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Whiteboard animation is one of the best and most effective online marketing tools for business and nonprofit organizations. Use whiteboard videos to explain your business, promote your products, or tell a compelling story about your organization.

We’ve worked with all types of businesses around the world creating engaging content that drives results.

If you’re looking for a superior way to tell a compelling story about your business or product, we’re ready to listen and work with you to tell that story with video.

We’re one of the top whiteboard animation companies in Canada and USA, creating awesome video content that captivates your audience and delivers a compelling message, clearly and effectively.

Whiteboard Animation Video Examples

Here are some whiteboard animation explainer video examples we’ve created for businesses
and nonprofit organizations. All our whiteboard videos are custom made and unique only to
your organization and the story you want to tell.

City of Delta

Coast Mental Health

Alpine Pak

Eat The Eight

BC SPCA – Animal Kind Campaign

Haakon HVAC

Animals in Science Policy Institute

Yukon Employees Union

Resident Doctors of BC

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What Is A Whiteboard Animation Video?

What is a whiteboard animation video? Whiteboard animation video production involves capturing illustrations as they are hand drawn on a white board. It’s an intuitive way to convey your message with visual illustrations unfolding on screen. When done right, a whiteboard video is an effective way to create the best how-to-videos, product videos, and animated explainer videos for business. A company presentation video is typically your first step into the video marketing space.

With whiteboard animation you can easily create a marketing video that grabs the attention of potential customers and increase conversion rates. Every great whiteboard video starts with a killer explainer video script. Use videoscribe style videos as a video marketing tool for your company. Explainer videos with hand drawn animation become an intuitive communication tool that helps businesses create high quality content that’s sharable on social media and other digital platforms.

How Much Does A Whiteboard Animation Video Cost?

So how much does a whiteboard animation video cost? Well, the production costs for making a whiteboard animation depends on several variables. The most common things we consider are the complexity of the story we’re telling and the quality of visuals we’re creating, which could be either be simple or more realistic looking. Another important factor is the length of your video, which adds to the time it takes to produce the animation.

Our hand drawn whiteboard video cost structure is pretty simple. Our cheap whiteboard animation starts from $2K if you’re looking for a simple but affordable. Take a look at our explainer video cost page for more on our production cost guidelines.

Whiteboard Animation Maker

As a whiteboard animation maker, we understand that professionals in the Medical industry are beginning to realize that healthcare video production plays a critical role in helping people navigate the industry’s complex system. Many other industries including fortune 500 companies use whiteboard animation to make presentation videos and other marketing video content.

The typical whiteboard animation video company uses a static hand to simulate hand drawing on a whiteboard. This custom whiteboard animation style is the most efficient production style.

This whiteboard video production style was made popular by UK based organization, RSA, that was looking for a unique method to share world-changing ideas.
One method you can use to make a whiteboard video is to film an illustrator drawing images in real time. Another way is to draw the illustrations then animate them. The later method is more effective because you have greater control and can manipulate the way the images appear on the whiteboard with greater precision. In a nutshell, this is our short tutorial on how you make a whiteboard video.

Benefits of using Whiteboard Animation Videos

We believe every business should make whiteboard video marketing a part of their overall marketing strategy. If you’re planning to make an explainer video or whiteboard animation for your organization, here’s list of some of the ways you stand to benefit.

Whiteboard Video Production

Engage Visitors

58% more information is retained when both the visual and auditory senses are engaged. That means people are more likely to remember what they see in a video than what they read text.

Whiteboard Animation

Build Trust

When you tell a story that viewers can relate to, you build trust and come across as knowledgeable in your industry. Marketing videos help you do just that.

whiteboard animation company

Boost Conversions

An engaging whiteboard explainer video on your website can increase your conversions by more than 50%, because video can convey your value proposition quickly and clearly, unlike ordinary text.


Increase Sales

People don’t like buying what they don’t understand. Use whiteboard animated videos to convey your value proposition clearly and draw people closer to making a buying decision and boost your sales.

Hand Drawn Animation for Business

We make some of the best whiteboard explainer videos in the industry. Don’t just take our word for it, take look at our whiteboard style page. We use this whiteboard video production method because it allows greater innovation and helps us serve our customers better, faster, with excellent results.

If you have a product or service that people have difficulty understanding, make a business explanation video. With their proven success in sharing ideas on just about anything, videoscribe videos have rapidly become a widely used tool. Businesses use whiteboard animation or video scribe to explain what they do. Brands can use explainer videos to show how their product works.

We’ve created explainer videos that have helped organizations from different industries harness the power of video marketing. If you have a product, service or idea that’s hard to explain, videoscribe animation will do the job. The use of marketing animation videos helps businesses builds high quality content that grabs the attention of website visitors and improves conversions.

Find out other animation styles we make on our styles page.

Websites that use product videos provide better customer experience, with the visitor more likely to buy after watching their video. Check out some of our other services. Need an animation video maker that creates result focused videos? request a consultation.