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Animated Video Production that Drives Results

We’re an animated video production company with the passion for creating storytelling video content that engages your audience and drives the results you need.


Animated Video Production

Animated Video Service Agency

Our animated video production services deliver highly engaging and effective video content for every stage of your marketing and communications funnel.

With Creamy, you can expect a well-thought-out video production process that covers all stages of animation production. From developing a video concept, writing the script, storyboards, illustration, voiceover, and the final animation.

Our animation services include explainer videos, education and training videos, demo videos, marketing, B2B, and corporate videos.

Let Creamy Animation partner with you to create video content that generates measurable results, and helps you achieve your desired goals.

Video Animation Company

As a full-service video animation company, our goal is to make animated videos that empower sales teams, marketing departments, and business owners. We’re always striving to be a video production agency that delivers on its promise.

By partnering with small businesses, large corporations, governments and non-profits, we’ve been able to help them create highly effective videos that generate tangible results. We cover topics in technology, healthcare, nonprofit, finance, real-estate, and more.

Our animated video services create content for social media platforms like Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and other online marketing platforms. We’ve worked with companies in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, South Africa, and around the world.

Recent Project : International Paper Company – IPGOBox

Explainer video production that boosts your bottom line

Featured Client: Blockdaemon
The world’s largest blockchain infrastructure.

One of our recent explainer video production projects was for Blocdaemon. In this project, the goal was to create an animated video that would articulate Blockdaemon’s value proposition. The final result was three animated videos that included a corporate video, and two videos that provided a more in-depth content on their services.

Explainer Video Company
Animated Video Production

Animated Video Production Services

A list of the types of video content we make


Besides animation videos, we’re also an explainer video company for corporates and nonprofits. We can help you convey your value proposition with simplicity and clarity.


Train your staff or educate students with short animated videos. We make training and educational videos that make it easy to understand complex topics.


Make a product demo video that will help you showcase your product to potential investors, and clearly demonstrate how your product works.


Create sales and marketing videos for business. Your sales team can use these videos as sales enablement tools in every stage of your communication funnel.


Motion graphics boost visitor engagement and inspire action. You can use motion graphics on your website, social media, and other digital platforms.


Incorporate animated corporate videos that help humanize your brand, increase brand visibility, and build trust with your customers and stakeholders.


Why Partner with Creamy Animation?

Video Animation Company

Creativity, talent, and experience

Animation video production that engages your target audience.

From 2009 we’ve produced 1500+ videos for more than 500 clients in many countries. Since then we’ve polished and perfected our video production and storytelling skills. Beginning with script writing, storyboarding, illustration, and animation, your video will be fully optimized to get the results you need.

Our collaborative approach keeps you in the loop and gathers your feedback at every stage of production. Your final animated company video will engage your audience and connect with them on an personal level.

Animation Video Production

Passionate and results-driven

Visual storytelling that communicates your message with clarity.

Our goal as a video animation company is to deliver video content that’s result oriented. So, we take time to understand your business or idea, your purpose and target audience.

Video on a landing page can boost website conversions by up to 80%. We that in mind, every step of our video production process works toward the overarching goal of delivering clear and compelling content.
Each piece of the puzzle comes together to create animated videos that clearly communicate your message.

Animated Video Service

Great ROI, cost effective videos

Generate leads, increase traffic and reach your goals, with video.

Like they say, numbers don’t lie. Over 90% of businesses say that video is effective in helping people understand their value proposition. More than 50% of shoppers watch videos and make a decision to buy based on the product video they watched.

A well-produced video, together with a good video strategy, is a sure good formula for good return on your investment (ROI). Take advantage and benefit from working with an animation production company that consistently produces winning video content.


EZPet – Retail

In this animated company video we explain why EZPet is your one-stop shop for pet store supplies. They makes it easy for pet store owners to access pet supplies without sourcing direct from manufactures. What better way to talk about pets than feature the pets themselves.


Dairy Farmers of Canada – Farming

This is one of the series of animations we produced on what Dairy Farmers of Canadian are doing to reduce waste and its impact on the environment. This is an eye opener on how the industry is working to help fight climate change.


IPGOBox – Manufacturing

IPGOBox is an intuitive platform that helps you manage your shipping boxes and keep your packaging inventory well stocked. This character animation video details the value of having a self-serve box management system that’s efficient and reliable.

We were looking for a studio to create a video and came across Creamy Animation. Needless to say, we were impressed with the outcome. They did a fantastic job in creating a professional looking video for us. From the start, Larry and team provided detailed guidance on the different stages of the project such as scripting, voice work, and illustrations. In the end, everything came together beautifully. Highly recommend.

Marketing Manager | Dr. Bill by RBC

Creamy Animation delivered excellent work that met the client’s needs and expectations. We were impressed with the turnaround time and quality of their work.

Head of New Product Introductions, Logitech

Animation Video Production
Animated Video Service

Tell A Compelling Story

Create storytelling videos that are easy to understand and make a lasting impression on your audience.

Use animated videos to tell authentic stories that make you stand out from the crowd. Captivate your audience’s attention and build brand awareness with animated videos that are engaging and deliver measurable results.

We use animation styles such as motion graphics, whiteboard animation and cartoon animation to tell amazing stories that will captivate your audience.

As a top video animation agency based in Vancouver, we’ve created hundreds of videos for businesses in healthcare, for Startups, finance, SaaS companies, and other industries. We provide animation production and live action videos that deliver quality video content.

Creamy Animation is an agency that creates video content for various purposes. What I like the most is the variety of video services it provides. For instance, it can create an engaging promotional video, video review, or a short demo.

Eva Williams

Manager |

  • Easily explain what you do with an explanation video.

  • Help investors visualize what problem you solve and how.

  • Simplify a complex subjects like healthcare issues, so your audience understands it.

  • 50% more information is retained with animation videos than text.

  • Marketing animation videos on your website boost conversions by up to 80%.

  • Use whiteboard animation videos to demo your product features.

  • Establish credibility through creative storytelling.

  • Leverage the power of explanatory videos to clarify your value proposition.

  • Train your team with animated videos so they understand things faster.