Financial Video Production

Financial video production that uses storytelling to engage your customers, drive sales, and boost your bottom line.

Financial Video Production

Financial Services Videos

Our financial video production services help you build trust and confidence with your customers and stakeholders. Financial services videos are a great tool for generating awareness, explaining complex financial terms, and promoting products. 

Our experience working with banking institutions and financial services companies gives you the confidence knowing we can deliver video content that will drive the results you need.


Here are some of the financial services videos we’ve made for some amazing brands. We can help you deliver compelling financial service videos that will communicate your value proposition quickly and effectively.

Financial Services – UPREIT

Medical Billing Service – Dr Bill


This style of video is different in that they rely on personable characters and a narrative format to convey a message, which makes them more psychologically and emotionally appealing. Financial video content can be used for a wide range of purposes due to their flexibility and adaptability.

Credit Repair – LSI Credit Solutions

Life Insurance – Assurance Wilson

Creamy Animation

Why work with Creamy Animation?

We are results-driven

At Creamy Animation, all our processes are driven by your needs, goals, and objectives. Although we bring lots of suggestions and recommendations to the table, we understand that our goal is to help you meet and exceed your objectives. This objectivity ensures all projects run on time and on budget, and outcomes are aligned with objectives and goals set at the start of the project.

Research and Insights

We do our homework. Period. When you bring us a project, we do not gloss over the details or send you a half-baked proposal. Because we know you are relying on us as the animated cartoon experts, we ensure we have done our due diligence, including conducting thorough research and understanding all aspects of your project. When we send you a proposal, you know it is the best you can get anywhere.

Tried and tested process

Making marketing videos is both an art and a science, and it takes time to master both approaches. Creamy Animation has years of experience creating marketing videos for a wide range of clients, including startups, enterprises, universities, and government agencies. When you work with us, you gain access to a talented, experienced, and highly diversified team of professionals working towards one common goal: your success.

Benefits of Using Financial Services Video

Cartoon Animation Maker

Summarize Your Brand Message

Financial services videos make it easy to distill complex messages into simple, bite-sized narratives. Services like insurance and investment advisory can be challenging to communicate through text because they can quickly become complicated or tedious. Marketing videos like motion graphics or cartoon videos make it easy to liven up a topic or simplify it, so your audience understands the message as you intend them to.

Cartoon Animation

Humanize Your Brand

Your financial brand might be perceived as distant, indifferent, and even unrelatable by your customers. Yes, they do business with you, but they do not see your brand as an extension of their social lives. Bank animation videos use flexible storytelling, heart-warming narratives, and relevant characters to humanize a financial brand and make it more relatable. Creamy Animation can help you use video to deepen social ties with your audiences.

Cartoon Video

Build Brand identity and Trust

Trust is the financial industry’s foundation. Without it, financial brands find it challenging to thrive. Using financial videos, Creamy Animation helps financial brands communicate a dependable, credible, and trustworthy image to customers and prospects. Having worked with multiple financial clients, we understand how to craft financial marketing videos that communicate your brand image in a positive and trust-building manner.

Business Cartoon

Put Your Brand on Google’s Radar

Google loves videos, and so should your financial brand. Since most people prefer to watch videos than reading articles, using financial video will place your brand in a highly visible position in search results. Besides creating impressive videos, Creamy Animation can also help you optimize them for search, so they can rank for the keywords that your customers and prospects search for the most.

Animated Cartoon

Offer Easily Shareable Branded Content

Branded content does not have to be dry and dull. Instead of stuffing your financial services website with endless text that most web visitors do not read anyway, Creamy Animation can help you use financial services videos to create catchy, engaging, and watchable content. Bank animation content is also very sharable because your customers and prospects will see them as worth sharing with their friends and networks.

Animation Video

Make Brand, Product, and Service Overviews Engaging

Brand, product, and service overviews are marketing essentials in the financial industry. Although graphics, images, and text play an essential role, financial videos can make them more appealing and drive more engagement with prospective and existing customers. Creamy Animation can work with you to create animated, live-action, or explainer videos for your products and services, so you stand out from the competition.

Animation Videos

Boost Brand Awareness and User Engagement

Branded videos boost brand awareness and user engagement through creative visuals and compelling storytelling. Whether you have an established financial brand and you want to solidify your position or a new one that you want people to know about, videos are a great way to tell your story. Creamy Animation has extensive experience working with financial brands to boost awareness and user engagement through professionally made financial videos.

Explainer Animation

Share Short Tutorials and How-to Content

If you had a choice of watching a video explaining how to apply for a mortgage or read a document, which would you pick? Most people would prefer the video because videos make it easy to learn quickly and efficiently. Creamy Animation can help you make the learning process easier for your customers, employees, and prospects through professionally produced video tutorials and how-to videos for your financial brand.

