Animated Corporate Video Ideas
& How to Make Animated Videos for business

Animated company videos that will inspire you to make your own business videos.

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Animated Corporate Videos

Animated corporate videos are one of the most effective ways to deliver your value proposition in the best shortest possible time. For most businesses this can be achieved in a short 1-2 minute explainer video. The dynamic nature of videos makes them eye catching and can condense your message into a 1-2 minute video. 

If you need to build brand awareness, connect with your customers, or promote your business, an animated company video is the way to go.

In this article, you’ll see some of the best animation ideas that will help you leverage the power of animated company videos.

animated corporate videos

Best Corporate Videos

Today’s businesses fully realize the benefits of creating animated videos for business. Some of the best corporate videos use animation to make brand videos, training videos, marketing videos, and character animation sales videos.

If you haven’t started using video animation content in your video strategy or on your website, it’s not too late. Find out what an animated video production process looks like.

Corporate Video Examples

Here’s a list of what we think are some of the best animated corporate videos out there. There are plenty of corporate video examples we could think of. Some would fit in what you would call cool company videos and product demo videos.

We’ve only limited our list to the 20 best corporate videos. It would be good to point out that this list is not exhaustive. Hope it inspires you to make your own business animation video that drives results.

1. Blockdaemon

This animated corporate video was produced for Blockdaemon by Creamy Animation. Blackdaemon is a billion dollar startup company based out of Los Angeles, California, and has the largest blockchain infrastructure platform in the world.

They needed a flagship SaaS video to provide insight into what Blockdaemon is and why the world’s largest companies and institutions, including Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, custodians and trusts use Blockdaemon.

2. Slack

If you’ve used any team collaboration software, you’ll understand how important a platform like Slack is. The company is based in San Francisco, California. Creating humour is not easy, and there are very few funny animated videos out there that will actually make you laugh. If you’re looking for some cool animation ideas, this business cartoon video is one of the best animation examples.

Create Animations for Business

Let’s talk about the importance of short animated videos for business, and how to make a short company video that will produce great results.

Animated corporate company videos help you deliver your message using storytelling that easily connects with your audience on a personal level.

As a creative video animation company we understand that good corporate videos play an essential role in every business. Our focus is on creative storytelling, which is a great foundation for creating the best business animation videos.

Animation Ideas

In our list or corporate videos, you can find a lot of animation ideas you can potentially use to create your own animation videos.

While some people may look at animated videos as mere corporate cartoon art and not serious enough for business, there are plenty of reasons why being too serious doesn’t always work. You can create video with animations and still get results.

  1. Professional animation videos are a thing, and there are numerous benefits of using this type of video in your corporate sales strategy.

  2. Business animation videos are effective when the animation style is customized to appeal to the intended target audience. 

  3. Corporate animations are made for people, and not every professional wears a suite and tie. Sometimes that lighthearted cartoon is the perfect way to capture their attention, get them to listen, and inspire action.

So, before you make your own video or hire an animated corporate video production company, check out some of the business animation videos other companies are making.

3. MMC

Here’s an animated corporate video we made for Makers Making Change, a non-profit organization from Vancouver, Canada. The goal of this animated business video was to provide an overview of what the company does and communicate their value proposition clearly.

We chose to use of simple animated characters and graphics, combined with creative storytelling, in order to capture their target audiences’ attention and drive the message home.

4. Spotify

Creating a combination of eye catching 2D animation and motion graphics is also an effective way to create animated videos for your business. A company based out of Stockholm, Sweden, Spotify uses business cartoon style video to tell a simple story of how the music streaming platform is the perfect solution for relaxing, after a hard day’s work. This shows how business animation videos have no creative boundaries. Its creative use of character animation for sales video show that you can use almost any style of story animation.

How to Make Animated Videos

Wondering how to make animated videos for business? Unless you have experience doing this or you’re just need something simple, you should hire a reputable animation company.

Lots of businesses may use animated videos for different purposes, with a considerable level of success. However, most company video content has a few things in common. Simplicity is particularly vital when making business promotional videos. Make it easy for people to understand what you do and why it matters.. You may also infuse corporate motion graphics for branding purposes and use on social media.

Here are some tips on how to make an animated video for business.

