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We make non profit videos that connect with your audience and gets your message across precisely and clearly

Nonprofit video production is a popular communications and marketing tool among charitable and other nonprofit organizations.

You are doing something that you care about, something for the greater good. We would like to help make sure that your voice is heard clearly in an increasingly crowded marketplace of ideas. We’ll work with you to craft a meaningful message you can send to a wide-ranging audience, all at a cost that’s friendly to your budget.

Featured : Coast Mental Health

Coast Mental Health Explainer Video

We partnered with Coast Mental Health to bring awareness to a subject that is not often discussed in public or private circles; mental health. We needed to tell a story that would help connect with people experiencing mental health issues. Since this is a matter that affects both the patient including family and friends, it had to be both sensitive and informative. We created a video that tugs on our heart strings and drives the message home.

Some amazing Non-Profits we’ve worked with …

Treasury Board of Canada

British Columbia SCPA

Animals in Science Policy Institute

Fraser Health – BC, Canada

Yukon Employees Union

Ministry of Environment BC, Canada

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Video helps you BREAK BARRIERS and PROMOTE your cause

Our nonprofit videos can take several forms, including explainer videos and whiteboard videos. But while our videos are richly made and highly engaging, they don’t have to be terribly long to accomplish your organizational goals. If the video is compelling and entertaining, your viewers will watch it all the way through.

At Creamy, our nonprofit video production team knows that’s what you need, because compelling, engaging videos are the Creamy mission, and that’s what we deliver to all our clients.

So how do you know what type of video you should create? Do you want to educate your audience, sell your product or service, or establish your authority in the industry. Once you establish your goals for the video, we can help you determine the best type and style of video to make. Below are some examples of healthcare marketing animations you can use. Use this contact form to request and no-obligation consultation about your project.

Examples of Non Profit videos you can make


Getting sponsors is one of the main goals for nonprofit organizations and charities, and videos help you do just that. Videos engage viewers at a high rate, which helps you send a clear message that your audience can relate to. The result: your video persuades viewers to respond by taking concrete action, thereby building fundraising momentum for your organization.

Exposure for the sponsors

While your sponsor is helping you with funds, help them get exposure as well. This can be done simultaneously with communicating your organizational message about an important policy, cause, or issue.

Donor appreciation

Express your gratitude to your donors after they have made donations by sending them personalized charity videos. A small amount of effort results in a massive boost in sponsor engagement, encouraging a higher retention and participation rate.

Educational Videos

If you want to educate your audience on issues that are important to your cause, you’d be hard-pressed to choose a more effective format than video. You can also use video to build awareness and advocate for your cause in a quick and effective manner.

Why Make A Non-Profit Video?

On average, people tend to remember more information after watching a video than reading the same information in text format.

This is why explainer videos, for example, are such powerful ways to generate interest in your audience.

Branding Consistency

Nonprofit videos help you build and maintain  consistent branding across a variety of promotional channels, including your website, social media, and more. Charity videos quickly and efficiently demonstrate to your audience who you are, why your organization exists, and what problems it solves.

When your audience is pressed for time, every second counts. And in a crowded marketplace, with so many brands competing for their attention, your audience members are being pulled in several directions. Explainer videos help you to explain the ideas behind your organization through visual means in a short amount of time.

Sending a Clear, Powerful Message

Anyone who has ever tried to build awareness of a brand or an organization knows how hard it is to capture the right kind of audience and introduce that brand to them. It’s even harder to convince them to trust your group with their hard-earned money, even if it’s for the worthiest of causes.

Our nonprofit videos empower you and your organization to clearly communicate your mission, your purpose, and your needs to the people you’re most interested in reaching and engaging.

Create storytelling charity videos that get you noticed

With all the potential platforms and channels out there for you to utilize, how can you possibly decide where to put important resources like your time and your organization’s budget?

Explainer videos and other kinds of nonprofit videos yield a higher-than-average degree of value, compared to other forms of digital content. Videos can be used and reused across so many of those platforms and channels.

From Facebook to Twitter, YouTube to your website, explainer videos can be used to spread the word about your organization over and over, to capture diverse kinds of viewers and maximize your organization’s exposure on each channel.  You can share your video in an email marketing outreach campaign, post it in a blog, link to it from a presentation or white paper, and so much more.

Creating a story-based video by using humor or emotional resonance to tug on people’s heartstrings helps trigger empathy in potential donors, volunteers, and partners. Then those viewers become your organization’s cheerleaders, sharing the video with their own followers on social media. Casual viewers turn into donors and advocates for your cause.

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