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Best animation studios you’ll find in Vancouver, Canada.

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Animation Studios

There are many animation studios around the world but, Vancouver, British Columbia is resident to some of the best award winning VFX, post production, and animation studios in Canada and North America.

From big budget blockbuster animated video and movie production studios, to smaller non-profit video production companies, you’re sure the find an animation studio website that fits your style and budget.

Technology is adapting and shifting these days; it is also creating unique trends. Producing a motion graphics video might have been on your radar, but some companies still don’t know how to find the best animation studios in Vancouver to get the job done.

There are many ways to fuel your promotional campaigns. Creating explainer videos is one of them.

Vancouver has several animation studios that produce high-quality animated videos. From producing blockbusters to ads and corporate videos, animation studios have been doing a fine job to deliver meaningful messages through video storytelling.

Animation Studios Vancouver

In this article:

  • Find the right Animation Studio in Vancouver
  • What to look for in an Animation Studio
  • Common Animation Styles
  • Best Animation Studios and their qualities
  • Vancouver Animation Studios List
  • Other video production lists we’ve compiled

We hope this article will help you find the right studio you’re looking for. You may want to hire an animation studio for your next project, or looking for a job as a motion graphics designer at one of the awesome film and movie studios in the world, Vancouver’s the place for you.

Looking For An Animation Studio?

Since you’re here, you may as well take a minute to get acquainted with us. Creamy Animation is a storytelling and explainer video production company based in Vancouver, Canada. We create explainer videos, training videos, corporate videos, and other animated storytelling videos for business, both local and around the world.

We’ve been around since 2009, and have created hundreds of videos and developed a unique drive for creating captivating animated stories.

Our combination of creative writing and story-driven videos are designed to help you connect with your audience on a personal level and deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. Check out our portfolio and our explainer video below.

Corporate Video Pricing

Find the Right Animation Studio in Vancouver

There are many reasons why today’s top animation companies and organizations are looking to hire a professional video animation company. But creating a video that spells out your brand message just the way you want is quite a challenge. why you need an explainer video for your business. The first step is to understand how to use the tool effectively.

Video marketing is more popular than ever. Animated explainer videos work great because they can break down sophisticated data into easy to understand visuals.


What to Look For In an Animation Studio

Do they have a good Portfolio?

Almost all animation studios have an online portfolio. Review a company’s past work to have a feel for the kind of work you can expect out of the studio. You can easily judge an animation company’s potential by looking at their case studies and work. Some studios focus on specific animation styles like VFX, 2D cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, stop motion, 3d animation, motion graphics and mixed animation.

Most companies outline the complete process of how they satisfy a client with quality solutions within a specified timeline.

What’s their production process?

You can also compare the production cycle, from start to finish, of different animation creators to judge the expertise level of a specific studio. Check if the video animation company agrees to provide you with frequent updates and is willing to adjust all the required changes.

Can they work within your budget?

Every company offers different animation video pricing to their clients. Explainer video production costs depend on the nature and length of your animated video. However, it is important to choose a company that offers services that fit into your budget.

Do they have the right skills?

Even some of the most reputed animation studios in Vancouver do have the professionals who can work on complex ideas and come up with a convincing video. From small video production companies to hundreds of creatives working on a blockbuster movie, in Vancouver, you can surely find the right studio that best suits your project. Content is king, so the best animation cannot deliver you from a badly written story. If they can’t write great video scripts, find your own copywriter. A great video script will give you better results even when the animation is average. Check out our article on how to write an explainer video script.

Can they delivery on time?

The best animation studio is able to create a high quality video, within your budget and your required time frame. When you are choosing the right animation video creator for your brand, make sure you check reviews and ratings from other clients to know if the studio delivers on time. The best way to find a reliable animation studio is to check its project completion rate.

Animation Studios In Canada

Choose the Best Animation Studio for Your Project

Not every animation studio is ideal for your project. You will need to determine if the type of video, budget, availability of the studio will best suit your needs. Some studios only work with film production companies with budgets that run into millions of dollars. If all you need is an animated explainer video, you can find smaller studios in that niche.

