Fundraising Video and Non profit Video Examples to Inspire You

Charity videos that will inspire you to make your own

Fundraising Video Making

If we are being honest, we are not always watching the best viral marketing videos. In the world of online video marketing, there is a huge scope for non-profit and fundraising videos too. Digital videos are at work more than ever before in non-profit organizations, which are doing wonderful things to change the world. If we looked closely at the statistics, we would even note that non-profit videos now have a greater stake in the industry and are reaping more rewards.

Perhaps it could be that we now care more as an audience and wish to be involved in making a real difference that is giving exposure to such videos. Here are our top 10 non-profit and fundraising videos for you. They’re each a combination of splendid dialogues, moving images, and powerful music to stir your emotions and ignite your imagination.

Explainer Videos

Below are 10 of the best Non-Profit and Fundraising video examples, we hope these inspire you and spark creativity so you can create your next video.

Fundraising Video

1.    Neil Squire

Neil Squire  This is one of the most powerful and moving videos on creating assistive technology for people with disabilities. The video stirs emotions deep inside every viewer with their captivating storyline and motivates every individual to help. Their vision is to achieve economic and social inclusiveness for all people with disabilities. To support this vision, Makers Making Change leverages the capacity of community based Makers, Occupational Therapists and Volunteers to develop and deliver affordable Open Source Assistive Technologies.


The British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit animal welfare organization which advocates for animal protection legislation, operates animal shelters, and runs educational workshops and public awareness programs throughout British Columbia, Canada.

3.  First Descents

You can even use non-profit videos to give the masses a glimpse of your business. Such the First Descents proves. This video is barely more than two minutes but it is enough to familiarize every viewer with the organization, its founder, and its programs and ethos. The most powerful play of the video makers is that they use no words but merely shots. Each of these depicts what their programs feature, how is involved and what is the ultimate objective of their organization.

Motion Graphics

4. Save the Children

If we were to take a pill, we believe the majority of viewers will vote this as one of their favorite videos of all time. Save the Children is one of the most engaging narratives about war-stricken children. It specifically highlights the innocent little beings from war zones, such as Syria.
On a surface level, the extraordinary production would be enough to impress. But on a deeper note, the storyline is beyond intense and builds an instant bonding between the video’s character and the viewer.

5.    The Impossible Hug

The Impossible Hug raises a neglected topic in public eyes. It does not use music, which for most is a risky experiment, but the organization delivers its message magnificently. This video uses visuals and sound design to convey their emotion and story, yet they successfully
captivate the audience.

6.  Mama Hope

Often the best way of raising awareness about a problem is by demonstrating it, and not necessarily on a sad note. The Mama Hope video proves just how well one can use humor to raise awareness about a clearly widespread and significant problem. This video takes a dig at the stereotypical representation of African men. But the winning point of the video is how it combines creativity and message for deconstructing the stereotypical perception. The organization promotes educational empowerment and its fundamental purpose through a funny video.

7. Charity: Water

Charity: water is now a highly popular and highly respected storyteller. Their struggle is all about the provision of safe, clean, and healthy water for all. Now many may regard this as an ordinary and least- interesting concept but the storyteller proves us wrong. Their website is a treasure house of videos and Charity: Water is the best example. They make it compelling and cohesive simply by using storytelling tools way smartly. The end result is a non-profit video that uses the entire short video length to move, inform and educate the audience in a beautiful way.

8.  Childline

Generally, explainer videos exceeding beyond two minutes are not as popular or successful. But the Childline is an exception in this case because of its spellbinding storyline. The video makers use sound design and abstract visuals to make each viewer feel the pain and suffering of the sexually abused kids.

9.  Rainforest Alliance

When you need the inspiration to create a video that inspires action more than raising awareness, you must watch Rainforest Alliance. With a clever and funny touch, the video makers encourage manageable and meaningful action plans within the audience. It does a remarkable job of inducing the passion to preserve our rainforests, with just a short video. After watching this, there is hardly any individual that will not have an easy plan for supporting this cause.

10.  Slaying Childhood Cancer

The most attention-grabbing element of this video is its simplicity. Slaying Childhood Cancer is all about the candid story of one struggler. It is a heart-warming, moving, light-hearted yet painful, and uplifting portrait altogether. A father chronicles the journey of his young daughter battling cancer. It’s impossible not to smile yet cry as you watch the uplifting account the father gives of his brave daughter and his own painful experience. This video just proves how a personal yet moving narrative can be just as compelling and engaging as the big-budgeted productions.

Final Thoughts

You can find a huge number of successful video marketing examples on the internet, but very few
compelling non-profit and fundraising video content. When such videos surface on the internet, many tend to ignore them because they’re advertising a product or service the audience might find useful personally.

But there also exist such highly compelling non-profit and fundraising video content that move viewers. These are all about compelling, emotionally moving, and mind-boggling personal experiences of the people around us. The art of making non-profit videos a success is all in the storyline, the dialogues, the effective use of digital video tools, the execution, and delivery.