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SaaS product videos that will inspire you to make your own

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If you’ve got a SaaS product, getting users to signup will take some creative sales and SaaS marketing skills. You’re probably looking for ideas on how to promote your business, and SaaS product videos are one of the many tools available.

SaaS Video Ads are a great way to introduce or pitch your idea to potential investors, support your product launch, or boost conversions and signups.

At Creamy Animation, we’ve created hundreds of SaaS explainer videos for cool tech products around the world. We thought it would be great to inspire you with our list of some of the best SaaS explainer videos out there.

SaaS Explainer Videos

What is an Explainer Video?

Here’s a short video on what an explainer video is and what it takes to make one.

Best SaaS Product Videos

Here’s a list of the best SaaS explainer videos that will help inspire you to make your own video to promote your SaaS. If you need to make a SaaS product video for your business, contact us to find out how we can help.

1. Blockdaemon

We created this startup video for Blackdaemon a Los Angeles based billion dollar startup, with the largest blockchain infrastructure platform in the world.

They needed a flagship video to provide insight into what Blockdaemon is and why the world’s largest companies and institutions, including Fortune 500 enterprises, banks, custodians and trusts use Blockdaemon.

2. TestBox

SaaS company videos can also be cool. This cartoon animated video is light hearted and takes a relaxed approach to explain how TestBox works. The pain points are clear and the solution pretty straightforward.

3. CoPilot Ai

LinkedIn is a powerful channel for igniting conversations with prospects. CoPilot Ai automates the process of lead generation and turn those leads into real customers. This software as a service uses artificial intelligence to deliver on their promise.

Need A SaaS Product Explainer Video?

Marketing a SaaS product is tough, simply because there are tons of great SaaS products out there. So, you’ll need to find creative ways to reach your audiences and get them to sign up. A SaaS explainer video is a must-have tool in your marketing strategy.

You’ll need to make SaaS video for your startup and deliver your value proposition fast and clearly. We’ve done our fare share of great SaaS marketing videos. Our tried and tested process is effective in creating SaaS videos that turn your audiences into users. Here are some quick clients reviews.

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4. ME Company

If you’ve bought clothes online you know how hard it is to get clothes that fit. ME makes buying clothes online easy. SaaS videos need to be complicated. This app explainer is as cool as SaaS product videos can get.

5. Augmentt

Now that we’ve talked about SaaS explainer videos. Now here’s your SaaS for your SaaS platform. What? Yes, that’s what we said when Augmentt approached us to create this SaaS product video for SaaS, get it?

6. Dr. Bill

Here’s is a SaaS explainer video for Dr. Bill, a billing app for doctors and medical professionals. This video makes it to the top of the list of SaaS product videos for healthcare based apps out there.

7. Young Empowered Startuppers

Teaching entrepreneurship in high school has just gotten easier with YES. This awesome platform is changing the way schools can train kids to become successful business owners at an early age.

8. Claimwell

Getting fair and timely payment is the biggest challenge medical companies face. This SaaS product video clearly articulates how Claimwell solves this problem. The high quality graphics and intuitive animation captivates your attention and delivers a compelling message.

9. Empowered Startups

Number nine in our list of best SaaS videos that was made for Empowered Startups. Most product videos don’t really provide enough detail on how the SaaS product actually solve the user’s problem. In this video the problem and the solution is quite clear and easy to understand.

10. Usherpa

This Real Estate SaaS software helps real estate agents manage their data and generate new leads. Most real estate SaaS products are hard to use, and Usherpa is changing that.

11. HomeTown Quotes

SaaS for Insurance Companies looks to be taking off. As more insurance agents look for better ways to drive more sales, using SaaS insurance software is the way to go.

SaaS Product Videos