Animated Commercial Videos

List of animated commercial videos to inspire you.

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Animated Commercial Videos Are Becoming Popular

Animated commercial videos have become quite common on TV and online. Creativity in animation has no boundaries, as you can create just about anything you can imagine. With the rapid rise of technology and graphic designing, your imagination is the only limit.

The best animated ads quickly generate interest and persuade people to buy a products or join a cause.

In our article of the 20 best animated commercial videos we also discuss how animation videos can be just as effective as live action videos. In addition, you can find out how brands use creativity to make the top commercial animation videos and why these videos get a great response.

Animated Commercial

Animated Commercials and How They Work

Animated commercials are advertisement videos that are short and to the point. The goal is to sell a product, raise awareness, among many objectives. It creates excitement within the audience and highlights what the product or service is all about.

Mostly, brands broadcast their commercials on televisions, social media, or other customer engagement platforms. Best commercial videos help in brand awareness and can help convey the idea of the product across all digital platforms.

Ideally, commercial videos help you with the introduction of a new product or service. They can increase customer curiosity by dropping the crumbs so that they can head towards the brand for purchasing the product. When used effectively, commercials play a significant role in increasing business sales.

Best Commercials Using Animation

1. Heinz Beans

It is arguably one of the top animation videos on the internet. You can see an emotional story of a boy whose love for Beans is his entire life. You can see how beautifully the team of Heinz shows that Heinz beans are available in all sizes. The appeal of the commercial is perfect for extended families.

2. Creamy Animation

From appropriate characterization to the animation, everything is perfect. Creamy Animation’s animated commercial highlights how simplicity can flawlessly complement the visual aesthetics.

In fact, the commercial even indicates the possibilities of video advertising in the foreseeable future. Simultaneously, it does not use long dialogues, but catchy one-liners to capture the attention of the viewers.

3. American Express

American Express created this fun animated commercial video for recruitment purposes. You can see how creative animation can be. The commercial showcases American Express as a financial company that possesses the power to create a multitude of opportunities for people with different fields of interest.

4. Oreo

This Oreo TV commercial shares an anthem that can be fun to listen to while watching these story-telling animation clips. This eye-catching video creates joy and interest in people and highlights the product in a wonderful way. The music is so catchy that even watching this video once will be enough to memorize the melody.

5. Sherwin-Williams

Sherwin-Williams is a paint manufacturing company, which in this animated commercial beautifully attracts an audience with kaleidoscopic color variety. It is attractive because of the optical illusions of different color variations. The color palette of different animals and flowers practically impersonates nature in this best animation video.

6. Slack

The concept behind this tv commercial is simple yet innovative as a character stuck in traffic comes up with an idea of a flying car. It is no wonder Slack is one of the best alternatives to emails that can help in communication within an organization. The concept is clear, creative, and impressive to grab the attention of the viewer instantaneously.

7. McVities

One of the best animated commercial videos, this spot is quite relatable. It show how we need to take time to relax our minds by interacting with colleagues. It shows a hard-working crane driver who craves interaction. The commercial demonstrates a sense of community where people come together to make each other happy.

8. MasterCard

MasterCard explains to its audience how their business helps customers secure transactions in a few clicks so they can handle business transactions easily. The animated commercial also explains how people are getting benefits by using MasterCard.

9. Android

Be together, not the same,” Android comes up with this powerful message in this video and mimics it into rock, paper, and scissors. This cute video is about three main characters that help each other from bullies.

10.   Wimbledon

Wimbledon highlights its history with this beautiful and motivational tv spot by highlighting the changes they have made to the game of tennis. Celebrating 150 years of The All England Club, Wimbledon targets the audience that loves tennis with this commercial.

11.   Nespresso

Nespresso is introducing its new product with this soothing video. It shows that you are a sip away from relaxing at your perfect summer destination. The creative ingenuity of the video is astounding, which makes it one of the top animated videos in the online realm.

12.   Swiggy

What makes this video one of the best animation videos is its simplicity. The concept is straightforward and to the point so that the audience can quickly get the idea.

13.   Airbnb

Airbnb, on the launch of their cycling experience, brought this video to inspire viewers. It creates curiosity among the viewers. On top of that, the innovative idea is attractive enough to entice the audience to find out about the Airbnb service offering.

14.   Petco

Well, this video has eight million views with emotional undertones. This heart-warming story of the commercial has great sentimental value. And Petco chose the day of the Christmas to air the commercial.

15.   Mailchimp

This Mailchimp video has some eye-catching hand-drawn sketches. They indicate the Bigfoot with the growth of the businesses. It explains and sparks curiosity in the minds of the viewers. There should be no surprise that a company offering marketing solutions has its video among the best commercial videos.

16.   WhatsApp

WhatsApp, as you know, is one of the most used applications for instant messaging and social interaction. On the launch of their end-to-end encryption feature, they introduced this animated video, which explains numerous features and its benefits for users.

17.   Coachademy

Coachademy is a coaching program application that helps you grow stress-free. This app provides you with professional coaches that assist you in achieving your goals. This video has engaging character illustrations that make you understand the concept of the app easily.

18.   Dropbox

This video starts with the activities that every student studying at a college or university can relate to. The content of the video is enough to get any student excited for a practical storage application. Simple graphics and icons, voiceover, and a joyful track make this video incredibly interesting.

19. Skirmish

This game developing platform creates intentional energy with its sci-fi graphics and cinematic music. The video elements alignment are working together to create mind-blowing effects. If you are willing to create this kind of video, consider using the music, graphics, and elements that suit the vibe of your concept.