What is Video Marketing and Why Should You Use It?

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What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is all about creating the best marketing videos for business. Developing a video marketing strategy lets you connect to your consumers on a personal level. Whether you are making an animated explainer video or any corporate video, the aim is to target your audience and push them to take action.

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For that reason, you must know how to do video marketing. Although your product descriptions and blog posts do a great deal to market your brand, these forms of content do little to capture your audience’s attention.

Benefits of online video are not just limited to more exposure and increased conversions. The best part about video marketing is that it helps you launch new products and promote your existing services to your old and new clients.

Why Should Your Business Use Video Marketing?

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Your animated explainer video or corporate video focuses on the best parts of your company. It is common for today’s businesses to create engaging video content to portray their work culture as well as share behind-the-scenes info to audiences.

Moreover, making a marketing video for website promotion will also reward you by giving your website and content good SERP rankings. Google prefers content that contains video element so you can promote your existing business or launch a new service in the industry.

According to Moz, web content that contains the best marketing videos capture three times as many inbound links than plain text articles. Brands can also re-invent their image with the right video content marketing strategy.

What Are The Benefits of  Video Marketing?

Here are a few benefits that all kinds of businesses can realize with a good video marketing strategy.

Increased Conversion Rates

Consumers who watch animated explainer videos are more likely to buy your products or respond to a CTA. As your views and shares increase, viewers get more curious to know about your brand, and this can result in more engagement and better sales. Having a video on your landing page also boosts conversion rates by 80%.

Brand Promotion

Don’t rely on whitepapers and blog posts to fuel your promotion. A short video can convince the most demanding consumers to act. Watching tutorials, demos, and video testimonials eliminates any guesswork involved in ordering and purchasing products. Using YouTube video marketing services, you can easily boost your brand’s reputation.

Educational Content

Sometimes a company will partner with online video marketing companies to create educational content to train their employees. Many brands can establish their authority in the industry by creating a series of educational videos ranging from demos to extensive tutorials.

That’s another way of marketing your expertise and solidifying your authority.

Final Thoughts

Currently, around 64% of consumers purchase after watching a product video. It is also crucial to check and monitor the progress of your video marketing efforts to customize future campaigns. While it’s hard to remember a product review or a description, nobody forgets a powerful video. That’s why your business needs to realize the importance of video marketing to get more visibility.