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Best YouTube Alternative Sites

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Video websites like YouTube are increasingly becoming popular, partly because needs are constantly changing.  To meet that need, we’ve seen many new YouTube alternative websites with functions you probably won’t find on this platform.

At Creamy Animation, we understand the advantages of using YouTube as a video hosting platform. Besides, YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. So if you’re not leveraging this free platform to make your own YouTube video and getting your message out, start now!

Video Websites

That said, YouTube is arguably still a king and hailed as almost like an apparition. Conversely, it is a delightful feeling when you come across a video service that offers unique content. Also, the need for more good YouTube similar companies is more prevalent than ever. And that’s a good sign when you assess the current growing demand for video content consumption.

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And there are quite a number of great platforms that can serve as YouTube alternative websites. In fact, few online video sites have gained enough popularity and loyalty of the viewers that can be deemed superior to websites like YouTube. As of now, 6 out of 10 individuals prefer video sites as compared to traditional TV.

This article intends to shed some light on sites similar to YouTube, specifically those that integrate more options of accessibility, sharing, data security, download modes, and payment plans.

Video Websites Like YouTube – Listed

Video Websites
Good Video Websites

1.    TikTok

One of the most popular video sharing Apps

TikTok is a video sharing platform that offers a wide selection of sounds and song snippets, special effects, filters, stickers, plus other video editing tools to make great, engaging content. Users can create and upload their own 15-second videos and can also upload longer videos that were created on their phones not in the app.

The app also regularly leverages celebrities and influencers to attract attention to its platform and generate viral content on it. TikTok has promoted itself to local audiences using paid partnerships with local celebrities including TV personalities such as Jimmy Fallon in the U.S. and Kinoshita Yukina in Japan, as well as social media celebrities like Kaykai Salaider in Thailand and Aashika Bhatia in India.

Another important factor that has propelled TikTok’s popularity is its strong focus on localized content. Despite its global reach it runs local contests and uses localized hashtags to capitalize on local trends. This makes it very useful for social media marketing which heavily relies on targeting specific audiences. Find out more about how TikTok works in this article we wrote.

Good Video Websites

2.    Vimeo

Mecca of Independent Filmmakers & Videographers

Since its inception, Vimeo has been a great YouTube replacement and favoured quality over quantity. Although it is largely analyzed in direct comparison to YouTube, the functional process of the site couldn’t be more different. Vimeo editorial staff helps users view the best videos on the site.

Some features of the all amazing video site are free. You can select from Pro to Premium range plan options and avail 7TB of data storage depending on the nature of your usage.

Video-based websites such as Vimeo provide more than just a platform to upload videos, it is a portal for aspiring filmmakers, editors, cinematographers, mashup artists, and graphic designers to post their creative video content.

YouTube Alternative

3.    Twitch

Gamers Arena

Online video streaming sites like YouTube often pale in comparison when it comes to Twitch. The Amazon-owned multilingual platform has become a go-to site for amateur and professional gamers alike to live-stream games of various genres without the irritation of ads.

It facilitates professional gaming events such as the World Cyber Games (WCG) and E-Sports World Convention (ESWC). You can choose to set up your own gaming channel or watch gameplay videos. Additionally, you could also view the gaming style developed by professional gamers in real-time.

Alternative Video Platforms

4.    Veoh

Simplicity and Compatibility

Popular video sites like Veoh have maintained their stature because of how quickly they allow new content creators to achieve heights of fame. At this point, a number of sites have accumulated millions of users. But the sharing flexibility of Veoh is unparalleled.

The social feature gives you the room to share the videos with your friends and family with ease. You can easily find what you’re looking for, unlike the clutter you would find on a YouTube dashboard. Moreover, you are free to upload a file of any length. Despite the traditional outlook, the site contains an ocean of interesting and amazing videos.

Mobile Video Websites

Goldmine of Old Content

When it comes to old video websites – there is no better YouTube alternative than the Internet Archive. Although the inception of the site began amidst the limited amount of content creators, and now it serves more like a library. Sadly, you wont find great features like the YouTube subscribers function. YouTube subscriptions encourage greater interaction between channels and their viewers.

You can have access to the old films from the golden era of the 30s to read rare books. The website also contains music and software programs.

Popular Video Websites

6.    Netflix

Stream Endless Films & TV Shows

Netflix is one of the best YouTube alternative sites. The total number of subscriptions of Netflix are expected to go overboard 160 million users by the end of 2019. It is no secret why the 4K content streaming giant has gained a place in every household. You can download your favorite TV shows or movies and watch it later.

Netflix offers the insurmountable amount of TV shows and movies across the world. And now the streaming platform has moved on to produce and distribute Oscar-worthy movies such as ROMA. With physical media on the decline, it is only rational to view Netflix as the major entertainment content provider.

Amazing Video Websites

7.    IGTV

The new form of sharing and viewing content

The recent rise of Instagram TV IGTV has challenged mobile video websites like YouTube. IGTV incorporates a multitude of features that are designed to look simple. You can integrate Instagram followers for targeted videos.

However, content creators have fallen in love with IGTV largely because it offers a wide following of Insta celebrities.

Online Video Streaming

8.    Metacafe

Short and Sweet

If you value brief video content as compared to time-consuming videos, Metacafe may just become your new favorite alternative video platforms to YouTube. This effective yet simple platform allows you to watch 90-second clips that are posted from people around the world.

Metacafe contains a large variety of ‘how to’ videos, reviews, and general fun content. The non-professional aesthetic gives its viewers a relax interface that is easier and addictive to browse anytime of day.

Amazing Video Sites

9.    9Gag TV

Endless Uncompromised Entertainment

9Gag is another video website other than YouTube that has gained popularity among millennials and generation Z target market. Although some of the content may be NSFW, it doesn’t stop users to view trending pop-cultural topics.

The satirical quality of the content posted on 9Gag makes it even more hilariously entertaining. And some may even consider 9Gag as a pioneer that revolutionized the use of memes in the form of gifs.

Online Video Sites

10.    Hulu

Premier Streaming Service

Hulu doesn’t just provide current movies and shows for the viewers, but you can have access to some of the most celebrated films and TV Shows that are not available on Netflix.

Furthermore, the nature of the content posted on Hulu is also fairly adult-oriented content. Their latest video site can be modulated as per the needs of the viewer. You can browse as a film enthusiast or just as a regular viewer.

Video Sites Like YouTube

11.    Dailymotion

Scrambled substitute to YouTube

Although the privacy guidelines and content features of Dailymotion are not as robust and layered as YouTube, it is the go-to video platform after YouTube. It is quite startling how the model and interface of Dailymotion is similar to mobile sites like YouTube.

If not having a slick layout like YouTube does not bother you – Dailymotion is a viable alternative other than YouTube video site. It is contemporarily working to build a more easy-to-navigate mobile app that can be switched back-and-forth like top online video sites.


If you are, however, on the look for an alternative to YouTube, the aforementioned platforms are some of the fitting recommendations. The rise of popular video websites like YouTube will continue to exist.

Of course, the notion of the best video website is open to debate. But when it comes to video websites – the market is not as saturated as some may believe.

Video Websites

However, Google’s scrupulous algorithm for YouTube is the reason why the site has remained successful for so many years. That said, the goal of emerging video sites like YouTube should be to explore new paradigms to understand better what kind of content viewers want to consume.