Small Business Video

Write a professional video script

To make a good animated video, you need to write a professional animation script that checks off all the right boxes. While putting down your animation ideas is something anybody can do, creating a professional script that will deliver results is a whole new ballgame.

Additionally, the video animation corporate organizations need, should have a distinct voice and design that set them apart from competition. Scripting provides the opportunity to incorporate your unique brand attributes like humorous slogans into an animated video and extend them through silly banter and goofy scenarios.

You can find some great tips on the thought process behind writing for video in one our articles on script writing

Create A Storyboard

Create a storyboard that describes the action that will be taking place and how animation will play. It also explains at what point particular things will happen.

This helps to put your thoughts in writing and visualize your video ideas. With a storyboard it can be difficult to create an effective video. Viewers may lose interest quickly as the video fails to captivate their attention in the first few seconds.

Avoid confusing your audience with a lot of unnecessary information overload. You have to look at the message as a whole and figure out what needs to come first, what should go last, and what’s expendable.

Design Illustrations

The next steps are going required some design skills not everyone is familiar with. I suggest that you find a good illustrator or a stock image website where you can purchase the graphics you need. Alternatively, you can hire a graphic designer to create the final illustrations.

Create Animation Video

Now you’re ready to put everything together and bring your video to life. You can either use a simple online video maker softwares or hire a story animator.

Online animation websites are quite cheap. For less than $100 per month you can make your own animation video. If you’re going to use a freelancer or use a professional animation studio you can expect to pay a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Animation Ideas

5. Starbucks

Also on our list of best business animation videos is from Starbucks, a Seattle, Washington company. To make corporate videos, you don’t always have to think of complex ideas. You can keep your idea simple, as you can see in this amazing animation produced for Starbucks.

You can tell that with creative use of a corporate explainer video, Starbucks was able to educate its viewers on how to choose and blend coffee beans to make new flavours.

6. BlueCross BlueShield

BlueCross BlueShield, a Chicago, Illinois healthcare company, uses a lot of business animation videos to tell stories that captivate our attention and drive their message in such a powerful way. Animated videos for business can be simple yet powerful business promotion tools. Using cool animated characters, you can create a professional looking company corporate video.

7. Dr. Bill by RBC Bank

Introducing a new product is sometimes hit or miss. Using a product animation video is an essential part of any business sales strategy. This healthcare based startup, Dr. Bill, uses engaging business animation videos to promote their products. SaaS product demo videos make it easy for people to understand how your product solves their problem and why they should use it.

Business Animation Video Benefits

Business animation videos engage your audience

Videos for business promotion is a very competitive arena with attention spans coming at a premium, especially on social media. Business animation videos provide a whole new approach to engaging people.

This is one of our 1 minute animation ideas, to show you how you can start with a very minimalist video. You can then build your way up and create more complex storytelling content. Additionally, animated videos for business bring a lighter touch to messages and make them more appealing and palatable.

Business Animation

Animated corporate videos are easy to customize

Animated videos also enable you to create a series of sorts, molded around a specific character that the audience can fall in love with. The bonds viewers build with these animated characters and their evolving stories can turn simple animations into inspirational corporate videos.

The absence of real human characters can make it easier for people to indulge in the fantasies and seemingly unrealistic plotlines since the animations easily engage their escapist side. You can reduce the need for human contact and avoid an office corporate video, and use animated company profile video content.

Animated business videos are cost effective and efficient

In the case of human beings, it usually takes more time for them to endear themselves to the audience, introduce and explain a concept. You risk having the video come off as rushed or erratic, on top of having to worry about intonation, pronunciations and more.

An animated video will help you to compress a three-minute message into a much shorter time frame.

Not only do you reduce the cost of crafting, releasing and distributing messages, you reduce the amount of viewers’ time you need to deliver your message. In that sense, animation can breed more cost-efficient and effective promotional videos for business since all the fat and filler are eliminated from the message.

How Much Does An Animated Video Cost?

Animated video production costs are not the same for every project and are based on many variables. For sure, the main variable is the studio you’re going to work with. The dynamics of each animation studio are different. The type of work they specialize in, the make up of their talent, and location is a big factor.

