Explainer Video Examples

Explainer video examples that will inspire you to make your own

The best explainer videos have proven to be the perfect tool for highlighting a businesses brand, services, and their products in a few minutes, or even seconds. A great video is one of the best online marketing tools you can use in your business.

Explainer Video Example

Finding the best explainer videos is no easy task and the result is somewhat subjective. While we may think this or that video is great, we understand that you may have your own opinion.

So, what makes a video great versus an ok or a bad video? It all comes to how effective the video articulates the message and archives its intended goals.

Here are three basic qualities we expect in the best explainer videos:

  1. Short and to the point
  2. Easy to understand
  3. Visually engaging

After making our own video on what an explainer video is, we’ve been taking the time to educate our audience. Watch this short video and get to understand what what it really is and how it’s made.

Best Explainer Videos

Below, you can find 20 inspirations to create the best explainer videos. You can use them as inspiration for creating your own video. These types of videos are used to explain your product or business to future clients or buyers while answering any questions they might have.

1.    Makers Making Change

Here’s and inspirational video we produced for Makers Making Change. Using cartoons in your videos helps make them that much more impressive. Storytelling is an important part of every business. When corporate videos tell stories that people can resonate with, you have a better chance of willing more fans and converting more leads.

2.    Empowered Startups

This motion graphics video is an excellent example of understanding the importance of adding the “right” graphical elements to your explainer video. Animated marketing videos have no boundaries, and this video shows it with colourful animation and captivating narration.

3.    Crazy Egg

In this video, all the scenes blend to keep your imagination going. This animated graphics video shows Google’s benefits with the use of machine intelligence, analytics, and web-scale processing. It presents an indescribable contextual scenario through 2D graphics video.

explainer video example

4.    IT-Man (8-Bit)

This animated technology video creates nostalgia as it tries to bridge the gap of lost childhood memories through video games like Super Mario. The video is, in fact, useful for encouraging an emotional response from customers.

5.    Spotify

To promote their music app, Spotify released this intro video with fun visuals and a great soundtrack. This video has no voice-over, but it speaks a lot through its visuals

6.    Padmapper

This video, engages customers in an effective and captivating way. It explains why humour is also essential to create the best explainer videos.

7.    Zencash

You can understand the effectiveness of this video when you understand that 75% of visitors click and play this video for a long time. The 90-second video engages customers through unique hand-sketched drawings.

8.    Mint

Nate Whitson created the video with the help of Picturelab. It is an overview and one of the best motion graphics video videos. It clarifies how you can track your financial life with Mint and demonstrates how simple it is to get started.

9.    Dollar Shave Club

This viral video has more than 26 million views. It is another example of a humorous explainer video, where background details matter the most. It is one of the reasons explainer video YouTube is more engaging than other platforms.

10.  Near Lock

The visuals in this video are amazing. Near Lock is an app that locks your Mac when your phone is away. And the video wastes no time when it comes to explaining how it works.

11.  Unroll.Me

This video is effective because it is short and explains how easily you can use this app. Unroll.Me helps you clean your junk email and inbox, which is a common problem people face. You can see how. The usage of humour makes this video incredibly entertaining and engaging.

12.  Pencil

Great images, music, and motion make this video one of the best corporate video examples. It shows how different people use this tool in different places. You instantly get the idea about its complete functionalities.

13.  The Shift

The Shift in this video uses a relatable narrator, explaining things in a comforting and calming manner. It is engaging about the company’s product. The viewers, however, relate to the video primarily because of its three-dimensional characters.

14.  Stitch Fix

Stitch Fix is a service provider engaging young women for personal styling. This video is an excellent example of how much you can explain in a short time. The Stitch Fix video is one of the best creative animated videos based on how cleverly the company explains the whole process in 30 seconds.

15.  Yellowbag

This explainer video shows how the Yellowbag service operates on a computer and a Smartphone. It is a perfect example of attracting customers who use online shops. The concept is useful and straightforward.

16.  Zopim

In this video, Zopim shows how company representatives can communicate with their customers through the internet. A white background helps you focus and a soft-spoken, simple way of narrating appeals to the audience. These elements make it one of the best explainer videos.

17.  Headspace

This Headspace video is an excellent example of meditation apps, as it illustrates the idea in the best manner. The video focuses on explaining how convenient the app is and how you can use it to your advantage.

18. PayPal

The animated explainer video from PayPal is straightforward, and that is what makes it effective. The video explains how PayPal is easy to use, secure, and free so that its viewers find it attractive. Visuals are bright and friendly with a voice-over so that the audience can understand the concept easily.

19.  ViGlobal

Whiteboard animation videos are a great option to create customer engagement when the context of the video is hard to understand. In this video, ViGlobal explains how they are giving solutions to businesses having complex problems through their software.

20.  June The Intelligent Oven

This is yet another video that demonstrates how this product can help you in your daily life. You can see in the video how quickly a smart oven notifies you when your food is ready through an app.


If you want to put your video on YouTube and get real views and likes, you have to aim higher than what is ordinary. You can attempt to create a video with easily available video software. However, the finesse, details, and overall effect that professional companies can achieve with their experience and knowledge is hard to pull off on your own.

You have a choice, if you want to learn how to make animated videos, and make it yourself. Or you can connect with an explainer video company, so they can create an explainer video for you.

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