5 Video Marketing
Examples to Inspire You

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Video marketing examples matter more today than it ever has. HubSpot Research, in a 2018 survey, found that 54% of consumers prefer branded video to other types of branded content.

This data shows that more than half of your customers would rather watch video content you produce than any other content you have.

How do you create video content that your audience will love? It takes working with a great video production company and of course, having an amazing story to tell.

To help you find inspiration, here are five video marketing examples we love.

1. Old Spice – The Man Your Man Could Smell Like

The Old Spice Man is somewhat of a regular entry in any viral video marketing examples list and rightly so. Old Spice created a viral phenomenon when they introduced the Old Spice Man to the world.

What we find amazing about this video marketing campaign is how it borders on irreverence. When you watch the video, you sense the arrogance and bravado the character has yet, the humor makes it worth watching.

2. Google Android – Friends Furever

In this entry of our video marketing examples list, Google taps into the love people have for cute and cuddly animals. However, they did so with a twist. How often do you see a tiger and bear cuddling?

In the video, the odd pairings of animals are what make it such a powerful marketing campaign. When you watch the video, you get a sense that being different does not mean being unable to relate.

3. Reebok – 25,915 Days

How long does the average human live? It turns out, that number is 25,915 days. In this entry in our video marketing examples list, Reebok uses this number to evoke a sense of urgency in the viewer as the main character counts backward from old age until they are a baby.

The idea is to show the viewer that they can do so much more with the time they have. The video ends with a thought-provoking statement – “Honor the Body You’ve Been Given.”

It also adds a call to action, prompting you to calculate your days. The combination of urgency and a call to action make this video especially effective.

5. Dollar Shave Club

How does a shaving startup compete with brands like Gillette, which are backed by billion-dollar corporations? Through a viral video marketing campaign. In this video, Dollar Shave Club shares its unique value proposition in a hilarious and captivating way.

Although directly promoting its service, the video does not come across as salesy or dull. What’s more, only spending $4500 to make the video, Dollar Shave Club received twelve thousand orders within 48 hours of launching the video. Not a bad ROI.

4. Always – #LikeAGirl

We love this video because it uses branded video marketing to address an emotive and important issue we face in society. In the video, various characters discuss what it means to “do things like a girl.

Usually associated with negativity, the video creates a fresh perspective of the statement, and this leads the viewer to challenge their own biases and see things from a different perspective.

As the brand specifically targets a female demographic, the message comes across as relevant, powerful and empathetic.

Tell A Story, Build a Brand

Amazing video marketing is all about inspiration – inspiration to tell a great story uniquely. Every business has a unique and powerful story to tell.

Figuring out what this story is and then working with a video marketing company can help turn this story into a powerful video marketing campaign.

Now that you’ve seen these brands tell their stories, what story will you tell? Contact us to find out how we can help you tell your story with video.