5 Business Videos Every Company Should Make

What Videos Should You Make For Your Business?

If there was ever a time when video marketing was a passing fad that you could safely ignore, that time is long since gone. Business videos are a magnifying powerhouse, signal-boosting all your other digital efforts like social media, website content, blog posts and more. Online shoppers are almost twice as likely to purchase when they see a video compared to shoppers who only see text.

Studies show that video sticks in the human brain longer than text. In fact, up to 58% more information gets retained when it comes from video than when it comes from written content. But with so many different kinds of videos out there, ranging in length from a few seconds to an hour or more, it’s hard to figure out exactly what you should focus on first.
We’ve come up with at least five of the most basic business videos every company should make.

#1. Explainer Video | What We Do

Make your start in video marketing by literally introducing yourself and your brand to your audience with an explainer video that serves as an introduction to tell your brand’s “origin story” to customers and prospects. These videos don’t have to be terribly long — ninety seconds is plenty, and much more effective than trying to convey the same amount of information into a piece of written text.
You may want to create a few short videos as opposed to one longer video. Three 90-second business videos will probably get much better traction than a single 4.5 minute video.
Perhaps use one video to interview your brand’s founder about the company’s “origin story,” a second video to demonstrate how the business solves your prospects’ biggest problems, and a third to introduce your audience and customers to your team and culture.

#2. Demo Video | How To Use Our Product

Next, show your customers how to do something specific that’s related to what you do.

Video tutorials are extremely popular online, and are a perfect way to showcase your expertise and authority, while simultaneously showing prospects that you’re a real, trustworthy individual — someone they’d like to do business with.
The best approach for demo videos is to chop them up into succinct, bite-sized pieces. Don’t create an hour-long tutorial on how to create a WordPress blog, when you can create ten six-minute videos showing the sequence step by individual step.

Create a script by pretending you’re showing this process to a good friend and recording yourself speaking aloud while you teach your friend the steps involved. Turn the recording into a script, revise the script, and then create your video based on that script.

Business Videos

#3. Testimonial | Meet Our Fans

You probably already know that one of the most powerful forms of social proof you can put on your business website is the customer testimonial. But did you ever stop to think how much more powerful your customers’ words would be, if your prospects could literally see those customers singing your praises?

Video testimonials turbo-charge the experience for your prospects, whose sense of trust in your brand will skyrocket as a result. Video puts a face to the name, and increases that brand confidence exponentially.
Given the increasing quality of smartphone cameras, there’s really no reason not to ask a satisfied customer for a quick video and shoot it right there and then. It doesn’t have to be very long; even fifteen seconds can be used to great effect.

Don’t be afraid to ask — the worst they can do is turn you down!

#4. Educational Video | Learn Something New

When you teach your prospects something that they need to know to improve their own lives in some way — to save time or money, to reach a goal, to make a choice — you’re doing two things simultaneously. First, you’re obviously providing a valuable service to your prospect. And who doesn’t like having someone help them out?

When you create an educational video, you’re demonstrating your expertise and authority in an obvious way, without ever once having to call yourself “an expert.” Showing that expertise enhances the customer’s trust in you and your brand much more powerfully than simply announcing it ever could.
One great way to start with educational marketing videos is to create a video buyer’s guide related to your niche. Aim this video at customers who are just starting the “buyer’s journey” by evaluating various options.

A whiteboard video is another example of an educational video that can help demonstrate and expound on complex subjects. Use the whiteboard animation style approach to explain difficult concepts visually.

#5. Thought Leadership | Stuff We Know

A variation on the educational video, the thought leadership video is a way to boost your brand’s standing in your niche by demonstrating the ability to literally be a leader in your field. TED and TEDx talks videos is another example of thought leadership videos.

These videos are best aimed at conference keynote speeches, presentations, and seminars. You’re not limited to creating one style of video. You can use a live video recording or animation — though the later tends to be more cost effective. Another simple way to make a thought-leadership video for your brand is to pick one of your past, popular blog posts and then record yourself (or someone else) narrating that post. Pair that narration soundtrack with a screencast of images, screenshots, and graphics tied together into video format.
You can also repurpose an old slide-based presentation, or transform an existing data-filled blog post into a new slide presentation, then add a spoken narration over it.

Here’s The Takeaway

There are so many ways you can get started with video marketing in a simple, user-friendly way. Start with a short introductory or tutorial video, and expand your efforts when you’re feeling more confident with the process.
Alternatively you can use a professional video production company to get started with video marketing. You’ll get a more refined, polished result that will recoup your investment with a longer useful life and decent conversion rate.

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