Motion Graphics Examples

Why Use Motion Graphics Videos?

Video content is a great medium to convey information intuitively and engagingly. Like the motion graphics examples in this article, video is engaging and can be used to easily explain complicated subjects.

Most businesses used animated graphics to explain complex ideas and educate their audience and the list is endless.

Motion Graphics

With the help of exciting illusions of motion, you can create out-of-the-box ideas and link the excitement with the brand. You might be tired of boring presets and want to try something new for your brand and product promotion.

High-quality videos are all you need to add creativity and energy to your projects. Motion graphic videos have no boundaries; you can create what you want and make your promotions enjoyable and unique. To make great video content, you need professional-level skills that will help create videos that stand out.

Motion Graphics Examples

Motion Graphics Examples to Inspire You

Below, you can find 10 inspirations to create the best motion graphics examples for businesses.

You can use them as inspiration for creating your marketing and sales videos. You can use these types of videos to promote your business and products, or compellingly convey your message.

1.    CoPilot Ai

Creamy Animation created this motion graphics animation for CoPilot Ai. One of the best 2D startup videos around. It is clear, imaginative, loud, and interactive. This explainer video showcases everything that makes videos compelling to the audience.

2.    Slack

The start of this animated video is going to impress you for sure. It is engaging and exciting product descriptions. Furthermore, it explains the idea of organizing the emails of your employees according to their departments.

4.    Blockdaemon

An engaging and smooth video for a lead infrastructure blockchain platform. It is elaborative and uses clean and relevant graphics for the explanation. Sequential transitions do the best in creating an impressive demonstration of the company’s mission.

Blockdaemon simplifies deploying nodes with multiple layers of institutional-grade security and monitoring.

3.    Google

In this motion graphic example, all the scenes blend to keep your imagination going. This video shows Google’s benefits with the use of machine intelligence, analytics, and web-scale processing. It presents an indescribable contextual scenario through a 2D animation video.

5.    Dr. Bill

Dr. Bill provides an assistant, a solution to the burden of bulky medical billing work, and simplifies the task. In this colorful and interesting video, the problem and solution are chronologically addressed with a step-by-step presentation. Easy to understand and appealing to the eye.

6.    Brady Corp

This video can capture anyone’s attention from the jump. Explaining the purpose of the Brady active ID label solution that minimizes human error through data center cable management and security. It contains relevant graphical elements, fun visuals, and a coherent explanation. It not only keeps a viewer engaged but also accurately informed.

7.    Claimwell

For this innovative technology platform that uses proprietary algorithms to facilitate transparent and fair transactions for providers, this video example is simple and brilliant. With clear visuals and graphics that align with the explanation in the voice-over.

8.    Icechain

This video has a great music selection that is easily compatible with the voice-over. The message is put across clearly with the fundamental key elements alongside the explanation.

9.    School of Motion

This manifesto video is intended to unveil the new brand and capture its mission. It does so using vibrant colors, in sync representations of the explanation. The message is put across perfectly throughout without a dull moment in sight.

10.  Elastic

Different voices for the explanation(narration) usher a viewer into this charming video. The outburst of colors and creative choice of icons work well to not only elaborate but create an impression on whoever is watching.

11.  Webflow

This video does a tremendous job at achieving what the company wanted. For Webflow’s conference about the future of software development, a comprehensive but precise explanatory narration was laid over visually explosive sequences of graphics that breathe life into the message.

12.  Twilio

One of our best motion graphics examples, Twilio, is problem-solving and this video does great at shortly depicting what they do and what they are about. The graphics used are attractive and best represent the issues to do with communication in the modern age. It can capture the interest of a viewer and drives the point home.

13.  Techless

The graphics in this video are simplistic but still relevant to the company’s mission; less is more. They are used creatively, colors differentiating the wonderful aspects of technology from the addictive ones. With this, we can understand their effects and join in on their vision.

14.  The Bible Project

This is a well animated video that emphasizes the power of visuals in storytelling. The Bible project seeks to share the message of generosity through Jesus and elements were carefully selected from memorable Biblical stories where this theme stands out. Even without narration, it all comes together effortlessly to communicate.

15.  SAP

This motion graphics example for SAP truly places value on the customer by expressing the intentions for their New Ventures and Technologies Initiative in the most visually stimulating way. The graphics blend in wonderfully to spark a viewer’s imagination and maintain their interest. The narration and explanation is clear and convincing.

16.  ABUS

This is an advertisement video created with well and suitably animated characters to match the vision of the company. ABUS prioritizes and works towards the safety of all bike riders and their bikes. Smooth transitions sail a viewer through to the very end with a pop of beautiful color each second as it comes.

17.  Symetria

Symetria is an innovative company that ensures integrity during business transactions through blockchains. With this video, they can capture a viewer’s attention and provide a simple explanation for what they do. The visuals are clear-cut and alluring. The musical background is an added touch that makes watching this exciting.

18.  Spline

Spline makes 3D design look easy. This video is a terrific representation of their mission and what value they add to designers out there. The animations are bright and vivid. They transition well from each step of the elaboration to the next while showing the change of effect between 3D and 2D graphics. A sight to see indeed!

19.  Minima

Proving a decentralized network through blockchains, Minima needed the perfect motion graphics example to deliver its mission to the world. This one is specially created to look hand-painted to give a human feel to the brand. Smooth transitions throughout the video accompany the impressive graphics to make the watching experience memorable and informative.

20.  The Trade Desk

This product by The Trade Desk was inspired by the beautiful array of colors where the sun and the sea meet at dusk. These colors were stunningly incorporated in this video with bold and engaging explanation text that keeps a viewer hooked till the very end.


As you can see from these motion graphics examples, it is essential to create a video for promoting your brand and product. Companies are realizing and understanding the need for creating video content fast.

If you are looking to start such campaigns, you should start with the tone and style of the video. While having an inspiration is important, you need to be unique and different when you implement your ideas and convey your message through video.