While entrepreneurs, companies and businesses look for the best promotional video production companies to create explainer video, it is suitable to hire the best studio that has sufficient experience in creating successful animated videos in their particular niche. This eliminates the guess work and gives more chances of having success with your explainer video.

You will be surprised to know how dedicated most top animation studios are to complete all projects within the specified time, without compromising on quality. The company begins the process by asking a few questions about the purpose of your animated explainer video.

There are many ways to create an explainer video. An animation studio that’s genuinely interested in knowing about the content you want to promote in your video recommends the best format for your animated explainer video.

It all comes down to experience, expertise and a positive work attitude that allows all animation studios in Vancouver to deliver exceptional results. Pay attention to the team, the past performance and all the costs that are involved in the production of a hard-hitting explainer video.

Here are the common types of animated videos that top animation studios offer:

Regardless of the nature of your video, the purpose of every animated video is to bring your brand closer to your consumers or give out useful information that educates your audience. Make sure the company you choose focuses on delivering your message through a professional animated video.

Best Animation Studio

Best Animation Studios – What Are Their Qualities?

Here are a few common qualities of top animation studios in Vancouver.

Original Work

Good animation studios do not copy ideas or steal content from other studios. They are not reluctant to experiment with new ideas and always put the client first. The best part about working with a top animation studio is that you can review the progress and make sure all is going well according to the plan. Clients can choose the style of animation that best suits their needs, budget and audience.

Have a Demo Reel

An audio or a video presentation that showcases a company’s work to a potential client is referred to as a demo reel. This presentation gives you a fair idea of the kind of work an animation studio has been doing in the past. Here are a few things to check out in the demo reel: Animation quality, Originality , Visual resolution, Story composition, Script, and overall execution in storytelling.

It is also important to find out the animation studio’s role in every project since most studios work on collaborative projects. However, top animation studios make sure they feature their own production and animation work on the reel.

Diversified Portfolio

While it’s ok for some animation companies to stick a particular niche, the best animation studios boast a portfolio that is incredibly versatile. A decent number of videos from different industries is a proof of a company’s expertise and spells out its success rate.

Great Quality

Quality animation is not the only factor to measure an animation studio’s success. Good studios produce nothing but high quality and professional animations that feature original work to deliver the message. They produce contemporary and original designs along with good scripts and flawless production.

It’s not just about the visual elements. The audio is crisp and clear and the voice over is professional. Reputed animation studios take care of copyrights so you don’t have to deal with any issues regarding the soundtrack of your explainer video.

Vancouver Animation Studios

Explainer Videos that Convert

Again, the actual purpose of your explainer videos is to boost your traffic organically and capture the attention of your audience. Explainer videos can do a great job to depict your corporate culture, work values and promote products.


Not all animation companies are a good fit for producing high quality corporate video content for your business. But good animated video companies work with a qualified team of storytellers and animators. For that reason, they produce professional results which satisfy even the most demanding clients.

Strong Communication

Animation studios fail to deliver any notable results when they fail to understand what a company is trying to accomplish through a video. Reputed animation studios have good professionals who have exceptional communication skills to know what the client truly wants.

It is important to open dialogue to address the most important issues in the explainer video, so there are fewer changes to be made in the end.

Prompt Feedback

Most top animation studios respond promptly to all questions so no client is left in the dark. Professional studios always update you about the progress and make timely changes according to feedback so no work is left pending.

Value Added Services

Today’s busy consumers are usually on the lookout for an animation studio that also promotes their videos on different platforms. Bad promotion will push a video into darkness, regardless of its high production quality.

This is why some of the top animation studios in Vancouver also offer added services, such as video promotion. If you’re looking for live corporate video production services, check out Mammothic Films.

Multi-Purpose Videos

Top animation studios excel in creating different types of explainer videos. Here are a few types that these animation creators offer:

Behind the Scenes Videos: Videos to show production, supply chain and other processes.

Testimonials: Video testimonials in the form of animations

Customer Videos: Putting the spotlight on a single customer who has been loyal to your company or services. Create his or her unique story.

Landing Page Videos: These videos encourage your visitors to sign up

Animation Studios List

Vancouver Animation Studios List

Here’s a list of famous animation studios in Vancouver you can choose from. This list is by no means exhaustive, since there are many more studios you can find online. Each animation studio focuses on a particular niche, from explainer videos, TV commercials, features films, television series, and more.