Animation Video

Introduce New Products, Services, or a Rebrand

Videos are an essential part of the marketing mix and should be included when introducing new products, services, or rebrands. Financial services videos from Creamy Animation can play a crucial role in helping you communicate value interestingly and engagingly. We work with you to understand your messaging and recommend the best type of financial services videos to use, whether animated, live-action, or motion graphics videos.

Animation Videos

Support Sales and Marketing Campaigns

Sales and marketing can benefit from adding financial videos to their efforts, including video ads, animated landing pages, video emails, and social media videos. Both departments can use videos to extend their reach, generate more awareness and interest and boost engagement across their sales and marketing efforts. Creamy Animation works with financial services sales and marketing teams to support their efforts through quick, creative, and professional financial services marketing videos.

Animation Videos

Explain Complex Concepts

Explaining the value of a financial product like insurance, for example, is not always easy. People want you to show them why it is important and not just tell them. Financial services videos make it easy to demonstrate value, helping customers and prospects understand complex concepts. Creamy Animation can work with you to communicate your message and ideas with simple, engaging, and creative financial videos.

Financial Services Videos Use Cases

Product Videos

Financial brands can use videos to create engaging and straightforward product overviews that customers and prospects will love. For example, a series of cartoon videos with well-developed characters can make it easy to unpack the details about a complex financial product. Creamy Animation can work with your brand to create compelling product overview videos that capture the value of your products creatively and engagingly.

Cartoon Animation Maker

Video Testimonials

Video testimonials are a powerful validation tool that every financial services provider should use. Financial service providers can benefit from the trust signals such videos convey. Whether you want to use live-action video to capture your customers in-person or use other types of video like motion graphics or animated videos, we can help you capture and present testimonials through financial service video testimonials.

Animated Video Demos

Product demos can be the difference between a successful sale and a lost sale. Cartoon videos use creative and flexible storytelling to provide interesting, engaging, and educative walkthroughs of a product or service. Creamy Animation can help you complement your more extended demo with a short cartoon video overview to make it easier for your customers to understand your offering. 

Cartoon Videos

Interviews or Q&A Videos

Videos are a great way to publish financial interviews and Q&A sessions because they draw the audience into the narrative. Creamy Animation can help you choose among different marketing video types to find the one that fits your needs best. For example, we can record a live-action interview video and overlay it with graphics or cartoon characters to make it more interesting and engaging. We can also create an explainer video that covers a Q&A session.

Financial Video Use Cases

Tutorial or How-to Videos

Tutorials and how-to information are helpful when empowering customers and employees to help themselves. Videos serve as a powerful medium in the financial industry because they offer a more accessible, engaging, and creative means to deliver information. Creamy Animation has extensive experience helping financial service providers conceptualize, create, and publish financial tutorials and how-to videos customers and employees will love.

Marketing Animation

Animated videos are an ideal choice for most financial service providers. They combine flexible storytelling and easy customizations to allow financial brands to tell their stories in creative ways that stand out. Creamy Animation can help make your brand stand out through creative animated financial services videos that tell a compelling story that emotionally connects your customers to your brand.

Brand Film

A brand film tells a story from a brand’s perspective through a narrative format that cultivates awareness, reach, and loyalty. For financial brands, a brand film can cover the corporate culture, the company’s history, or even tell customer success stories. No matter what story you want to tell, Creamy Animation can help you use financial service videos to tell it in an engaging, clear, and concise way.

Behind the Scenes

Customers love behind-the-scenes stories because they humanize a brand and show its inner workings.  Financial services videos from Creamy Animation can help you take your audiences behind the scenes of product launches, rebrands, conferences, and more. We can also create a series of buildup videos to generate awareness and excitement before the event and complement the main behind-the-scenes video.

Corporate Culture

Financial service providers can cultivate more trust and buy-in by communicating the corporate culture to employees and customers using marketing videos. Creamy Animation works with financial brands to create unique and memorable animated, live-action, live-action + animation or explainer videos that effectively capture and convey your corporate culture, message, and image.

Who can Benefit from Financial Services Videos?

Retail and Commercial Banks

Retail and commercial banks operate in a highly competitive environment. For marketing departments, this means all marketing efforts must cut through the noise. Financial services videos from Creamy Animation provide the flexibility, creativity, and customization options to stand out from the crowd and win more mind share.

Internet Banks

Internet banks cannot rely on prime locations or a physical presence to drive awareness and engagement. By working with Creamy Animation, internet banks can harness the power of bank animation to create compelling branded videos that reach target audiences and generate a meaningful ROI.

Credit Unions

If your credit union wants to drive more awareness and establish credibility, effective communications are a must. Creamy Animation’s financial marketing videos provide storytelling flexibility so credit unions can efficiently deliver marketing, educational and promotional content to existing and target customers.

