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Campus Society is a social network that allows anyone who lives and works in a college environment to interact online. One of it’s main features is it’s ability to filter all the unwanted noise common on social networks.


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how it works

1. Consultation

First, we take time to understand your business, and the message you want to convey, so we can determine the best way to communicate it effectively. This a time of discovery, where we develop strategy and direction.

2. Script + Voiceover

We create a compelling script that connects with your audience and evokes your desired action. We select a voiceover that’s ideal for the desired look, sound, and feel of the message. You need a professional, with the right accent and tone to deliver your message.

3. Storyboard + Animation

This is a scene-by-scene draft of how the video will play. Once approved, we create a unique style that determines its look and feel. Your video comes to life, as the illustrations are animated, voiceover and sound effects added, and video rendered.

4. Delivery

Finally you get a brand spanking new, animated video in high quality HD format.


Campus Society Explainer

Campus Society – Arabic


Application Entanglement

Campus Society Explainer

Campus Society

Success Prep360

Success Prep360


Baby Boomers Explainer

Primary Care Plus

Primary Care Plus – TV Spot

Primary Care Plus

Primary Care Plus – TV Spot


Book Trailer : Zaheen Nanji


  • Clearly communicate your message in 90 seconds or less.
  • Present your idea to investors with a compelling explainer video.
  • Simplify a complex idea so your audience understands it.
  • Engage your online audience to establish credibility.
  • Use an explainer video to help customers understand your value proposition.

  • Boost your website conversion rates.
  • Teach or train your employees.
  • Generate interest in your product or service.
  • People remember 50% more with video, than when they read text.
  • An explainer video costs only a fraction of creating a live action commercial.

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