How To Make A Corporate Video

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Corporate Video

You might have heard a lot about corporate videos being old-fashioned, outdated, traditional, and no longer relevant. Whoever said so, they’re right. Without the right elements, a corporate video can be stiff, cheesy, and feel like it has come straight out of the ’70s. But, giant corporations like Google, Starbucks, and Hubspot don’t think like that.

According to the experts, including a corporate video on any platform can make viewers ten times more likely to watch and share the post. Companies like these produce fantastic corporate videos to capture key prospects and viewers’ attention to convert their interest into a sound investment.

That is the reason they have colossal brand credibility across the globe. They believe that a professionally produced corporate video can be a fantastic tool to include in your marketing strategy and attract customers. In fact, a corporate video is more like a standard project, and if you’re a freelance video pro, you must experience how it works for your business.

For many companies, corporate videos are a reliable and credible source of work. And if you know how to make your work look professional in the videos, you will get more business. A corporate video has the ability to attract potential clients and top talent for the growth of the company. If you do it right, this excellent tool in your marketing content arsenal can do wonders.

Not sure how to do it? Let’s plunge into the details and determine some easy and fantastic tips to make a corporate video.

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Difference Corporate Videos Make

As mentioned above, a corporate video is typically a public-facing video that focuses on showing the company’s culture and its people. It has relatively less focus on specific services and products. Many people refer to this type of video content as “recruiting video” and “corporate culture video.” You can interchange these terms according to the purposes and intents.

If you’re still not convinced why your company needs a corporate video?  Take a look at these reasons:

1. Allows Customers to Remember your Brand Message

One of the proven ways to get your brand message across is to show people what you do. A bulk of studies have shown that a video message has the power to reach masses quickly and efficiently. A video is the most engaging way to educate people.

Keep in mind that your brain processes information quicker by watching a video than hearing or reading it. It happens because of video transfers information in three different forms; moving imagery, sound, and text. Also, many customers prefer pressing a play on video instead of taking in information through a text. Know that your brand message in a video is more memorable for potential customers.

2. Engagement

Did you know a post with video attracts three times more inbound links as compared to posts with plain text?

It is worth mentioning that the market is oversaturated regardless of the industry you work in. Every business is making efforts to grab the attention of potential clients. Companies that understand nothing can make their voice heard in the crowd than a unique and creative corporate video reach their goals quickly. Remember that your customers look for something that is easy and requires less effort. That is why a corporate video can drive more engagement.

3. Enriches Branding

A creative video is, without a doubt, a great way to add another direction to your business’s branding. When you show your business’s personality behind the logo, it creates a closer connection with your consumer and strengthens the old ones. By enriching branding this way, you can increase your business’s chances to attract more customers to do business with you.

4. Social Sharing

More than five billion viewers watch videos on YouTube every day. They like sharing videos that are engaging and creative to entertain or educate people.

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How to Make a Compelling Corporate Video

Establish Your Goals

Your main goal to make a corporate video is to create an asset for your company and business that can enable it to improve its value via presentation and communication. However, you must ensure that your message is not complicated and has only relevant information. Adding uninteresting information will not entice viewers to watch your video completely.

For instance, if you only include your company’s history or details of how many awards it has won, it will not impress the audience. Your viewers are not interested in hearing stats or figures as they are not particularly useful for them.

Precisely, your corporate video should begin with the sentence you want to convey to your audience and finish with what you want them to remember. You need to establish goals that exactly you want all your viewers to know about your brand.

Once you decide this, add a creative concept to this idea. Only an innovative and unique concept can bring your video to life. If your idea is not new or up to the mark, your video might not be able to pull the attention.

A creative corporate video with clear goals will inspire your viewers!

Write a Script

To create a corporate film, you will need a video script. Whether it is a promotional brand film, a video for social media sharing, or a corporate training video, a well-written script can inspire your viewers to take action.

If you don’t know how to write a script for a video, fear not! Follow these simple steps;

     1. Write Down Brief First

To create a script that can drive the desired results, you will need to write some video briefs. The trick is excellent to understand your potential viewers and the objectives of your video. Also, you will be able to demonstrate the value of your business. Consider these insights to create a script.