Savings and Loan Associations

Savings and loan (S&L) associations rely on grassroots mobilization to recruit members and keep them informed. Financial videos offer an effective way to communicate important messages to members and mobilize new members. Creamy Animation has extensive experience helping financial institutions like S&Ls communicate more effectively through marketing videos.

Investment Banks and Companies

Investment banks can use financial marketing videos to inform and educate target audiences and cultivate deeper trust with current customers. Creamy Animation’s video types include cartoon character financial videos, live-action financial videos, and animated explainer videos.

Brokerage Firms

Brokerages depend on credibility and word-of-mouth marketing to grow. Since clients must know and trust a brokerage, it makes sense to use financial marketing videos to communicate their services, values, and testimonials. Creamy Animation works with brokerage firms to create compelling marketing videos that drive results.

Insurance Companies

Insurance companies must communicate a complicated product line in terms easy enough for a layperson to understand. Creamy Animation’s videos stand head and shoulders above other types of content in their ability to deliver complex concepts simply and effectively.

Mortgage Comapnies

The mortgage market is highly competitive, with most service providers offering the same or highly similar products. Leading mortgage companies use video marketing from Creamy Animation to stand out from the crowd, including motion graphics videos, cartoon character videos, 3D animation videos, and whiteboard animation videos.


FinTechs are known for innovation and foresight, yet they must compete with established firms. Financial services videos from Creamy Animation offer FinTechs a solid platform to build compelling messaging to win more mindshare from traditional financial institutions.

Types of Financial Services Videos

Animation Video

Cartoon Character Animated Financial Services Videos

Cartoon character videos use relatable characters and flexible storytelling to convey a message simply but effectively. Your financial brand can benefit from such videos if you want to add a human element without using live-action video. Creamy Animation can work with you to develop relatable characters and a compelling storyline.

Animation Videos

Whiteboard Animation Financial Services Videos

Whiteboard animation videos use a whiteboard format to break down complex concepts into an easily understood message. For example, you can use whiteboard videos to explain the history of banking or insurance, break down an investment product, or explain how your product or service solves a customer’s problem.

Animation Videos

Live-Action Financial Services Videos

Live-action financial videos contain human characters on location, filmed with a video camera, and are an excellent option for live-action ads, service overviews, or video testimonials. Creamy Animation provides end-to-end live-action video production, from concept development and talent scouting to post-production.

Finance Animation

Live-Action + Animation Financial Services Videos

Live-action plus animation videos combine human characters with animation elements like characters, backgrounds, or graphics. This type of video is an excellent choice for clients who want their live-action videos to have an additional context like facts and statistics, supporting cartoon characters, or overlay creative graphics.

Explainer Animation

3D Animation Financial Services Videos

3D animation videos have 3D characters or elements set in a 3D environment. Financial brands can use 3D video to create lifelike characters and environments that mimic the real world. Creamy Animation can work with you to create 3D animation videos that range from simple object motion videos to realistic animated videos.

How to Make A Financial Services Video


Our process starts with setting the goals for your financial videos. As part of this step, we ask you to fill out a questionnaire in detail, telling us details like what ideas you have, how long you want the video to be, etc. We might contact you for more information after submitting the questionnaire, but it’s just because we like being crystal clear about your requirements and expectations.

Identify Your Audience

Your audience matters a lot when making financial videos, which is why we invest time in understanding your target audience and defining ideal personas. This step is crucial because it ensures the approach that we choose to make your video fits your target personas and will result in an emotional and psychological connection with your brand.


The planning stage puts together the concepts, storyboards, characters, mood boards, and more. At this step, we also start putting together the story arc for your financial services videos, including defining the hero, the journey, the challenge, the inspiration, and the solution. Clients play an integral role at this step as they provide vital input in establishing the creative basis for the video.

Story Development

It’s storytime! At this step, we create the story that your financial video will tell, integrating your core message within a creative context. Since the central concept will be telling your story, we do character and concept development, so the story resonates with your audience, and the context fits their narrative. At this step, we also finalize the character sketches and storyboards.


Lights, cameras, action! Well, there are no actual lights or cameras, unless it is a live-action video, but there is lots of action. At this stage, we record voiceovers, animate the video, edit it, and add sounds and music. We send you versions of the video throughout the production process to get your feedback. When your financial services video is complete, we send you the publish-ready version plus all the raw files.

Launch and Measure Results

Once your financial video is complete, you can launch in on video websites like YouTube. Use video metrics the platforms provide to study view counts, measure video engagement and other stats to help you understand how your video is performing. With this information you evaluate the effectiveness of your videos and continuously improve the quality of your videos. Need a cartoon video maker that delivers? Request a free consultation.