Best Video Marketing Websites, Tools and Software

Why Use Video Marketing?

In the age of technology, nothing educates and enlightens people faster than digital video tools. Perhaps this is the reason why video marketing is at an all-time high now. Brands now rely on video tools, marketing software and video marketing websites more than ever, for promoting their business.

Video Marketing Websites

Here are some of the best video marketing websites, software and tools available. From content creation, content promotion, to tools for delivery and measuring your video performance with analytics.

1.    Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation is one of the top video marketing content creation, and animation studios in the industry. It makes video content production seamless. With a studio that combines a creative team of storytellers, designers, and animators, you’ll be able to launch, deliver and scale your video marketing content fast and successfully.

2.    Word Stream

Are you a business owner or a marketer with limited time to launch your marketing campaigns? Then Word Stream is the ideal solution for you. This platform is one of the most affordable and time-efficient option. This platform makes paid search optimization and management of social campaigns easier and faster than ever before.

3.    Tubular Insights

This video marketing platform is the one of the best options for all publishers, broadcasters and brands. If you’re looking for a platform that will increase your confidence for investing, monetizing and transacting with videos, then Tubular Insights is your reliable option.

4.    Hubspot

This is an inbound sales and marketing software. It is an ideal option for attracting visitors, converting them in customers and also finding leads. You will not only manage to create compelling content here, but also find the right people to deliver it too.

5.    Wistia

Wistia is the marketing software where your videos will find the right people to connect with. This is the platform where all your podcasts and videos can transform into marketing machines and grow your business faster than you can imagine.

6.    Vidyard

Vidyard is an effective marketing platform for all the stages of a business’ sales cycle. This tool will facilitate virtual selling and makes recording and sending videos with a personal touch easy for you. What’s more, Vidyard also allows users to incorporate videos to their email campaigns while providing complete accesses to various video design tools.

7.    Content Marketing Institute

This platform is your ideal solution for multichannel and compelling storytelling. It will benefit your brand significantly and help you retain more customers compared to several other marketing strategies. Video Marketing Blaster If you want your video content to rank you among the top results on Google, then Video Marketing Blaster is what you need. This platform helps rank among the top without any specific SEO expertise and backlinks.

It is also a highly effective tool for targeting tons of audience, without needing any previous experience. This platform comes complete with autopilot SEO and handles optimization perfectly for even the novices. This software combines two essentials: video details and keyword finder. Apart from that, its other noteworthy features include:

  • Perfect generation of tags, descriptions and optimized titles.
  • Easy availability of untapped buyer keywords.
  • You will get the maximum traffic for free from YouTube and Google
  • Among the most noteworthy features of Video Marketing Blaster is its autopilot SEO optimization. This feature helps the software analyze a business’ competitors, find flaws in the video and exploit those automatically. However, due to this analysis, the software automatically comes up with a combination of the best tags, descriptions and titles for users. This added help enables users to make the most perfect videos possible, without any specialized skills.

8.    Wave. Video is a marketing platform that caters to businesses of all sizes. With this platform, users have access to two benefits, including:

  1. An online video editor helps users prepare a professional video suited for all platforms imaginable.
  2. This platform offers a video-hosting, cloud-based service. This feature makes publishing, embedding and sharing your video across multiple marketing platforms possible and easy. There is also a landing page generator that automatically attracts and coverts promising customers with each uploaded video.

9.    Vimeo

Vimeo is an ideal marketing solution for startups and small-scale businesses. Those who have to work within a limited budget for their marketing campaigns will find Vimeo helpful. You can open a free account on this platform and then publish, share, embed etc. your videos quite quickly. Vimeo might offer free account but it does not compromise on essential features. This platform offers helpful analytics too, through which you can see what devices and locations people are using to access your videos.

It allows reports additional information, such as the performance of your videos on media platforms. You can also discover the exact moments when your viewers drop off. With these features, you get a better understanding of how successful or lacking your marketing strategy is.

10.     Cincopa

Cincopa is one of the best video marketing websites for businesses. From centralizing distribution and management to analyzing how your digital content and videos perform, it does it all for you. Marketing teams can use this platform to achieve the feel and look they want for their videos. With Cincopa, you can now embed your content in the form of stunning portals, slideshows, galleries, playlists and customizable players for all use-cases.

Final Thoughts

There has been an incredible surge in use of video as a marketing tool, since the last few years. For all businesses and brands, there is enough evidence to show video marketing is one of the best means of promotion currently.

From increasing a brand’s engagement on social media platforms to websites, video does a splendid job of advertising your products and services. You can reach a large number of masses with a high-performing tech device and the best video marketing websites, software and tools to assist you.

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