  1. Creamy Animation
  2. Animal Logic
  3. Arcana Studios
  4. Atomhawk
  5. Atomic Cartoons
  6. Bardel Entertainment
  7. Big Bad Boo
  8. Bron Studios
  9. DHX Media
  10. Flying Kraken
  11. Giant Ant
  12. Global Mechanic
  13. Harbour Block Production
  14. Kickstart Productions
  15. MiMo Films
  16. Modeling Café
  17. Nitrogen Studios
  18. Ocean Productions
  19. EH-Okay Entertainment
  20. Rainmaker Entertainment

There are multiple factors that define a good animation studio. Expertise, experience, communication skills, past projects and quality of work are some of the important factors that are considered when evaluating a company’s success rate.

1. Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is one of the best explainer video companies in the industry and a top animation studio based in Canada and the USA. This boutique-style creative team that has been producing quality video content for sales and marketing, training and educational, and storytelling since 2019.

2. Animal Logic

Animal Logic ranks as one of the world’s leading independent animation studios in vancouver. The company has been producing award winning designs, animations and visual effects for over two decades.

3. Arcana Studios

This is a reputed Canadian entertainment company. Since its inception in 2004, Arcana studios has produced impressive work, including The Clockwork Girl and Kagagi: The Raven and Pixies.

4. Atomhawk

Atomhawk boasts a highly creative team of expert game developers and product designers. The company has been in the business since 2009.

5. Atomic Cartoons

The award-winning Animation Studio offers inclusive animation services and is based in Vancouver’s busy Animation District. The studio is adept at multiple animation styles and is recognized for its work globally.

6. Bardel Entertainment

Bardel continues to be a leading animation service provider. The company enjoys a stellar reputation and has been in the business for over three decades.

7. Big Bad Boo

The company is Canada’s leading animation studio. This award-winning company has produced impressive 2D animations and the studio’s programs runs in over 120 countries.

8. Bron Studios

This is a media company that is focused on creating quality digital media content. The studio also has offices in New York and Los Angeles and has partnered with renowned filmmakers on several projects.

9. DHX Media

DHX Media serves as a global company that is committed to creating high quality children content and brands. With high-profile projects, such as Teletubbies, Peanuts and Strawberry Shortcake in its portfolio, the company owns the world’s biggest independent library of children content.

10: Flying Kraken

This studio is known for producing high quality and original animation and other content. The company was brought to life by acclaimed industry veterans in 2011.

11. Giant Ant

One of the best Vancouver animation studios, Giant Ant is an animation and motion graphics company well known for its storytelling and motion graphics videos. The company specializes in writing, producing and delivering some of the greatest hard-hitting stories in the industry.

12. Global Mechanic

This studio was established in 2000. Global Mechanic has produced hundreds of hours of critically acclaimed content for commercials, movies and digital media. The studio has also been nominated for Emmy and Oscar awards.

13. Harbour Block Production

This film, TV and new media support company has been in the business for over three decades. The company has a team of dedication professionals who produce nothing but high quality work.

14. Kickstart Productions

This production house was established in 1998. Since then, the company has grown into a reputed animation and production studio in Vancouver. The company also has offices in China and Hong Kong.

15. MiMo Films

This studio is committed to producing a new generation of digital entertainment. The critically-acclaimed company has won several accolades and awards.

16. Modeling Café

This impressive production house has produced all kinds of modeling projects, regardless of genre and representation style. The studio is known for its original concept designing process and professional animation services.

17. Nitrogen Studios

This animation studio was established by Greg Tiernan and Nicole Stinn, who are a husband and wife duo. In 2017, Cinesite Studios, acquired the company.

18. Ocean Productions

This production house is a part of the Ocean Group of companies. The production house has been in the development, co-production and production of various renowned global projects.

19. EH-Okay Entertainment

The incredibly creative entertainment company delivers professional services and takes care of all production phases from script to screen.

20. Rainmaker Entertainment

This entertainment studio is known for its multi-faceted projects. The animation studio online is dedicated to producing exceptional content and boasts a team of highly talented professionals.