10 Best Startup Demo Videos

and How to Make Your Own

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Make A Startup Demo Video

Startup demo videos have over time become a powerful launchpad for startups. Why? 90% of users find the product videos make it easy to understand what the product does and the value it provides.

It’s the perfect way to present your idea to potential investors and introduce your startup to the world. With startup demo videos, you focus on introducing the product as well as evaluating the brand. Finding a good startup video production company is a great start.

Best Startup Demo Videos

How To Make A Startup Demo Video

Write A Short Video Script

The script for your startup video is the most component of any successful startup intro video. With the right order and structure, you can get the attention of your audience. The script of your intro video shouldn’t just be interesting, it should be able to answer the concerns of viewers.

Record A Voiceover

Once you’ve nailed the script and it’s ready to go, find a good voiceover person for your video. You could try doing it yourself, but we wouldn’t recommend it. There’s a wide range of voices you can find online, depending on the tone of your message. A video production company like Creamy Animation works with top voiceover talent and can help you find just the right person for your project.

Create A Storyboard

A storyboard is a visual presentation of how your video will play out. It combines the script and sketches with action notes describing what’s happening in each scene. This is where your story comes alive, as you develop ideas of how you want to position your startup company.

Refine the Visuals

Once your storyboard is complete, you refine the visuals for animation. Unless you’ve done this before, this is where you need to hire an animator. If you’re on a shoestring budget, you can try some of the DYI video maker software online.

Video Complete

Your startup explainer video is edited and ready to launch. Upload your video on video websites like YouTube or Wistia. These are great platforms for getting your startup pitch videos viewed by many. Read this more detailed article on how to create a startup video for business.

Need to Make A Startup Video?

Need to make a Startup video? Well, Creamy Animation is one of the top startup video production companies in the industry. We’ve worked with startups in USA, Canada, United Kingdom and around the world. We create explainer videos, training videos, corporate videos, and other animated videos for startup businesses and non-profits.

Our combination of creative writing and story-driven videos are designed to help you connect with your audience on a personal level and deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. Check out our portfolio and our explainer video below.

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Best Startup Demo Videos

It is important to remember that the use of a startup demo video may mean more for a company that wants to make the most out its first impression. Here’s a list of the 10 best startup demo video examples that will inspire you to make your own.

1. Dropbox Business

The startup explainer video for Dropbox focuses on the simplification of using the service. Dropbox, after all, is a great tool for independent users, entrepreneurs, and businesses to upload or share data efficiently. Interestingly, the business version of the Dropbox app works similarly. The captivating colours and friendlier voiceover of the video are hard to overlook.

2. Etsy Plus

The premium quality of the video is enough to get your attention. From flawless smooth transitions, object animation to attractive yellow and orange color combination; it instantly jumps out of the screen. Besides, the authenticity of the video is vivid and sharp in each frame. Then again, it’s a startup video created by designers and aimed at designers. It is bound to be great.

3. CopilotAI

Few companies understand the key components of what makes a great startup demo video. Creamy Animation seems to have a formula that’s working well for startups. This masterclass startup video uses storytelling to highlight the challenges of finding and paying for your parking.

Apart from the preciseness of the video, it intricately explains the convenience of and ease of finding leads on LinkedIn. The video brilliantly executes the reason why every sales and marketing professional should use CopilotAI to generate more leads on LinkedIn.

4. Patreon

How do you convince people to pay for your artistic or entrepreneurial efforts online? Well, Patreon paved the way for passionate independent artists to collect funds from the very people they want to entertain. The live-action startup pitch video spotlights the emotional sentiment of artists and entrepreneurs. Today, Patreon accounts have become primal foyer to create new ideas with the utmost freedom. The usefulness and simple laid-back feel of the video make it look astoundingly professional.

5. Dollar Shave Club

The Dollar Shave Club startup explainer online demo video is one of the most successful startup explainer videos that helped launch the company from obscurity to an overnight success. It’s unconventional methods of promotion landed well with its target audience and saw sales of its shaving products.

6. PooPourri

We’re all not comfortable talking about what we do in the toilet. This startup video made us more comfortable about the subject in a humorous way. With over 40 million views, the PooPourri startup video is at the top list of most viewed startup videos ever.

7. Final

Not what you would expect from a product called — final. This live action startup video is what every startup explainer video wants to be when it grows up, literally. It’s what storytelling should be, clear, concise and effective. Having to replace your credit card when there’s a fraud can be frustrating. Final takes away the frustrations that come with the ordeal.

8. Digit

Digit app practically helps users to automate daily savings habits. The visual aesthetics of their startup video are fundamental. But the descriptive quality and pitch-perfect voiceover of the startup video easily captures your attention.  The tone of the video is calm and engaging at the same.

9. Hudway

This startup explainer video of HUDWAY Cast app cuts out the voiceover altogether and focuses on live-action footage. It integrates graphical and textual information to convey the message to the audience.  The app helps drivers navigate dangerous road paths and even informs about possible upcoming roadblocks. In essence, it ensures and regulates the safety of drivers that perform unsafe tasks such as texting.

10. Yova

Yova’s startup awesome explainer video appeals to small businesses to compete against giant retailers in terms of setting low prices. The straightforward script helps the audience enjoy the clean and layered visual quality of the video. The realistic solution-oriented quality and style of the video definitely make a great first impression. On top of that, it also adds various CTAs without exaggeration.

Startup Pitch Videos

So What’s Next?

As of now, more small and large companies are jumping aboard the startup demo videos bandwagon than ever. It builds and connects your product to the intended audience that quickly wants to figure out what makes your product unique.

In hindsight, the magic of the best company intro videos is a collective effort of filmmakers, designers, and animators to mark your digital presence across the globe. Check out our other lists: best animated corporate videos, animation studios