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Video Testimonial

Do you want to build trust and a strong connection among potential customers?

There is no better way than making a persuasive video testimonial. Video testimonials are powerful marketing tools marketers and entrepreneurs can include in their websites. We say this because customer reviews can have a big impact on people’s minds and can benefit your brand sales and perception. There is a bulk of evidence that shows that positive testimonial videos are an excellent way to establish reliability and credibility even for crowdfunding videos. They have a margin to help you present an e-portfolio of customers and clients.

Not only this, but a well-crafted video testimonial can also show your potential clientele how versatile and diverse your company is. If you have customer testimonial videos on your business website, it speeds up the buying process and can help generate revenues. A testimonial video is extremely engaging and can create more demand for your customers.

However, people are smarter, and until you don’t know the art and science of creating a testimonial video that looks and sounds authentic, you will not get good results. Because a large number of people admit that they trust word-of-mouth advertising, adding an experience into testimonial videos is easier said done. How can you make a persuasive testimonial video that you can use for customer endorsement on your social media platform?

In the article, you can learn to produce effective and authentic testimonial videos to grab attention and increase the purchase decision of your customers. But before that, let’s quickly go through the importance of including testimonial videos.

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YouTube video marketing is on the rise since it has given marketers a great alternative to television Ads. While TV ads have ruled the industry for decades, today’s audiences now turn to the internet to find what they’re looking for.

A short 30-second spot on national TV may cost you tens of thousands of dollars. Investing in an animated explainer video to promote your business allows you to reach global audiences, on a smaller budget. YouTube advertising has evolved from being merely a promotional tool to a full-fledged platform to showcase your business to a global market.

Why You Should Add Testimonial Videos

As mentioned above, people like and value others’ opinions to have an experience of a product they are considering buying. According to the latest study of BrightLocal, 84 percent of to-be-buyers trust online reviews and feedback as much as they believe personal recommendations. And when a brand shares testimonial videos on social media channels, it can help guide the viewers in the direction e want.

“A customer sharing his experience” is the key attribute of a testimonial video that sets it apart from other video contents. Unlike other video types, customer talks in a testimonial video with someone your prospect can relate to. The customer’s testimony shows that a certain service or product has helped him solve a problem. For instance, you can find many testimonial videos from WireBuzz explains how combining HubSpot with videos has helped it create an excellent email marketing.

As testimonial videos are extremely engaging, they can create more demand for a product. Plus, brands use testimonial videos for the decision stage of their buyer’s journey, especially when they are searching for relevant information to make their minds. That is to say, video testimonials give your prospect an ability to see other clients’ opinions about the services. This is an excellent way to add undeniable credibility. Keep in mind that a happy customer is the strongest salesperson of your brand. A testimonial video can leverage the satisfaction level of your prospects to their full potential.

Also, a testimonial video is exceedingly easy-to-share across social media platforms and in the way of the future. HubSpot found that 78 percent of people search for online videos every week. These videos are great for crowdfunding and corporate videos. In fact, HubSpot reported that 75 percent of executives watch and share business-related videos weekly.

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How to Make Video Testimonial

1. Think of a Story

No matter what content type you wish to use for your video, people will stop paying attention if it doesn’t have a story or plot. It is human nature to believe in stories as it sparks curiosity and sounds more convincing. Of course, it doesn’t mean that you should make your video testimonial with “once upon a time,” although you may find brands that pulled it off exceptionally. You need to think of a story based on real problems and solutions to help customers relate.

2. Give Story a Structure

The story basically refers to the flow and plot of the message of your video. You don’t have to be a natural story-writer to create a good story. All you need is consider these two elements to think of a compelling story for your video testimonial.

  • Organized Structure

Yes, it is as simple as it seems, but you should not underestimate its importance and value because of simplicity. You might have seen videos that are not meaningfully put together. They lack a comprehensive start, flow or end abruptly. Every story comprises start, middle, and ending – three essential parts that give it a flow and order customers need to understand the brand message.

