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Business videos designed to engage other businesses to connect with you and buy from your business.

B2B Video Production

B2B Video Services

B2B video marketing is changing the way we buy and sell. If you’re like us you know that selling to another business is hard. To help you succeed, video is one of the great sales tools you’re going to need in your arsenal.

How do you convey your value proposition in 1-2 minutes while keeping your viewer engaged. Our B2B video production leverages creative storytelling, engaging visuals, to deliver compelling videos your customers will want to watch.

With everyone promising great results, you need video content that sets you apart from the noise.

Make B2B videos that demonstrate value

Our B2B videos combine creating storytelling content to deliver immersive visual content. If your competitors are saying the same thing, you’re going to have to find ways to say it better.

What better way that to show your customers which of their problems you solve, and how your solution works.

Videos have the ability to go beyond just words, and use visuals that drive action. Other B2B video content types you can create include explainer videos, education and training, product demos for SaaS platforms, animated graphics, and more.

As a B2B video production company, we’re constantly seeking ways to make videos that are as unique as every brand we partner with. When you’re willing to deliver videos that help you stand out, you already have an audience that’s ready to listen.

The challenge

Too much complexity

No design acrobatics are enough to make your landing page, datasheet, or infographic stand out from the rest. If your prospect must spend over five minutes skimming through a document, that’s already more effort than they are willing to put in.

Video makes your offering feel less complicated and buying from you much easier.

Short attention spans

B2B marketing often faces the challenge of not communicating enough value quickly. The business leaders you are targeting are pressed for time and want to know what you are offering in the shortest time possible.

Other methods, like landing pages, don’t always provide optimal conversions. Leverage the power of video to deliver your message in 1-2 minutes.

Information Overload

Sending a 20-page PDF used to make your brand stand out in the B2B market. Now, not so much. The B2B industry is saturated with PDF sales and marketing documents; no one is reading them in detail anymore, not as a first point of contact. Standing out requires a more concise and impactful approach that saves your prospects time and delivers the message effectively.

Everything, everywhere

B2B buyers are under siege from marketers bombarding them with multiple formats of sales materials – PDFs, landing pages, spec sheets, pitch decks, the works.

They are overwhelmed by the sheer number of messaging formats they must sift through. Your prospects deserve better.

How B2B videos can help

Clear Value Proposition

Showing is ten times better than telling. B2B marketing videos cut the noise out of your messaging, focusing on what matters to your prospects: value. Creamy Animation’s B2B video production process streamlines your messaging.

We create impactful videos for B2B that move the needle on your sales and marketing efforts.

Short and Precise

Put aside that 20-page marketing PDF for a moment. Sending your clients a short sixty-second B2B marketing video can summarize your business’s value and provide a more concise and effective way of delivering powerful marketing messages.

You’ll not only save your prospects time, but you’ll also save yourself time – time you can spend cultivating your newly won prospects.

Easy to Understand

Video is more memorable than anything you read or listen to. Why? Because it engages all your senses at once. That’s why videos for B2B are so powerful. When we create your B2B marketing videos, they will make an impression in your prospect’s minds.

Win more share of mind and create a lasting impression – both of which can help you sell more.

Stand out from the crowd

B2B buyers are under siege from marketers bombarding them with multiple formats of sales materials – PDFs, landing pages, spec sheets, pitch decks, the works. They are overwhelmed by the sheer number of messaging formats they must sift through. Your prospects deserve better.


International Paper | Business Packaging Solutions


Brady Corporation | Industrial Manufacture


EZPet | The Pet Store for Pet Stores

Why Partner With Creamy Animation?

b2b video production

Professional Video Production

We’re a professional video production company with extensive experience in creating live action and animated business videos. With a long list of satisfied clients we’re always pushing the boundaries to become one of the best video production companies around.

When you hire us for a videography project, we’ll provide full service video production services. The package includes creative script writing, storyboarding, video shoot, editing, color correction, and motion graphics. We provide these in one attractive package.

b2b video services

Quality and Talent

Take a look at our impressive motion graphic videos and list of corporations we’ve worked with. This should give you the peace of mind knowing that Creamy Animation will deliver the results you expect.

Our team at Creamy is highly skilled at creating corporate animation videos that reach your intended audience with the right message. We know how to connect with and engage the people and decision-makers you’re trying to reach. Creamy wants to do more than just make your own corporate video for your business.

b2b videos

Results Driven

Creamy can also help you maximize the reach of your animated business videos with social media promotion. Like most video production service companies, your competitors probably use a number of social media platforms for marketing, customer outreach, and public relations. We create videos in the motion graphics animation style, whiteboard videos, live action, and cartoon animation.

We can help you tailor your corporate videos so that they’re best suited for specific social media platforms. See our production costs guide.

b2b video marketing

Creative Storytelling

Video is more compelling, engaging and ultimately more persuasive than any other form of media. We believe that every business has a story to tell. By telling that story in an engaging, compelling way, you build an emotional connection between your business and your audience.

Your viewers will convert into customers, and your customers will become loyal and passionate followers. We create explainer videos, whiteboard videos, animated business videos and more.


Jeff Powell

Great experience working with Creamy! They produced an explainer video for one of our recent marketing campaigns and nailed the final product. Larry understood our marketing message and vision right from the start, and provided quick turnarounds on the few minor edits that came up throughout the process. Very happy with the result, and look forward to hopefully having another opportunity to work with Creamy again.

Jeff Powell

Digital Marketing Manager | Impark

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