  • The primary purpose of your corporate video
  • The action you want your audience to take
  • Your target audience and what do they do online
  • Value your video can bring to the audience
  • Distribution channels you will use

The pointers will allow you to empathize with your viewers and develop a deeper understanding of how you can communicate with them. The brief can also help you create a marketing story to engage with relevant, compelling, and succinct content

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     2. Narrate a Story

For any type of video content, there is one core message a business wants to communicate. Once you identify that message with the help of a brief, you need to translate this core message into a story for a script. This is one of the interesting ways to engage with the feelings and emotions of your viewers. Narrating the core message through a story will involve the audience and draw them to your brand message. Telling a story to your customers is not just about saying what you want but communicating something they can resonate with.

But it is essential that you make a story that follows a logical progression and is not complicated. A good story engages viewers in a way that leads them to take action.

     3. Keep Story Concise

When it is about writing scripts, less is more powerful. This might sound bizarre to you, but if you don’t keep your video succinct and precise, it will fail to retain your audience’s attention. In general, your video shouldn’t be longer than two to three minutes. That is why you need to write a script that focuses on all parts but covers concisely. The shorter your corporate video is, the more punch and creativity each sentence must have!

     4. Re-tweak the Script to Check it

Having several rounds of re-tweaking and revision is an important step before you finalize the video script. This will help you check the elements your viewers and stakeholders want in the video. So before you sign off everything, check if

  • The script is good enough to achieve objectives
  • It communicates the brand’s message
  • It has an engaging story and a logical progression
  • It has compelling CTA
  • It has an optimum length

Create a Storyboard

The next step is to create a storyboard for your video. Usually, marketers use it to make animated videos. But it can be a great way to organize the ideas and script of a corporate video. You can use this storyboard to visualize the whole concept. The storyboard is all about creating a complete visual of the events and its sequence in the video. You can quickly discover the loopholes (if there are any) with the storyboard. You can then add or remove a part to improve the flow of events in the video. The pre-production strategy is a tactic to help you make a compelling corporate video. This pre-production strategy is what helps make great videos great!

Hire a Videographer

There is no way you can underestimate the importance of professionally shot content. It offers your customers a quality look at your company and allows them to make a professional image of your services. Also, hiring a videographer can demonstrate to your viewers how dedicated you’re in everything you do. A professional videographer knows precisely how to mix in each shot, add effects, and graphics with perfection. If you want to make a quality video, seeking a professional videographer’s assistance is the best idea.

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Find the Right Actors

Casting the right talent also makes a significant difference to the success of your corporate video. You need individuals who can perform the roles with great conviction. Luckily, there are ways you can follow to find the right talent for the video.

  • Be open-minded

You need to open-minded when choosing the actors to make a head talent feel relaxed. Perhaps you imagined something different in terms of the looks of the actor. Although it looks matter, your primary focus should be on the acting talent.

  • Find Adaptable Talent

You need an actor who knows how to adapt to different situations. It will allow you to mold his or her acting skills the way you want and create an ideal video.

Focus on the Personality of the Actor

Focusing on the actual personality of the actors of your cast is very important. It will come into play in a number of ways throughout the shooting process. Actors who are fast, upbeat, and are not afraid of transitions can do whatever it requires to capture the footage with a camera. Consider the character’s personality for the role you choose for him before hiring them for the job.

Choose a Location

The location you choose for your corporate video can make or break the impact. Shooting a video with a blurry background or at a shady location will ruin the impression. Also, it will reflect the professionalism of your brand. Remember that everything adds to the brand identity, and the location is no exception when making a corporate video. That means selecting the right location for your video content is of paramount importance.

However, you might find this task daunting. The chosen location depends on the budget and project type you’re working on. If you want to shoot the video outdoor, take weather conditions into account. Plus, the noises and disruption can be out of your control. Conversely, if you select an indoor location for shooting, you will have to make the arrangements accordingly. No matter what location you choose, your video must contain wide and clear shots. It will make the video more comprehensive and catchy for the audience.

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Shoot, Edit, and Launch

Last but not least, the final step is to put it all together. You have the script in your hand, your actors are prepared, your location is set, and the crew is ready. What is next?

  • Arrange Two-Camera Setup

Unless you work with professional actors, most of the corporate videos will be with real people. It is possible that they are confused, anxious, and need some time to settle in. Surprisingly, you can help them give their best. We recommend using a two-camera setup to have some leeway and make your actors look comfortable and sound good. By using a two-camera setup, you can easily piece together different (the best ones) parts. Plus, you can remove all the awkward pauses while turning nervous muttering into a coherent presentation.