While an offshore company could quote you a few hundred dollars, North American studios will typically be in the thousands to hundreds of thousands. It may be hard to figure out whether you’re getting the best bang for your buck or getting a raw deal.

Corporate Video Pricing

8. Microsoft

This video showcases how Microsoft places emphasis on design and creating a great user experience for its customers. Microsoft is based in Redmond, Washington and in this video uses a combination of styles; live action, motion graphics, and some really cool 3D animation.

9. IBM

This creative company profile video beautifully provides a complete overview of IBM’s cloud-based security platform. Cloud security is a need for every business today, and IBM, from Armonk, New York, enables this innovative defence system to keep their customers away from risks. IBM Cloud has the data, tools, and APIs that are making AI real. This is one of the best animation inspiration videos.

10. WWF

This animated company video brings awareness to how the life of the Bowhead whale has been affected by the increase in marine traffic. WWF is making the most out of the genre of corporate animated videos. It creatively presents the idea that makes you want to learn more. This approach to creating animated videos for business is beneficial for customer engagement and delivering educational content.

11. Lark

While not all business animations are made equal, this one’s the great among equals. This aesthetically pleasing corporate animation video uses mostly 3d animation and does a great job of simplifying a complex subject. While live action videos are good for business promotion, videography cartoon videos have increasingly become the more ideal style for creating video animations.

12. Reseau

This short animated video explains the problems that Reseau has been solving over the years. It’s the typical animation inspiration for non-profit organizations that are looking for easy animation ideas for business.

Business Video Production

13. MSVU

Storytelling is an age old skill that continues to evolve with time. This corporate cartoon for MSVU, a Halifax, Nova Scotia University, tells a great and compelling story. The best animation videos tell the most captivating stories and awe inspiring animated pictures. The challenge is how to create animated videos with the best animation for business.

14. Morgan Stanley

Animated videos for business do a great job of breaking down complex ideas and delivering the information in a few minutes. This business animation video explains how Morgan Stanley, from New York, NY, is a good investment partner. Find out how to make a B2B corporate video animation in this article we wrote on video advertising.

15. Larabar

This animated corporate video is one of the most excellent examples of how you can create a blend of live action and business animation and get the best of both worlds. The corporate animation tells the story of how the founder of Larabar, based in Denver, Colorado, turned a simple idea into a successful brand. This business marketing video is the prefect story we would all love to tell.

16. Dubai Association Centre

DAC is a combination of Dubai Tourism, Dubai Trade Centre, and Dubai Chamber that promotes the formation of global trade bodies, and professional associations in the Emirates of Dubai. The corporate animation video creatively uses storytelling and intuitive business animation.

17. Urban Farmers

This professional corporate animation video provides the viewers with a complete guide on how Urban Farmers from Zurich, Switzerland, can be helpful. It is a perfect example of how to make animated videos effective despite the use of simple graphics.

18. SpeeDx

SpeeDx is a clinical diagnostic testing company based in Melbourne Australia. We made this company video to provide a corporate overview of the organization. It’s two smart Australian founders have build the company into a globally recognized business. You can make your own about us company video that uses animation.

19. Brady Corp

Brady Corp is a Milwaukee, Wisconsin based manufacturer of products for identifying components used in workplaces. This animated video for business explains the technology used to maintain network uptimes and reduce downtimes.

20. Bankwest

Financial institutions like Bankwest, from Perth Australia, can use animated corporate video content to promote their products and services. This animated business video uses fun characters, debunking the idea that cartoons are only for kids and can’t be professional.

Animated Corporate Videos

Business Animation

All-in-all, applying animation to business video production is a multi-faceted effort that requires a lot of creativity, technical know-how, resources and continuous development. It involves dealing with artists of different kinds such as animators and writers.

Animation corporate videos can be of different types. For example, some the best animation videos out there do an effective job of engaging the viewer and create a memorable impression, building lasting brand visibility.

You can use several video styles like whiteboardanimated graphics, character animation, or 3d animation. DIY video platforms are great for making videos on a shoe-string budget. The only downside is that you’ll have to be creative in order to produce something worth watching — and that’s not easy.

If you need make an animated video for your business, find a reputable production company that will create videos that deliver the results you need. Creamy Animation is a top video making studio that delivers results-driven video content for businesses around the world.

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