Video Advertising – How to Make
Your Own Advertisement Video

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Video Advertising is King of Marketing

Let’s face it! Video advertising is the king of marketing. It is one of the popular ways to reach a potential audience and it’s effective at leaving a long-lasting impact on their minds.

Experts in digital marketing believe that video ads will dominate the marketing world in the next decade. That means the raging video marketing trend is here to stay and can improve your brand’s overall reach with campaigns.

Video Advertising

Sure, there are numerous other ways for the audience to consume content, but video advertising has been consistently ruling the charts. And this is not surprising. Hectic and busy lifestyles of people are conducive for innovative formats that allow them to digest information on-the-go, and in more accessible and condensed ways.

Explainer videos are a great example of short-form content. The video advertisement space continues to grow, hence the corresponding growth of many a video advertising maker.


The allure of this form of advertising is undeniable. We say this because video advertising is on its way to dominating the online marketing world in the coming years. Isn’t that great?!

The current statistics also show that your potential customers are watching videos, which is one of the benefits you want to maximize:

  • 92 percent of B2B prospects watch online videos
  • About 1/3 of consumers make purchasing decisions after watching a video advertisement

People watch approximately 4 billion videos on YouTube every day, and so websites like YouTube have seen an exponential increase in traffic.

Imagine how this innovative marketing tool can increase organic engagement and sales. From moving customers through different stages to improving your brand recognition, the mega-trend of video advertising can do everything.

In This Article

  1. What is video advertising?
  2. How can video ads change the way you advertise
  3. Types of video advertisements
    • In-stream advertising videos
    • Non-Linear advertising videos
  1. Advantages you get from video advertising
    • A high percentage of sharing
    • Sales conversion
    • Search engine’s favourite
    • Tells your narrative
    • Enables you to see Analytics
    • Conveys information in a better way
  1. How to make a video advertisement
  • Decide the video type
    • Identify your target audience
    • Script out video marketing advert
    • Create your storyboard
    • Create a flexible filming schedule
    • Grab your filming equipment
    • Shoot your Ad and edit
  1. Best video advertising companies

What is Video Advertising?

Video advertising is typically promotional video content. It may play before, during, and after online streaming video content. Marketing professionals have expanded the definition of video advertising and included a wide array of displays along with video content.

For example, some advertisements start when a viewer puts a cursor over them. These are native video advertisements, and marketers promote them on digital networks like YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook.

Although video advertisements are an excellent way to reach your target audience, you need to be exceptionally careful to make them a marketer. Know that audiences only perceive things that are relevant and valuable.

Many marketers buy, sell, and display a majority of video advertisements programmatically. They use a variety of targeting methods and include different interactive elements.

You must also know that video ad campaigns often evolve with formats. Different social media platforms prioritize videos based on their content. That is what makes nailing your video communication crucial to retain the attention of your audience.

Video Advertisement Examples

Here are some of the animated advertising videos we’ve made for some amazing brands.
We’ll take any complex subject and condense it into a short advertising video.


Dr. Bill

Advertisement Videos – Styles

Video advertising is an umbrella term that encompasses numerous ad formats other than online video displays. These are different types of advertisement videos within the video stream. Here is a brief review of the types of advertisement videos available in this creative domain.

In-Stream Video Advertisements

An in-stream video ad is a common type of video advertisement. The advert plays either before or after the video content. It is a part of the main video player, where a viewer sees the actual content.

In-stream advertisement videos are popular with the title of Linear Video Ads as it plays in-line sequentially with the content of the video. These can be in the form of motion graphics, cartoon animation, whiteboard animation, and live action among many.

The types of in-stream video ads include:

  • Pre-roll – these are advertisement videos that play before the content
  • Mid-roll – these ads run during the content, pausing and resuming it once complete
  • Post-roll – these ads play once the content is complete

Non-Liner Video Ad

Non-linear video ads play simultaneously with video content without disrupting its playback. The content pauses only when a viewer clicks the ad.

Advertisement Videos

The types of non-linear advertisement videos include:

  • Overlay Ads: these ads run concurrently with video content in the video player’s lower section. The ad type obstructs the content, plays for around 10-15 seconds, and collapses it into a smaller size.

Generally, this type of ad covers 20 percent of the bottom part of the video content. However, it doesn’t force the viewers to watch the video ad when consuming the content.

  • Non-overlay Ads: these ads run simultaneously with the content, but they play below the central area of playback. Hence, they don’t obstruct the visuals of the content.
  • In-Page Video-Ads: You can place or specifically illustrate these video ads on a page via an embedded video player. Many marketers place these ads on a page without any video content or streaming material.

Companion Ads, In-banner Ads, In-text Ads, In-game Ads, and sponsorship graphics are some more types of non-linear video advertisements that make it more reliable and help you optimize your video content for the customers and brand.

Make A YouTube Video

Video Ads Are Your Best Advertising Tool

As we mentioned above, the dawn of digital marketing, particularly video advertising, has taken a huge paradigm shift for brands and marketers. It is simply because video advertising enables marketers to convey much more in fewer words, to construct a narrative for their brand.

