Demo Video Production

Demo videos quickly condense complex ideas about a product or software and convey that information to stakeholders and prospective customers. The ability to captivate your viewer and tell a story in a visually exciting way is just one aspect that makes tech video production a powerful tool in your company’s marketing kit.
Visual storytelling helps you cut through the noise and confusion about your technology product or service. A short 60-90 second animated explainer video is a great way to start.
Most importantly, it helps you connect with your prospects on a personal level, whether you are marketing your technology business or just trying to reach consumers who might want to learn more about the complicated aspects of the technology that you are offering.




Demonstrate How Your Product Solves A Problem

Since you are targeting people who probably have a wealth of choices at their fingertips, your tech company’s goal is to help them make that purchasing choice in your favour. The way to convince them to trust you with that purchase is to demonstrate as clearly as possible the product or service you’re offering, and how it solves the problem at hand.

As a tech company, your brand needs to make sure your prospects clearly understand what you’re offering. This can be done most efficiently — and effectively — with the use of a tech company video to highlight your products and services.

Take a look at our portfolio and see some of the demo videos we’ve produced.

Demo Video Storytelling

It’s often easier to understand a specific software service when that service is explained in the context of a story. A compelling story-based technology videos help your prospects understand how the service or product fits into their lives and business.

A well-crafted tech video helps B2B prospects as well. Business leaders find explainer and product demo videos helpful in reaching a smart, strategic purchasing decision for their own companies. Your customers will have a better understanding of how the product works and how it will improve their operations as a business.

Clear Communicate Your Product’s Benefits

Demo videos clearly demonstrate how your product works. When people see how the product is used, their confidence in it and in your brand grows by leaps and bounds, in a way that just doesn’t happen that easily with plain text in a manual.

Tech Video Production
A tech video can demonstrate how a company can benefit from using your product or software to improve its operations. At Creamy Animation we usually devise and implement a short narrative structure for demo videos that include product or software demos, because this approach conveys a clearer sense of how the customer can put your technology to work.

Customer Service Videos

It’s challenging to master many technology products and software applications. The manuals are often densely written, hard to follow, and easy to misplace if in print. A much better alternative is a video supplement resource.

Creating a visual aid that not only tells but shows your customer how to use your products provides a higher degree of customer service. Most individuals retain information presented visually at a higher rate than if the same information were contained in pure text.

A well-made technology video provides your customers with a superior method of support that they can come back to again and again, whenever needed. It helps your customers make the most out of their purchase, which in turn increases their sense of confidence and trust in your brand.


Technology Videos


Frequently Asked Questions

Another excellent use for technology video production is the creation of video FAQs (“frequently asked questions”).

Technology companies such as mobile applications and service-based software often field an enormous number of questions from their customers about product use. Addressing those most-asked-about issues in a video or series of videos helps reduce one-on-one customer service needs, saving you money in the long run.
Used for customer service purposes, demo video production can therefore save your company a lot of time. A concise video that addresses your users’ most pressing concerns will reduce the demand on live customer support representatives.

Know Your Audience

Understand with crystal clarity exactly who your target audience is. A demo video helps you connect with prospects and users on a deeper, more personal level.

In turn, this makes the entire technology video production process even more effective.

And when you pair detailed user awareness with a focus on highlighting the software or product aspects that are most susceptible to user confusion, you’ll win over a greater percentage of your viewers, converting them from one-time purchasers to devoted fans and dedicated brand ambassadors.

Demo Videos Made Simple

Technology can sometimes overwhelm even people who work in the industry. We make technology videos that demystify technologically complex solutions, so the ordinary person understands it.

By simplifying complex tasks and concepts, tech video production both helps users understand and retain critical information, while simultaneously motivating them to learn more about your brand and your technology product.

A Little Humor

When used with a light touch and in the appropriate context, humor helps grab the user’s attention and holds it. It can also spice up information that might have been otherwise perceived as boring.

With video, it no longer feels like “selling.” Instead, it feels more like telling a friend about a new product. Even when you are selling a product that may not seem all that exciting at first blush, humor can help to change that.

At Creamy, we can tell you exactly where to add humor, and how much is enough. We know that triggering some kind of emotional response in your viewer is the key to success with video, and we’re eager to share our ideas with you to make demo video production work for your brand.

Are you ready to get started with a demo video for your business? We’d love to help! Just drop Creamy a line using the form here, and we’ll get back in touch promptly.