Motion Graphics Examples

List of the top 20

Why Use Motion Graphics Videos?

Top motion graphics videos are a great medium to convey information in an intuitive and engaging way. These types of videos are attractive and engaging and can be used to easily explain complicated ideas.

Most businesses used animated graphics to explain complex ideas, educate their audience and the list is endless.

Motion Graphics

With the help of exciting illusions of motion, you can create out of the box ideas and link the excitement with the brand. You might be tired of boring presets and want to try something new for your brand and product promotion.

High-quality 2D motion graphics is all you need to add creativity and energy to your projects. Motion graphics videos have no boundaries; you can create what you want and make your promotions enjoyable and unique. To make motion graphics videos, you need professional-level skills to stand out.

Motion Graphics Examples

Below, you can find 20 inspirations to create the best motion graphics examples for businesses. You can use them as inspiration for creating your own motion graphics video. You can use these types of videos to promote your business and products, or convey your message in a compelling way.

1.    CoPilot AI

Creamy Animation created this motion graphics animation for CoPilot AI. Clearly one of the best 2D startup motion graphics videos around. It is clear, imaginative, loud, and interactive.  This explainer video, it showcases everything that makes motion graphics videos compelling to the audience.

2.    Slack

The start of this animated graphics video is going to impress you for sure. It is engaging and exciting about product descriptions. Furthermore, it explains the ideas of organizing the emails of your employees according to their departments.

3.    Google

In this video, all the scenes blend to keep your imagination going. This animated graphics video shows Google’s benefits with the use of machine intelligence, analytics, and web-scale processing. It presents an indescribable contextual scenario through 2D graphics video.

4.    Instagram

Instagram has shown in this animated video how they perform various functions to give you a great experience. The Instagram video uses influence management tactics to create strong audience engagement.

5.    Jive

You can see how Jive, in this video, has a straightforward message to convey to its audience. The company chose to highlight the facts through motion graphics. It explains how important it is to give your customers a positive experience.

6.    Deloitte

In this motion graphics video, you can see how Deloitte is helping businesses in managing corporate strategically. Step by step, this video is explaining the problems that a company encounters and how Deloitte helps those companies.

7.    Cisco

This video is one of the best creative animated videos and a great example of how detailed a video can be and how you can explain difficult to understand contexts easily. The video explains how Cisco is leading the industry by providing innovative solutions and making the future bright.

8.    Tracto

You do not always necessarily need high graphics and detailed motion videos. And this video proves it. The truth is, you can create a motions graphics video with a few elements. The video describes how you can transfer the amount from anywhere securely, affordably, and instantly.

9.    Gemalto

Gemalto, in this video, is using dynamic animated visuals to show how Gemalto Cloud security provides benefits to its customers. With the help of this video, you can understand how important it is to add an accurate voiceover to explain the video. But if your elements in the video are expressing enough ideas, you can also use music to attract the audience.

10.  Meltwater

These types of graphics videos are a great example of simplicity. It has no voiceover or complicated graphics. Still, the music is so thrilling that it keeps the audience engaged throughout.

11.  Zendo

Zendo is helping people in protecting their homes and comfort through a home application. This technology video shows how a device connects your home appliances through an app. And the video beautifully explains how easy it is to use the app.

12.  Eurika

The music in this video creates an intense atmosphere that makes audience stay longer and listen to the voiceover. The colour combination and detailed graphics make the video effective.

13.  Renas

This animated video shows the ability of Renas and how they effectively recycle gold, copper, and aluminum, and remove toxins in order to create raw materials.

14.  Jobber

Jobber, in this best motion graphics video, shows how they help people manage their business processes efficiently by keeping track of payments, invoices, expenses, and much more.

15.  Brightpearl

The music used in this motion graphics video creates a relaxed feel while the voiceover is describing the problems that businesses encounter when managing inventory. The video is simple but powerful.

16.  Meniga

This animated graphics video is a great example of an explanatory motion graphic video. You can make such videos to educate your audience about your product. This video tells how Meniga is bringing convenience and flexibility in people’s lives while dealing with personal finance.

17.  Lightspeed System

Lightspeed system, in this motion graphics video shows us how their web filter is providing students a hassle-free system for school management.

18.  ICT

ICT, in this animated video, is using a voiceover, sounds of the elements, and motion graphics to educate how ICT helps you integrate critical information and use it in the production process.

19.  Dropbox

This animated video is on the list for how simply and beautifully they have highlighted what Dropbox is for. The video has a white background with different elements blending engagingly.

20.  Pepperfry

Without a voiceover, this video speaks louder than words. The transition of each element creates an amazing effect. It tells the audience how Pepperfry is the leading one-stop shop where you can buy home products and furniture.


As you can see, it is essential to create a motion graphics video for promoting your brand and product. Companies are realizing and understanding the need for motion graphics and creating these videos fast.

If you are looking to start such campaigns, you should start with the tone and style of the motion graphics video. While having an inspiration is important, you need to be unique and different when you implement your ideas and convey your message through a motion video.

Motion Graphics