And this is not only engaging but also packs a punch. So how do video ads precisely do that? Take a look at the given breakdown of the components that a well-crafted video ad features.

Platforms such as Tiktok are generating millions of views, creating advertising opportunities for brands.

Appeal to Short-Attention Spans

The landscape of digital media is undeniably crowded. And compared to other advertising platforms, the audience prefers watching videos. This, of course, is one of the reasons advertisement videos see a higher engagement rate consistently.

Engaging customers with video ads is easier and an excellent strategy to capture their attention and stand out.

YouTube Marketing

Spark Interest Effectively

Keep in mind that a video ad communicates more than just a tagline. A video ad can cover everything, from promoting sales to building a story and outlining your brand’s value proposition.

Essentially, video advertisements are tremendously advantageous at driving consumers’ actions. A video of optimal length (15 to 30 seconds for a social media ad) enables you to strike the right balance between developing a meaningful narrative and catering to the audience’s attention span. Alternatively, a standard animated explainer video can run from 1-2 minutes.

Allow You to Control the Brand Narrative

This might sound bizarre to you, but video Ads give you the leverage to control what you want your customers to see. Put simply, instead of making customers read about your brand, showing it to them in a captivating video will have a stronger impact.

For example, Havenly, an online interior design service with a unique value proposition, uses a wide variety of video ads – the live-action explainer.

Video Advertisement Services

Video Advertising Benefits

If you still face a problem deciding whether you should embark on digital advertising, we can help you enumerate the benefits of making a video.

Note that not incorporating video advertising into your marketing strategy can translate into an opportunity for your competitors.

Video Advertisements Have a High Percentage of Sharing

People who watch a video advertisement and find it valuable or interesting, usually share it with other followers and friends on their social media accounts. Twitter users share more than 800 videos every minute.

This fact is an indication that advertisement videos have higher exposure and can increase your reach exponentially.

Advertising Videos

Advertising Videos Are Search Engine Friendly

The big search engines prioritize video content when they tweak their algorithms that show some websites higher on the rank page. Imagine how much distributing your video ads via social media can increase your target audience’s likelihood of finding you online.

You can post these videos on blogs or embed them on business or personal websites to enable your audience to find your services when looking for relevant information. If you’re serious about search engine optimization then video should be in your arsenal.

YouTube Search Engine

Video Ads Increase Conversions

Did you know some of the giant marketers of eCommerce, including eBay and Amazon, have reported that adding a video advertisement to their product description improves buyer purchasing frequency by up to 35 percent?

Hence, video advertising helps increase your sales conversion rate.

Easily Track Your Ads Performance

The primary video platforms, including YouTube and Facebook, have a feature that enables you to assess video statistics on how you ad is performing. Knowing the number of shares, views, likes, and social interactions helps you analyze and plan campaigns.

As a result, your content becomes more effective and addresses the questions of your target audience.

Video Stats

Tells Your Narrative

A well-designed video ad can have a significant emotional impact. That means if you want to make a solid relationship with your audience when storytelling through sound and sight, there is no better marketing form than video advertising.

A personalized video ad connects your viewers’ emotions to the products you sell.

How to Make a Video Advertisement

Making a video advertisement is no longer a high-budget affair as with a network broadcasting station and Hollywood. You can use the power of video marketing for your business without having to invest thousands of dollars.

You can obtain excellent results for pennies-per-view. If you have the budget, a live video production company or animation studio would be the best partner to team up with.

Check out the following steps to learn how you can make your video advertisement.

Determine the Purpose of Your Video

A video ad without a purpose will not have an impact on its audience. Remember that you will be investing a lot of effort, time, and money into creating a persuasive audio-visual experience for your audience.

You must know what you want your audience to do after watching your video advert. Here are some options you can consider;

You want your audience to

  • Contact your business
  • Share the video ad with others
  • Download something
  • Create an association with your business
  • Buy your product or service

The response you want will have an influence on the type of video ad you choose. Once you determine the audience response you want when they see your ad, it becomes easy to choose what kind of ad you should run.

Take a look at these types of video advertisements to consider:

  • Product demonstration video
  • Instructional Videos
  • Review videos or consumer testimonials
  • Behind-the-Scenes Videos
  • Identify the Target Audience

Specific targeting is not much different from waving a big flag in front of the market and shouting “watch this!”

To make an effective video ad campaign, you must understand who you want to target with your video advertisement. Unlike other online advertising, video ads target a fairly large group of people, but it is still crucial to find out who your video ad is specifically for.

Creating an ad to appeal to everyone in the market is not just a waste of time but also money. Your advertisement needs to be on-point and selective for your target audience.

One of the strategies is to create five ads specific to various demographics or locations—even if they advertise the same product. You can get more conversions this way. But don’t forget to keep things easy and simple.

Write A Video Script

So now that you know the goal of your ad campaign, and you know who you want to target, it is the right time to write a script for your video.

