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Our corporate video production service agency helps you create business videos for every stage of your sales funnel and corporate communications. More businesses are leveraging the power of video to create compelling content that drives traffic and boosts business growth.

With everyone promising great results, finding the best video production company for your project is a challenge.

At Creamy Animation we create high quality corporate videos for businesses around the world. We’ve worked with some of the largest corporations in the world, medium and small business owners.

Corporate Video Examples

Here are some animated corporate videos we’ve made for some amazing brands. We can help you create quality corporate videos for your company.






New Gold


Brady Corp




North of 49 Naturals


MM Insurance


SpeeDx Corporate Video



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Benefits of Corporate Videos

Corporate Videos Increase Conversions

Corporate videos are one of the most essential tools every marketing professional should use. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a well produced promotional corporate video is worth a million.

Statistics show that businesses that use video content creatively on their website, experience higher conversion rates than those that don’t. If you’re new to creating promotional videos or just working on your next video project, we’re ready to listen to your needs and help you deliver corporate video content that will meet and even surpass your goals.

Corporate Video Company

Corporate Videos Build Trust

Customers tend to buy from businesses they trust. Building trust is fundamental to the success of every organization. Corporate videos help companies build trust in the products they sell and services they provide. You can use marketing videos to reveal your corporate culture, company values, social responsibilities, and how you’re making an impact in the community you service.

As part of your public relations efforts, incorporate videos to show the human side of your organizations. Once your audience is are able to connect with the people behind the business, they move further down your sales funnel. Our corporate video production services are trusted my large and small businesses.

Creative Video Engages Your Audience

When both visual and auditory senses are stimulated, the audience becomes highly engaged and remember 60% more of the content they’ve consumed, unlike when they read text.

People have a very short attention span and customers don’t have time to go through your awesome 700 word page about your business. Using an explainer video on your website gives you the opportunity to get your message across quickly and effectively.

Video Drives Exceptional ROI

With 83% of businesses saying video gives them a good ROI, you can’t go wrong with a well produced video and great marketing plan. Our clear-cut 3-step process is designed to produce an animated corporate video that connects with your audience on a personal level. Request a quick consultation to get you started.

To achieve all these results you need a video production company that has the experience and expertise to create a compelling video that will give you good return on investment.

Corporate Video Services Options

Live Action Videos

Live action has its place where animation alone does not cut it. For enhanced viewer engagement, we use a combination of live video and motion graphics animation for most of our productions.
Live corporate video production requires significantly higher production budgets, as they may involve paid actors, directors, and crew.

Character Animation

The best animated corporate videos use characters to tell stories that demonstrate how people connect and experience a product or service. It’s a great way to show human interaction, capture your audience on a personal level so they can relate with the story being told.

Motion Graphics

Technical products are best demonstrated through graphs, charts, and graphics. Motion graphics videos do the amazing jobs of breaking down the details of how a technology or complex gizmo works. So if you have a technical product or idea, motion graphics is most likely style to use.

Whiteboard Animation

Whiteboard animation is mostly used in telling stories that require captivating visual imagery. This style is popular with non-profit, civic, and governmental organizations. Whiteboard videos may not work for every business but its unique ability tag on the viewer’s heartstrings, makes it a great style for many.

Types of Corporate Videos

Business Promotional Videos

Business promotion videos can also be used to sell your products, services, and brand. A short whiteboard explainer video demonstrating your products features, for example, can convince a reluctant consumer to make a purchase from you. And a video that explains how your professionals engage clients in rendering specific services can convince a B2B client to hire your firm.

Leverage the power of video by incorporating it into your social media advertising, to drive traffic to your website and boost online conversions. Demonstrate how your product works and showcase why it’s superior to other competing product.

Our video production service takes your video concept all the way from planning to publication, then provide you with a video tool that will help you effectively sell your products or services, and your expertise to the world.

Corporate Training Videos

Corporate training videos are an excellent tool for employee orientation and training. Affordable and effective, animation videos help you effectively train your business’s employees at a budget-friendly price. Because the animated business videos are reusable and can be shown at a number of locations with little effort, you can save significant amounts of money over holding large-scale multi-day training events.

With corporate animation videos, you can visually document various training scenarios, showcasing the right and wrong ways to perform certain tasks and accomplish specific goals. Video is also a superior method for conveying crucial work safety information and training.
In short, corporate training videos present you with an unparalleled opportunity to give your employees the information they need to succeed and grow in their positions.

Video Testimonials

Testimonial videos are a powerful way attract both new customers or clients and new employees. With a well-made, dynamic video, you can show future workers exactly what it’s like to work for your company.

With a well-made, dynamic video, you can show future workers exactly what it’s like to work for your company. Your current employees can share their positive experiences with your organization in a much more compelling way than with mere text.

Client and customer testimonial videos are likewise much more powerful than the pure text kind you’re used to seeing on your competitor’s websites. If you showcase short, high-impact video testimonials recorded by current happy customers and clients on your website, you’re several steps ahead of the competition.

Why Partner With Creamy Animation?

Animation Video

Experience Matters

We’re a top video production company with extensive experiencing in creating animated business videos. With a long list of Vancouver video production companies, how do you find the best fit for your business?

Hiring a videographer may be the solution, whilst others may need full service video production services that include creative script writing, storyboarding, illustration, and animation. We provide all these in one attractive package.

Animation Videos

Quality and Talent

Take a look at our impressive portfolio and list of corporations we’ve worked with. This should give you the peace of mind knowing that Creamy Animation will deliver the results you expect.

Our team at Creamy is highly skilled at creating corporate animation videos that reach your intended audience with the right message. We know how to connect with and engage the people and decision-makers you’re trying to reach. Creamy wants to do more than just make your own corporate video for your business.

Animation Videos

Results Driven

Creamy can also help you maximize the reach of your animated business videos with social media promotion. Like most video production service companies, your competitors probably use a number of social media platforms for marketing, customer outreach, and public relations.

We can help you tailor your corporate videos so that they’re best suited for specific social media platforms.

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Creative Storytelling

Video is more compelling, engaging and ultimately more persuasive than any other form of media. We believe that every business has a story to tell. By telling that story in an engaging, compelling way, you build an emotional connection between your business and your audience.

Your viewers will convert into customers, and your customers will become loyal and passionate followers. We create explainer videos, whiteboard videos, animated business videos and more.

Our Flawless Video Production Process

We have a simple 3-step video production process that takes you from discovery, pre-production, production and final animated corporate video.

It entails the initial task of discovering who you are and the message you want to convey, developing a story and script, voiceover, storyboarding, illustration, animation, sound design, and delivering the final video.

We’re not limited by the style of video and there are no boundaries to creativity. Some of the styles we create are whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and cartoon animation. Each video is designed to be short, engaging, fun, and informative. We’ve combined these four elements to engage your audience, create interest and get them to take the next step.

Our production process for animated business videos is quite flawless and has worked for us and our clients through the years. Take a look at some of the explainer videos in our portfolio. Creating sales videos, branded video content, educational videos, or any other video you may need could never be easier.

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