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Business Video Production

Business video production refines your sales message and amplifies it so that a larger audience hears that message. By pairing a business video with a story-based structure, you enable your clients and customers to discover your brand and what your business does in a more immediate, engaging way. Business video production helps brands promote themselves in a more persuasive way compared to written text alone. At Creamy Animation we can help you create a video that advances your brand in many ways, by simply varying the format and purpose.




How Businesses Can Use Video

Explainer Video

An explainer video is an effective way to demonstrate a tangible product or service. Explainer videos can be used by brands in many fields and niches, including tech companies and web services businesses.
A business’s explainer video makes it easy for a company to brand their videos. With room to use similar colours, themes, and styles, videos can then fit in seamlessly with your website as well as your marketing materials. Businesses can use these explainer videos on their websites and on YouTube as well.

Customer Retention

Once a company gets customers, the challenge becomes how to keep them. And that’s actually more difficult than getting a new customer in the first place. However, the life value of a repeat customer is far greater than a constant stream of new customers who only purchase once. With a clever, engaging business video, it’s easier to keep those customers coming back for more. By giving existing customers advance peeks at new and upcoming products and services, your brand lets them know you value their business. Video is an effective way to help your business stay connected with current customers on an ongoing basis.

Business Video Production


Business video production comes in handy when you release a new product or new software. During launch periods, customers might have a hard time finding out how to use their new purchase. Some may not even know that they need what your business is offering. Making a tutorial video for a web, desktop or a mobile application will help you walk through the new product with your clients. Tutorial videos for businesses are also a good way to provide one-to-many support in a more personal and engaging way, to answer frequently answered questions as well as pre-recorded sales demos.




A testimonial video is so much more powerful than a written one. Imagine a client appearing on camera, speaking in his or her own voice, sharing their testimony about their wonderful experience working with you. They talk about how wonderful your product or service is, and how it solved their problems.
A prospective customer would find that video far more persuasive than the same content in written text.
Having a testimonial video section on your website allows you to share more of your client’s testimonials. You can also embed these videos in your business’s email newsletters, on social media, and on your company blog.

Commercial Videos

Advertising is essential for all businesses to let their prospective clients and customers know what they sell or provide. But it’s so much easier to achieve that goal with a commercial video. A commercial video is best for raising awareness about a specific product that your company is offering. They can be shared on social media, in broadcast commercials, and YouTube pre-roll ads. To make sure your commercial video is effective, Creamy will help you keep it short, with a wide appeal and a tightly-focused theme.

Business Video Production

Use Business Video Production in Branding and Marketing

When a brand lacks consistency, it’s more likely to lose out on leads and sales. Instead, you can maintain branding consistency across many digital channels by making smart use of videos to market your business. When you coax your customers and prospects to become more familiar with your brand through video, you’re taking full advantage of a dynamic, compelling medium that builds brand awareness and converts casual viewers into prospects and customers with ease.

Let Creamy help you ensure that your clients and prospects understand your message and what your business can do for them. Help them understand what it is that makes you different from all the other companies that do the same work as you. At Creamy we can help you distill these ideas in a compact way by using the latest in business video production techniques and strategies.

Are you ready to create a video for your business? contact us here, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible to discuss your business’s unique needs.