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Our 3 Promises


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Creamy Animation has talented scriptwriters, animators, and voice artists and does excellent work. Our challenge was to explain enough about the value of Xenograte that people would want to know more. Not only did Larry listen intently to my long-winded explanations and patiently view my horrific whiteboard scribbles; he led me to where we needed to be by coaching and questioning. He worked with my ideas and made them better. He welcomed critique and had a refreshingly open mind, and provided excellent initial ideas that sparked more ideas and the back and forth between us was creative and efficient. The overall experience with Creamy Animation was excellent and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.  
Doug Squarebriggs | CEO Nodally Technologies

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Client Testimonials

Creamy Animation did a fantastic job and everyone who sees the promo wants my game! I have been very happy with Creamy Animation’s work and capacity to respond to a variety of requests.
Marie Gervais, Unstoppable
Working with Creamy Animation was a professional and well managed experience. Every step of the project was well thought out and smooth. We have had great feedback on the video.
Creamy Animation is very creative in their animated videos and I’ve had tremendously positive feedback from many people who have seen the video. I would recommend them to anyone.
Ron Lefebvre, Pure Mortgage
I was amazed at how Creamy Animation was able to get the message from my book into a 1-minute book trailer! I have heard nothing but phenomenal comments about the trailer.

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How It Works


1. Strategy

Video Consultation

First, we take time to understand your business, and the message you want to convey, so we can determine the best way to communicate it effectively.

2. Script

Video Script

A great video is as powerful as the story and script behind it. We create a compelling script that connects with your audience and evokes your desired action.

3. Voiceover


The voiceover is the driving force behind your video, so you need a professional, with the right accent and tone to deliver your message.

4. Storyboard

Video Storyboard

This is a scene-by-scene draft of how the video will play. Once approved, we create a unique style that determines its look and feel.

5. Animation

Video Animation

Your video comes to life as the illustrations are animated, voiceover and sound effects added, and final video rendered.


6. Delivery

Video Delivery

Finally you get your completed video in high quality HD format. We can provide the video in formats for Web, DVD, or others as needed. Client retains full copyrights to final video created.

Why Use An Animated Explainer Video


  • Explain what you do with a short animated explainer video.
  • Present your idea to investors with a compelling animated video.
  • Simplify a complex idea so your audience understands it.
  • Engage your online audience to establish credibility.
  • Use an explainer video to help customers understand your value proposition.
  • Boost your website conversion rates.
  • Use an animated video to teach or train.
  • Generate interest in your product or service.
  • People remember 50% more with video, than when they read text.
  • Use an explainer video to help people understand how your product works.



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