Hand Made Animated Videos that Make Things Pop

Our videos are custom made to make your business or idea pop. Forget the cheap cookie-cutter stuff those other guys promised. We take the time to hand craft your video so it stands out from the rest.



Silvacom FMS

Silvacom FMS is a cloud-based geospatial forest management platform designed to simplify the complete forest management process. We helped Silvacom create a short explainer video to make their complex product much easier to understand.


In this project, the goal was to create an about us video to clearly communicate what Blockdaemon is and what they do. About us videos are a great way to show your customers what problem you solve and accentuate your value prop.

Disability Rights Oregon

We partnered with Disability Rights Oregon to help advocate for access to affordable prescription drugs. This cartoon animation tells the story what what Oregon residents go through, and how you can help keep prescription drugs in Oregon affordable.

World Shipping Council

We partnered with World Shipping Council to create a promotional video to help stop the spread of invasive species around the world through containers. This video explains how shipping containers can be kept free from invasive species.


IPGOBox is an intuitive platform that helps you manage your shipping boxes and keep your packaging inventory well stocked. This character animation video details the value of having a self-serve box management system that's efficient and reliable.

ME Company

This explainer video shows how ME, an interactive personal shopping app, helps online shoppers virtually try on clothes before they buy. If you ever bought clothes online that didn't fit, this could be a perfect fit.

Co-Pilot Ai

Responsible for lead generation or revenue growth? Follow along with CoPilot Ai’s demonstration of its digital platform that steers you towards your ideal prospects. The video shows the platform's how-to process, which offers a strong marketing advantage.

Makers Making Change

We helped Makers Making Change provide an overview of how you can volunteer to make assistive devices for people with disabilities. What better way to explain it than to infuse some cool animated characters.


We collaborated with TestBox to showcase how you can use its easy self-serve platform to test-drive software options before buying. In this character animation video, we reveal common pain points and how TestBox makes buying software easy.


We joined forces with RESEAU Centre for Mobilizing Innovation to demonstrate how the organization offers solutions to communities suffering from the harmful effects of unsafe drinking water.

New Gold Inc.

Corporate overview videos are an important piece of every business marketing puzzle. The goal was to share an overview of New Gold’s strategic pillars and how it works to contribute to each pillar to ensure its success.

Dr. Bill

Meet Dr.Bill, a simplified and pain-free tech platform that handles medical billing for medical professionals. Using video to highlight a significant pain point with a proposed solution to clients is a great marketing technique.


Cryptosea is an Ai powered trading algorithm that automatically analyses the crypto market and finds profitable trading opportunities. It uses the same strategies professional traders use so you can start trading with no experience.
YES Explainer-C

Empowered Startups

We used video to showcase Young Empowered Startuppers’ accessible and award-winning education-technology platform. The startup delivers a state-of-the-art entrepreneurship curriculum that caters for teachers and students in high school.


EZPet is the one-stop shop for all your pert business needs. It makes it easy for pet store owners to access pet supplies without the pain of sourcing direct from manufactures. What better way to talk about pets than feature the pets themselves.

LSI Credit Solutions

We worked together with LSI Credit Solution to create an interactive video experience on how they help their clients improve their credit scores. While other providers use repetitive methods that don't yield any results, LSI delivers real results.

Brady Corp.

Unplanned tech outages due to human error are a thing of the past with Brady Corporation’s active digital signature solution. Watch this video to see how Brady Corp's solution helps you mitigate looses due to cable failure and decommissioning of cables.
Animation Styles

Vitrium Systems

We delivered a series of 6 explainer videos to help communicate what Vitrium is, does, and value they provide. Video series are a great way to drive results by targeting specific market segments and delivering your message to that particular niche.
WU Prototyping

Western University

We partnered with Western University to develop a series of four animated educational videos on Career Planning. The explainer videos were used as training tools to help students understand the fundamentals of choosing the right career path.
OpenBook Collective

OpenBook Collective

We told the story of how OpenBook Collective is a catalyst in the growth of open book access and publishing. It's robust platforms provides all the resources necessary for stakeholders to equally benefit from open book access.


Yes, a SaaS platform for SaaS companies. More organizations are embracing SaaS tools to power remote work. Augmentt solves the problems SaaS companies face, such as security, data loss, privacy breaches, and budget waste.

