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Here’s a list of Animation Studios you can find in Montreal and Canada

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Use An Animation Production Studio

Animated video content has been changing the marketing game for quite a while now. More and more startups and high-profile companies have been resorting to animations to create explainer videos and various other forms of online advertisements. Some businesses outsource this work to freelance animation artists while others get professional animation producers to do the job.

Do you want to make a customized animated explainer video for your company’s project in Montreal? Well, there are tons of choices. However, with an abundance of options choosing one can get quite tricky. No need to worry, though, as we will discuss everything you need to know to get the best animation company in Montreal.

Animation Company Montreal

Why Hire an Animation Making Studio?

Making creative animated videos is time consuming and complicated. It requires years of design and animation training and experience to hone this skill. Sure, you can learn a few basic features from the software and applications available today, but that’s not enough.

Experienced animators are also proficient in aspects like storytelling, colour combinations, pre and post-production, and several other things. Therefore, it makes sense to hire an animation company rather than taking on projects like these by yourself. It will give your animated explainer videos a professional touch and make sure that you can convey your message better.

Looking For The Right Studio?

Since you’re here, you may as well take a minute to get acquainted with us. Creamy Animation is a storytelling and explainer video production company based in Vancouver, Canada. We create explainer videos, training videos, corporate videos, and other animated storytelling videos for business, both local and around the world.

We’ve been around since 2009, and have created hundreds of videos and developed a unique drive for creating captivating animated stories.

Our combination of creative writing and story-driven videos are designed to help you connect with your audience on a personal level and deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. Check out our portfolio and our explainer video below.

Any Animation Studios in Montreal?

Yes, Montreal is a goldmine for some of the best animation companies in North America. Sure, you will come across some bad ones too, but overall, the Canadian city has no shortage of excellent animation companies.

Most of these studios (which we will discuss later) are proficient in big-budget features, independent art house films, VFX animation, animated explainer videos, and a lot more. However, you must determine what you want before hiring a studio to work on your project to save you time and trouble.

Animation Studios Montreal

What to look for in a Studio

Once you know what you want in your project, you can go ahead and start searching for an animation production studio. If you are new to this, here are some things you should look for to make sure that you have the right animation company by your side.

What Animation Styles Do They Create?

The video production industry is quite broad as it has a plethora of animation styles. It’s nearly impossible to find a company that can handle all of them. In most cases, studios offer expertise in four or five styles. Make sure that the creatives you’re hiring are capable of working on your preferred animation style.

Ask the artists whether they can produce a video in the style you want, whether cartoon or motion graphics video. Both of these styles are quite different and require a specific set of skills and expertise. A good Montreal animation maker will be able to create animations in several styles. However, it’s possible to be excellent in just one of these styles as well.

Animation Productions That Are Unique

The digital world has no shortage of plagiarized content. You must steer clear from copying or looking even remotely similar to someone else’s work as it could significantly dent your project’s reputation. Choose a studio that stands out from its competition. You can find how unique an animation company is by looking at its portfolio. Compare it with the ones you saw in other studios, and it will help you determine which of them is the most unique.

Quite a lot of times, studios use stock illustrations and videos and pass them off as their work. Be wary of that by cross-checking everything that you see. An animation maker worth its salt will always do something that makes audiences identify with their work. It could be something as simple as a colour scheme, animation style, or the way they tell stories.

Is the Animation Company Affordable?

It’s no secret that animated videos are quite costly. It is understandable, since an expert animator has to spend a considerable amount of time to pursue their project with attention to detail. Not doing so leads to undesirable results, which ultimately lead to rejections, revisions, or worse, cancellations. All of these elements make a studio’s job quite challenging, no matter how much experience it has. That is why; virtually every company needs quite a significant budget for animation projects.

However, everyone has a specific budget, and some studios are more expensive than the others. You must make sure that the Montreal animation company that you are hiring falls within your range. Some companies are also willing to negotiate their fees. However, before doing so, you must confirm whether or not the studio has enough experience and the skills to work on your animation project.

How Diverse is the Animation Studio’s Portfolio?

As discussed earlier, portfolios matter a lot. Hiring a studio without checking its portfolio is quite risky and could lead to unfavourable results. Take your time to review previous and recent projects to get a clear idea of what you can expect from the studio in case you hire them.

Also, it is vital to see the animator’s artistic range. Some studios focus on a particular style and do not offer anything else. While this could be ideal in some situations, you’ll need an animation company that provides a bit of range when it comes to style. Why?  Because following the same tried and tested routine for an extended period can lose its charm quickly.

You must be able to offer audiences and viewers something fresh to retain their interest, and you can only achieve that if the animation maker you hire can change things up and stand out.

List of Animation Studios in Montreal

  1. IND Films
  2. Studio 109
  3. Unite Treize
  4. Baboon Creation
  5. Lane 4 Cinema
  6. Sens Concept
  7. Martini Promotions
  8. Studio 55 Productions
  9. Studio Makina
  10. Studio Visionic
  11. Video Productions Montreal
montreal animation studios


Finding the best animation company in Montreal is not that easy, but we’ve done our best to point out a few things that will help you make the choice. Like we always say, distance is no barrier.

Creamy Animation can help you achieve your goals with video, even if we don’t have our office in Montreal. Get in touch today for a free consultation.