The basic elements give the story a structure and help clients understand what a product or service offers. You’d be surprised to know that many brands fail to incorporate this structure into the testimonial video’s story. A testimonial video that has no structure not only confuses customers but also fails to grab their attention.

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  • Concept Structure

While the structure is vital to hold the customer’s attention, the concept structure is what makes the difference between an inspiring video and an average video. The concept structure of your testimonial video should contain desire, pain, solution, and outcome.

Desire is what your customers want to achieve and can be anything from buying a cleaning product to hiring an outsourcing service. Reminding potential customers about their desire in your testimonial video is an effective psychological trigger. Pain points, similar to desires, are the obstacles that stop customers from achieving their desires. They create a sense of necessity and urge to purchase.

Solutions and outcomes, on the other hand, refer to the rescue your brand comes with. It tells customers how your product and service solves their problems.

3. Scout a Location

Choosing the right location for your video testimonial is as important as creating content for it. A location that goes with the story provides a context for viewers. That is why it is important to select a location that can support your brand’s message.

Many brands choose an indoor location as it is easier to control the shooting environment, such as traffic, light, and noise. Plus, indoor settings are relatively safer and offer more privacy. Shooting indoors allows you to create unique scenarios and special effects easily.

However, shooting indoors has end to run higher and might not be the best option for replicating an ordinary or realistic video testimonial. The studio, lobby, bar/café, and conference room are some examples of indoor locations.

Outdoor shootings are a better option if you have a limited budget. While shooting a video testimonial outdoor has a minimal cost, you don’t have control over security and privacy. You surely don’t want to spend your whole day sorting and keeping equipment safe during the shoot.

Some good outdoor locations may include a city square, the front side of the building, a special location that suits your video’s theme and topic, a sidewalk, and so on. You can also shoot your testimonial video at a personal residence if you’re comfortable.


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4. Prepare without a Script

Shooting a professional video without a script may sound bizarre to you, but this adds the real essence to a testimonial. Remember that your point to make a testimonial video is to portray your brand’s human side to the customers. We say this because prospects love to hear about other clients’ authentic and genuine experience before buying from you.

You can’t see genuine and convincing if your client talks like a robot in front of the screen. Your client must express his views from the heart, which is only possible if you don’t make him or her memorize a script. The given points can help you prepare for a not-scripted video testimonial.

  • Consider having a conversation with your speaker before the recording. Try not jumping right onto the discussion points directly.
  • Make him feel comfortable by asking some general questions like hobbies, likes and dislikes. If your client is an executive of a company, you can ask him to share a brief story of his company. This can bring flow in the conversation.
  • Note that not everyone is a smooth speaker. If your speaker stutters a lot or uses many ‘ums’ and ‘ahs’ when conversing, you may give him or her some time to polish the phrases and words and ask him/her to repeat. Modifying the client’s own version will help him remain calm and comfortable in front of the camera.
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5. Set Up a Shoot

Once you finalize your client and location, the next step is to set up the shoot by positioning the shooting equipment in the right places. For instance, if you want to shoot an indoor video testimonial, light placement can make a huge difference.

According to experts, a three-point lighting setup works the best for indoor shootings. Key light has the highest brightness, so it is better to place it on one side. The fill light in the setup illuminates other parts of the frame to cover the shadows. The backlight in the frame separates the background and subject. Of course, you may add as many lights as you want to create the best lighting arrangement for the video.

Like lighting setup, it is essential to choose the right type of microphone that suits the shooting set up of your video testimony. Microphones come in a wide variety of types, including Cardioid mics, Omnidirectional mics, shotgun mics, and bidirectional mics. If you want to interview subjects in an indoor setting, consider using a bi-directional or shotgun. Other types of microphone record sound from the surrounding that can affect the quality of your testimonial video.

For outdoor shooting, mic quality is often susceptible to noise and wind. We suggest you use a windscreen (rubber foam) over the mic to reduce noise disruption. It is better to use only one camera for shooting a testimonial video to avoid problems in the editing and compiling process.

Plus, capturing multiple shots is much easier with a single-camera if you do some careful planning to shoot. For example, you must know about the angles you need and the adjustment your shots require. Your subject’s position is another important point that can make or break the impression of a video testimonial.