Mental Health Commission

We all face some degree of mental health challenge in life. Mental Health Commission of Canada sought to demonstrate how we can create better programs and inspire others to support and prioritize mental wellness.
Find Your Ally

Immigration Legal Resource

Immigration is a very complex issue that students face everyday. We worked with Immigration Legal Resource Center in California to explain how California based international students can get free immigration resources and support.
Ice Chain Explainer

Ice Chain

Join Ice Chain, a decentralized blockchain and NFT ecosystem that puts you in control of your personal data. Demonstrates the use of motion graphics to deliver a clear message and market the platform.

Agot Ai

Check out this demo for Agot Ai, an artificial intelligence-powered kitchen awareness technology that reduces food waste, improves order accuracy, and optimizes operations. The platform is a purpose-built solution for accuracy, labor and operational challenges in QSR
Seattle Chamber

Seattle Chamber of Commerce

This is a Public Service Announcement! We have aided Government entities like the Seattle Chamber of Commerce to create video PSA content to be disseminated to raise public awareness about COVID-19 mandates, in this case, between businesses and their customers.
Claimwell Explainer-b


Working with Claimwell, we created a video explaining how its platform helps medical professionals get fair and timely payment from insurance companies. It is a cost-effective and efficient solution for health providers to control their revenue and track pending claims.
History of social injustice

Burns Institute

Watch as the History of Social Injustice in America, from slavery in 1619 to the American Eugenics Movement in the 19th century to the 2020 Black Lives Matter protests demanding changes, unfolds. The captivating visual storytelling drives the story home.
William Hill Spot

William Hill

Working with one of the biggest sports betting companies is no walk in the park. This awesome TV Spot was created to introduce the new and improved William Hill app with a tone of features to make things interesting.

FA Davis Advantage

FA Davis Advantage shapes the future of nursing and health science technology. Through education and training FADA helps nursing professionals develop clinical judgment and skills to provide the best health care. Watch the video to find out how.


Founded by two brilliant female scientists, SpeeDx delivers innovative diagnostic solutions, that pathologists and clinicians use globally to improve patient outcomes. This motion design video drives the message across easily and effectively.

Hometown Quotes

In the digital age, people are buying insurance online. State Farm Insurance agents benefit from reaching out to Hometown Quotes that matches audited insurance buyers to agents that convert to increased leads and closed deals.
BCRenal Clinicians

BC Renal

We helped BC Renal to inspire action from patients with advanced chronic kidney disease to share their physical and emotional challenges. Patients can share this information on the My Symptom Checklist and get personalized care plans.
Usherpa Explain


We created a product showcase of the benefits and value addition that Usherpa offers to realtors. Usherpa is an initiative and powerful marketing automation system that allows mortgage professionals to engage with realtors and prospects.

Empowered Startups

Let's introduce you to Empowered Startups, a smart digital and learning workspace that supports founders to grow their ideas into successful and innovative businesses. The platform allows you to train, monitor, mentor and evaluate startups.


We created the opportunity for Quince Analytics to market and showcase their intelligent technology platform that streamlines all aspects of ordering produce by retailers built on their 25 years of produce experience.


We worked with The International Institute for Sustainable Development to bring attention to problems facing the ocean’s ecosystems and threatening the livelihood of local fishing communities, and to help stop the funding of overfishing.


Humor is not easy, but we kinda pulled it off. TrustNews is an online news platform designed to build a legacy of honest journalism and deliver trustworthy and factual news. It allows ordinary citizens to gather and post real news.

Mostardi Platt

Industrial companies keep the health and safety of their workers at the top of their priority list. How do manufacturing and industrial companies stay in compliance with environmental, health and safety regulations? This might be the solution.

North of 49 Naturals

There are many ways a business idea can save our environment. Watch North of 49 Naturals’ story as they revolutionize surplus produce from North American farmers and processors to transform it into something special.
Motion Graphics Explainer Video

Zmag’s MagStir

This video shows the Japanese magnetic company Zmag's invention, MagStir, the world's first permanent magnet stirrer for molten aluminum. The technology provides a strong, contactless stirring with direct contact and its maintenance-free, low energy and, as a result, ensures remarkable results.

MM Insurance – Insurance

Introducing Mennonite Mutual Insurance, not your typical insurance company, but serves a niche marketing. MMI is unique insurance provider with church faith and values at its core while operating as a modern financial institution. Watch how they do it.