need make an animated video for your business, find a reputable animated video maker that will create videos that deliver the results you need.

Creamy Animation is a creative video animation company that delivers result-driven videos for business. Find out what our previous clients say.