Are you wondering what goes into a quality video ad script? Check out this article we wrote on how to write the perfect explainer video script. Even though it’s talking about explainer videos, the concept is still the same.

Video Ads

Tell a compelling story

A good advertisement tells a story. Although it’s true for all ads, it is imperative for video advertising. This is because it is the story that drives audiences to watch more. Their main interest is to discover how the adventure unfolds.

Address the truth

You might have seen a lot of Skittle commercials that are funny but weird. Focusing on the funny aspects of your ad is important, but if you don’t address the central truth, people will not have a desire to purchase the product. A compelling truth is the difference between a just okay performing ad and viral video ad.

Begin with a hook

Having a compelling hook is almost like winning the half battle. If your ad doesn’t catch the viewers’ attention from the beginning, they will not watch the rest of the video content.

Create A Storyboard

Unfortunately, you cannot film your video ad from a script. To turn your vision into a video, you must figure out how you want to film your video. And for that, you will have to combine two things, the shot list and storyboard.

Video Ads
Video Storyboarding

Creating the Storyboard

A well-drawn storyboard is helpful for your camera operator as it indicates motions that will be a part of a specific shot. Don’t worry if you lack artistic skills. You can make a list of rough sketches and put a storybook together as per your script requirements.

It helps you decide on adding or removing shots of the script.

Create a shot list

You have a script, a storyboard, and you are all set to start filming. When making a video ad, the more you prepare, the smoother and easier your shoot will be. Typically, a shot list compiles everything you may need to get the shooting done. It includes scene number, shot description, location, framing, dialogue, action, props, and actors.

Guess what?

There is some more work to do before you can start filming your video ad. You need to be proactive to keep everything ready and establish coordination among crew and staff. And that is only possible when you have a flexible filming schedule.

Here are some tips to follow;

  • Always account for a break to allow your crew to maintain mental stability between taxing hours of shooting.
  • Make sure to test out equipment and shots before beginning.
  • Schedule shooting around close locations to save money and time.
  • Try to schedule riskiest shots (stunts) at the end and determine the safety requirements.
  • Bad weather can ruin your shoot. You need to make a schedule that goes with the best weather.

Video Production Gear You Need

Great video Ads require perfect ad ideas and high-quality video equipment.

  • You need a good camera to take the impactful shots. Use iPhone7 if you don’t have a professional camera. It has various aperture sizes that enable you to capture different shots.
  • You can use a lavalier mic to record the video with better audio. Or buy a DR-40 digital recorder to add versatility.
  • You need lighting equipment to film a professional quality video.
  • Shoot Your Ad and Edit

Shooting the Video

If you have prepared everything you will need on the filming day and created a script, storyboard, shot list, and comprehensive filming schedule, shooting the video ad will run smoothly. As the saying goes, “preparation is key”.

But you must understand that it is a long and arduous process that may have several takes and retakes. You might have to adjust and readjust equipment and put out fires (metaphorically). This covers most of the things you can expect while filming your video ad.

If you work with the right people, executing a filming plan is fairly straightforward, so let’s move on to the next step, which is video editing.

Editing Your Video

Video editing starts when you have the actual footage ready. Luckily, there are many video editing programs available to help you edit the footage you want. These include Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Davinci Resolve, just to name a few.

Creative video editing is essential to making a compelling commercial. You need to focus on three critical areas when editing your video advertisement.

Dialogue speed

Your video ad is for marketing or promoting the brand, and if you do not create it the way your viewers want to see, it will fail the purpose. Quick cuts between the dialogues help to get the right amount of ad content in a shorter time.

The first few seconds

Video ads have 5 seconds to catch your audience and provoke them to watch the complete video. Baiting your viewers works best with 2 to 3 minutes long video ads. You need to make sure that your content backs up your bait.

The Punch Line

Editing a video ad may require you to cut down some of your ideas, but if it highlights the punch line, it is worth your effort.

Some Great Video Advertising Companies

Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation creates awesome animated videos and explainer videos for. Their professional team of video makers can help you develop creative video marketing strategies that will deliver compelling video ads.

We are talking major brands, including Goldcorp, BDC, RBC, and other empowered startups. We believe in crafting compelling videos that narrate your brand’s story.

Sandwich Video

Whether it is the growing demand of generation, new campaigns, or videos to drive conversion, Sandwich video can take your brand to the next level. This video advertising company creates commercials for various organizations and has a creative team to help brands stand out in the market.

Final Thoughts

As content and digital content marketing continue to evolve, there is no denying that video advertising has an iron grip in the landscape. Viewers are watching video ads more than they used to in the past, and there is a strong indication that this trend is here to stay.

Cisco has shown that more than 82 percent of internet traffic will rely on video advertising by 2022. It shows that organizations and companies must reassess their marketing strategies and incorporate video advertising into social media and other campaigns.

Thus, the article explains how good advertising can be your perfect partner to assist with this and how you can make a compelling ad for your brand.