Healthcare Explainer Video Production

Healthcare explainer videos that explain, educate, and tell compelling stories.

Healthcare Explainer Videos

Healthcare explainer videos are an essential tool that helps health professionals explain complex medical terms and educate their clients on health related issues.

We’ve have the pleasure of working with some of the largest organizations in the medical industry, delivering animated explainer videos. Marketing trends have seen the increase in use of animated videos for communication.

Why should you use Explainer Videos in Healthcare?

Health care providers — doctors, clinics, and medical technology startups can leverage medical animation videos to engage directly with patients, consumers, and potential partners, and to introduce their brands and mission directly to their target audience.

We’ll help you make a medical animation video that’s engaging and easily conveys your message so your audience understands what you do and services you provide.

Use Video to Easily Connect with Your Audience

Healthcare video marketing plays a crucial role in connecting health care institutions with their patients and audience. There are several ways video can help build your brand and increase your brand visibility. Creating content that resonates with your audience is your first step. With a myriad of healthcare professionals clamoring for attention from the same audience, video is the perfect tool to help you cut through the noise and have your message heard.

So how do you know what type of video you should create? Do you want to educate your audience, sell your product or service, or establish your authority in the industry. Once you establish your goals for the video, we can help you determine the best type and style of video to make. Below are some examples of healthcare marketing animations you can use. Use this contact form to request and no-obligation consultation about your project.

Healthcare Explainer Video Examples

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Health Education Videos are Engaging and Personal

Whether you’re in pharmaceutical or technology sales, healthcare services, or wellness services, healthcare video helps you explain complicated healthcare issues …

  • Educate nurses, doctors, and other providers about new practices and how to treat and prevent illness
  • Explain new medications and products simply and quickly to patients, doctors, and practice administrators
  • Answer the questions your patients are asking about resources, treatment plans, and more
  • Teach patients how to make better wellness and lifestyle choices
  • Demonstrate to patients how medications work on a molecular level
  • Train patients and care providers to use medical devices and products.
  • Create cultural diversity in healthcare videos for your employees.
  • Healthcare training videos to train your staff on important topics.

Healthcare Marketing Videos

Not only are medical videos great for medicine — they’re great for business. Sales reps can incorporate explainer videos into their presentations for more effective and persuasive communications with doctors and practice managers. Moreover, your brand’s corporate messaging is consistently reinforced both internally and externally. Branding through TV, online or as useful material to demonstrate industry leadership

And healthcare marketing video helps maintain your branding across all visual media — social media, television, digital advertising, everywhere — while simultaneously proving your brand’s industry leadership.

Demystify Medical Issues

Healthcare issues can be complex, even for professionals. They’re difficult to discuss and explain, especially to a layperson. That complexity makes it harder to help patients and partners understand diagnoses and healthcare challenges. Medical videos are unparalleled in their ability to communicate clearly with people.

Explore some of the video production services we have to offer: explainer videos, whiteboard videos, motion graphics style, and the live action videos option.

With visually compelling imagery and animation, expertly written copy and voiceovers, and just the right approach, healthcare video production is a process that helps you connect with the people with whom you need to connect. And as a medical video production company, Creamy Animation is unsurpassed in its ability to craft unique, visually stunning videos that tell your story in a real and relatable way to your audience.

Benefits of Using Healthcare Explainer Videos

Build Consumer Trust

Trust is possibly the single most valued commodity in the healthcare industry. Through the strategic use of high-quality healthcare marketing videos, your brand can acquire thought–leadership positions in the industry through the production of healthcare explainer videos that are educational. Cultural competence videos for healthcare are a great way to start.

Sales, Branding, and Reputation-Building

Video lets you say a lot in a very short amount of time. Many consumers and busy executives would much prefer watching a quick animation video than reading the equivalent amount of text. So your video becomes a golden opportunity to connect with your prospects right off the bat, while simultaneously advancing your brand.

Healthcare Video Production

Communicate Your Commitment to Customers and Users

The customer always comes first. It’s a maxim that’s especially true in healthcare, where your customers are patients, and in healthcare technology, where your customers are those who ultimately serve patients. That’s a special mission, and using healthcare explainer videos helps your organization fulfill that mission.

Making sure that consumers get the answers they need, when and where they need them — that’s something healthcare videos do exceptionally well. By posting explainer videos online, healthcare organizations give consumers the resources and information they need, on a platform that’s easily accessible to them whenever it’s most convenient for them.

Healthcare Explainer Videos Provide Clarity

These days, there’s nothing simple about healthcare. Professionally crafted healthcare explainer videos helps you crystallize your message to your audience. Enrich your video content with a combination of medical animation videos and live action.

healthcare explainer videos

Cut Through The Clutter

Medical videos let you cut through the clutter in your field and tell your story in a creative, compelling, and unique way that will drive results for you. Incorporating video content in your healthcare marketing helps clarify your message, reach your prospects and demonstrate your brand’s authority in a short amount of time.

And the secret to pulling this off successfully is a professional, high-quality health care video production process.

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And if you’re ready to create your own healthcare video, why not reach out to us today? Our video experts will walk you through the process, help you clarify your goals, and ultimately create healthcare explainer videos that you can use for years as a brand ambassador for your partners and patients.