Healthcare Marketing Videos

How to Promote Your Healthcare Business with Video

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Healthcare Marketing Videos

Many sectors and businesses have taken on digital media in their marketing efforts to attract more customers. Healthcare shouldn’t be left behind in this revolution. The revolution has propelled several industries over the top and has allowed many businesses to make a u-turn from traditional advertising to digital means.

In the digital marketing era, the use of video has been steadily growing and is arguably the topmost form of engaging in this type of marketing. Insights into video marketing trends reveal that 92 percent of video marketers get a return on investment into this form of advertising.

Healthcare Production Videos

Power of Marketing

Consequently, the United States leads the world in the healthcare marketing industry. And this amount is set to increase by 3.6 percent to around USD 36 billion. With this convincing testimony from those who have already adopted video in their digital marketing efforts, it is high time that you and your healthcare business followed suit. If you’re still green about how to go about this, worry not. Read on to find out just how you can leverage the power of video to market your healthcare operation and propel it to the dizzying heights of success.

Integrate Video Into Marketing

Healthcare video production is very vital to your business. Your chief goal as a healthcare marketer is to bring in more customers and retaining their confidence and trust so that they can keep coming back to benefit from your business. Video is a great tool that you can use as a marketer to deliver your message to the masses. Whether you have a private practice or are selling health insurance, video can benefit you greatly. After all, 64 percent of people have used videos to find out more about a product or service.

Healthcare Video Marketing

How To Contribute To Marketing Growth

1. Use Videos on Your Homepage

In this digital era, every person and business alike have an online presence. Your business has a website that provides information about your service and also provides a portal for your customers to sign up for your services. The value of explainer videos or welcome videos is that they are the first thing your potential client sees when they open your website.

Helathcare explainer videos are a great way to introduce your business and let your prospective customers know what exactly you are about and the kind of products or services in the health sector that you’re offering. For example, check out this welcome message on the YouTube page of The Everett Clinic, a healthcare provider operating out of 31 locations in the Pacific Northwest.

The video explains exactly what the clinic has to offer and its values to inspire trust in their target market in the general Washington state area.

2. Create Profile Videos of Your Team

What clients expect most from their healthcare providers is trust. And can you blame them? It’s their life they are committing into your hands. So, in order to gain their trust and encourage them to choose your business, you need to make videos profiling the doctors, nurses and anyone of note within your operation.

One of the key aspects of a patient-doctor relationship is a good rapport. These videos initiate this before the patient even steps foot into your brick and mortar location. With these kinds of videos shading your personnel in a favourable light, you are more likely to attract clients who need your services. The Florida Orthopaedic Institute and Surgery Center does a good job of profiling their doctors.

Notice that they start out the video with their name and logo so that you know exactly which organization the doctor is attached to. Furthermore, there is soft background music which is not intrusive but it makes for a great viewing experience.

Additionally, there are clips of the doctor going about his everyday work enabling a potential client to trust the doctor more. Another visual cue is the insertion of the doctor’s family. This shows that he’s a regular person with a family outside work and how he’s making the clients relate to him more.

How to Make a Healthcare video

3. Create Healthcare Educational Videos

Before coming into a clinic or hospital, more and more people are doing research about their symptoms online. This has led to 5 percent of the total search volume on Google to be about health conditions. Additionally, these searches drive 3 times more traffic to a healthcare website compared to someone just inputting the website.

Take advantage of this by crafting educative video content on your website or digital media platform like YouTube so that your prospective clients can gain some value. By gaining this value, they are more likely to follow up and get in touch with you. For example, the Pacific Centre for Reproductive Medicine gives a detailed explanation of PGT-A (preimplantation genetic testing for aneuploidies) during in vitro fertilization. The video goes on to lay out the procedure followed at the facility and just why it is necessary.

Such videos lend credence to the proficiency of the institution in handling the procedure in question. Furthermore, they shed the facility in a more trustworthy light, drawing in more clients.

Reviews and Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials play a significant role in convincing other clients to choose your healthcare business. When patients are looking for a healthcare provider or medical personnel, 94 percent of them rely on online reviews as an evaluation mechanism. Furthermore, 72 percent go straight to online reviews and use it as the first step when they want someone new to handle their health needs.

While some of your prospective clients might read reviews, others will be more convinced by videos of people who have actually experienced your services and products. You, therefore, need to create video testimonials from previous and current patients, detailing their experience and what they love about your services.

Take a look at this video on the YouTube channel of the Veterans Health Administration. It is both an educational video as well as a collection of testimonials from individuals who are using the institution’s private health insurance.

4. Make Video Testimonials and Client Experience Videos

These are a few ways in which you can leverage video in the marketing of your healthcare business. With the flexibility of this medium, you can find more ways to use video, not only using it on your company’s website but also using it on the various social media platforms.

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