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Make an animated explainer video that connects with your audience on a personal level

and plainly conveys the true value of your brand and offering.

We’ve had the pleasure of working with some amazing clients in several industries.

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Case Study : HangTag by Impark

We created this short animated explainer video to promote Impark’s new parking platform, HangTag. See our process in explaining how the HangTag App helps you find and pay for your parking.

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Case Study : Animals In Science Policy Institute

In this case study we show you how we helped Animals in Science Policy Institute tell their story of how they’re transforming the way animal dissection is taught in schools.

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Animation Styles We Make

Cartoon Character Animation

Motion Graphics Animation

Whiteboard Animation

What kind of video do you want to make?

Animated Explainer Videos

Explain your business, promote your brand, or educate your audience using animated explainer videos. An explainer video is your elevator pitch — the why-we-matter short and sweet message. No-matter how complex, we’ll simplify it to the level your audience can understand.


Startup Video

Need an intro video for your Startup? Find out how our startup video production services can help you create a video that gets you the results you need. We’ve worked with many startups in technology and other industries. Launch your startup with an amazing animated promotional video.


Educational or Tutorial Video

Simplify life with an easy-to-understand educational video. Make a Demo video on how to use your product. Why? Because people retain 80% more information with video than when they read on the same topic. Make a training video that equips your employees and empowers your audience.


Not Sure Yet

You know you need a video but are not sure where to start. Sometimes you need someone to help you navigate the complexities of video to achieve your goals. As a top video production company, we’ll help you set clear goals and strategy to create a winning marketing video.


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How does an Explainer Video benefit your business?

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Engage Customers

Engage your audience with relevant video content. Write a script and use visuals that simply your message so anyone can understand. As a client we help you extract the most important components of your business or idea, to make your story stand out. Your final marketing video will be able to captivate your audience and connect with them on an emotional level.

Animated Explainer Video

Boost Conversions

It’s important that the visuals correctly reflect your brand and message. We determine the style that best suits your goals. Some explainer video styles include whiteboard video, motion graphics, or cartoon character animation. Animated videos for business provide a boost in conversions when added to the homepage.

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Make An Impact

Accompanied by a great video marketing strategy, your videos can reach a wider audience and increase conversions. We can also recommend tools that allow you to collect video performance data, that allows you to analyze the how people are interacting with your video content. That way you can make continuous improvements to your video marketing.

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List of Explainer Video Benefits

  • Easily explain what you do with an animated explainer video.
  • Help investors visualize what problem you solve and how.
  • Simplify a complex idea so your audience understands it.
  • A marketing animation video on your website will help boost conversions.
  • Over 50% more information is retained when someone watches a video than when they read text.
  • Establish credibility through creative storytelling.
  • Leverage the power of animation to clarify your value proposition.
  • Train your team with videos so they understand things faster.
  • Make a whiteboard animation to demonstrate how your product works.

Create video marketing content that drive results

We’re an animated explainer video production company based in Vancouver, Canada, working with organizations from around the world. Our goal is to make sure you get a video that quickly and clearly articulates your message, and connects with your audience on an emotional level. We understand storytelling and know how to present ideas using animation videos. The serious marketer or business owner is always looking to create high-quality video content that drives results and great return on investment. Incorporate video advertising in your marketing mix to reach a wider audience. If you’re looking for an online animation maker for YouTube videos or for your website landing page, we can help.

Over the years we’ve developed enough experience to provide our clients with insight into what works and what doesn’t. We can tell you this — a well crafted video triggers the viewer’s emotions and connects with them. That connection helps build trust in your organization and is a catalyst for increased conversions. Work with one of the top animation studios in Vancouver to create whiteboard animation, product promotional and marketing videos for business. With a great video marketing strategy, you can reach a wider audience and boost your online visibility. Need an explainer video production company to make it happen? Get in touch with us today.