  • Hide Mic

Although having a lapel mic on the collar is forgivable in this content consuming society, shooting a video without it will make it look more professional. Ask your actor to attach the mic under the shirt to hide it from view.

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  • Focus on Sound Quality

Ideally, there shouldn’t be any background echoes and noises when shooting a “talking head.” Your viewers will not enjoy the low sound quality and consider it a piece shot unprofessionally. You must ensure that the voice of the subject is clear and has no disruption.

  • Use the Right Lighting

Like low audio, bad lighting can also come across as low quality and unprofessional. If you have an indoor location, you need key light to shape the subject into a camera interview. The composition of the shots has to be according to the lighting on the location.

  • Edit the Video

Once you get the desired shots or record the interview, the next step is to edit your video. If you lack professional editing skills, it is better to consult a specialist who can help you cut and short the video coherently. However, to save that extra cost you can opt for user friendly online video editing tools that help you get the perfect result on your own.

Your video must have all the punch lines and impactful parts to help it become the best version.

  • Launch the Video

Not sharing or launching a video on the right channels is one of many businesses’ biggest mistakes. When you share the video, you must remember that your customers interact with the content differently on different marketing channels and platforms. That makes selecting the right channel to launch your video is of paramount importance. Whether you use video in an email or upload it on Facebook, don’t forget to optimize the title and description.

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Checklist for a Great Corporate Video

Establishes Human Connection

As we mentioned earlier, one of the objectives of your video is to show customers the human side of your business. This is where it establishes a human connection with the viewers. Not to mention it is one of the powerful features of a corporate video. If you want to impress your viewers, it is essential to connect with them. Create a story for your brand that invokes emotion creating a deeper human connection, a great way to do this is creating a testimonial video which will allow your viewers to connect to someone relatable.

Exhibits Authenticity

With the rise of consumer demand for video content, more and more businesses are trying to make their space and impress the audience. But overly produced videos can leave viewers feeling talked at, not talked to. And this is the reason why they feel disconnected.

The significant difference between genuine and less impactful video content is “authenticity.” To meet your target audience’s demands, you need to add something unique and original to share. Your video must have a purpose to bring value to a customer’s life. Your only focus should not be just production values.

Creative Storytelling

Creative storytelling is another crucial aspect you shouldn’t miss out on. You can’t engage your viewers emotionally until there is not something to evoke feelings. You must add an enticing story to your video to allow viewers to relate to it. This is a flexible format and opens up many creative responsibilities. You might not find the same viewership for an interview format as the audience gets bored while listening to the question-answer sessions.

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Top Corporate Video Making Companies

The American video production company is not an average choice. The creative team takes pride in adding the value of the business to its videos. Every video they create is unique includes a strong story, helping companies make videos using powerful concepts and ideas. The Washington based company entails detailed expertise and creative style.

  • MultiVision Digital

MultiVision Digital is another popular choice for crafting comprehensive corporate videos. The company has produced over 600 promotional videos to help businesses lead generations, increase sales, and improve SEO. MultiVision Digital works with all types of companies, including Global Fortune 500, to solo-entrepreneurs and has vast experience in different industries. The company specializes in creating video marketing content according to the specific business objective.

  • Independent Media Productions

The full-service video making company specializes in non-profit, broadcast, and corporate videos. Independent Media Productions designs incredibly engaging and imaginative videos to inspire and teach the viewers, thanks to their twenty years of video production experience.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that this company is a creative storyteller. It brings a fresh and innovative perspective to all its productions. Independent Media Productions also provides scriptwriting, casting, scouting, voiceover, editing, and motion graphic services.

  • Digital Cut Production

Digital Cut Production is famous for working personally with clients to understand their video-making goals. The company has expert staff to create excellent message-driven videos that can tell a story and impact the viewers. The creative process and skilled team are what makes this company different. Digital Cut Production has units for writing, cinematography, directing, editing, animating, and storytelling to create engaging content that can move viewers to act. The company has been working for more than ten years and has many successful clients.

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In a nutshell, there is a huge percentage of global consumer that spends time watching videos on the internet. That is why your business must have a stake on the ground with a quality corporate video. You do not have to be a pro to make a corporate video. But you need to make a video which is interesting and attention-grabbing. It must show your customers that your company has committed people and has substantial value.