Avoid placing your subject in front of a cluttered background or a wall. Some activity behind the client can give a nice effect. You can have your subject sit left or right to the camera. When the subject looks off-camera, it helps him/her speak fluently and reduce hesitation.

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Tips for Making the Best Video Testimonial

1. Record and Edit the Video

Last but not least, recording and editing are the key parts of video making. Your purpose is to make your subjects or clients feel more comfortable to come out with their genuine opinions. You need to make sure that your recording setup matches the mood, tone, energy, and body language of your client. We recommend using an interview questionnaire to stay relevant and let the client elaborate.

Most importantly, avoid interrupting when your client is talking. Let him talk with a natural flow and trim the content during the editing. If your client is nervous or gets quite suddenly, there is no need to panic. It is common and happens with most of the clients. You need to keep your client at ease by giving him time to regroup.

Keep checking the camera and frame adjustment to record a quality video. You can ask your team or colleague to monitor the camera setup when shooting to avoid missing the crucial details.

Once you recorded the video, the next stage is editing to create a credible and enjoyable video testimonial. As you don’t shoot with the professional actor or actress for a video testimony, your subject may take longer to express their opinion. That is why you need to trim the video content to avoid losing the main point. Include content that adds true value and helps you captivate the audience.

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2) Use Effective Filming Techniques

By saying effective techniques, we don’t mean that you need to develop pro-level skills to shoot a testimonial video. But getting the hang of it to some extent will benefit you. From choosing the right location to conducting a long-sided interview professionally, you can use effective filming techniques at every stage.

Many brands use B roll in their testimonial videos to add visual interest and a sense of realism. B-roll is an extra footage brands capture to enrich the storyline and to have more flexibility. If your interviewee already has a good B roll, using it in the video is a wise idea.

3) Add Graphics

A simple testimonial video is powerful, but when you add overlay text and graphics, they can make content even better. The visual effects interest will keep your viewers engaged, and also they can be a good way to add and share statistics and facts to highlight features they need emphasis.

Interestingly, you can find many post-production apps that let you add unique graphics. Using high-end apps like Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere or something simple, like iMovie or OpenShot, you can give your video testimony a professional look.

However, if there is no graphic designer in your team who can perform this task, you can watch professional video testimonials to learn the techniques and graphics they use.

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Best Video Testimonial Companies

Your video is now complete and ready to upload on YouTube. Using a gmail account you can create a YouTube channel, customize it with some cool images and up load your video. For the best viewing experience we recommend uploading a high quality 1080p HD video. Most cameras now record HD quality videos with great picture quality.

1. Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is one of the well-reputed companies that know the art of making videos that can bring your services to life. The company comprises a small team of creative people who are curious about the best features of products and services and can turn those features into benefits into a video testimonial. The company is producing video testimonials for ten years and has worked for several local and international brands. The team loves putting your happy, successful and unique clients on-screen using creative and real-life narrative.

2. Quicksilver

Quicksilver Studio is a leader in executing sales via pursuit based advertising and marketing. The creative team from Quicksilver uses customer’s compelling narrative, intelligence, and spontaneous opinions to make an effective video testimonial.

The company knows that the most valuable part of a testimonial video is to make clients vocalize their problems and tell them how your product or service can provide a solution. They add lifestyle shots with interview footage and show customers using your service or product in different situations.

3. Demo Duck

Demo Duck is another reliable company that makes great testimonial videos for different brands. The company excels in creating content that can demonstrate the successful experiences of clients to convince prospects. The company’s creative director understands that testimonial videos can work as an extra nudge for the customers when they are making a buying decision. Demo Duck has created testimonial videos for hundreds of clients using an effective advertising strategy.

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All in all, a persuasive testimonial video helps guide prospects via the sales funnel. However, it is essential that you invest time and effort in planning testimonial videos to get the desired results. A professional, high-quality video is an excellent way to project your business’s image and encourage prospects to buy your product or service. Thus, the article includes everything you need to know to create an effective testimonial video.