Animation Styles We Make

Here are some of the animation styles you can make for you

Motion Graphics
Cartoon Animation
Whiteboard Animation

Motion Graphics Style

The Motion Graphics animation style in its simplest description is animated infographics. This is the most popular style for explainer videos in the industry. One of its greatest strengths is its ability to present information in the form of stats, graphs, figures, and text.

Using a combination of images and graphics, data can be presented in an intuitive way that’s easier to consume in a short format video. Take a look at how other businesses have used motion graphic videos to communicate their message effectively. Contact us to find out what style would be best for your business or idea.

Motion Graphics Examples



Brady Corp

CoPilot AI

North of 49 Naturals

Empowered Startups


Cartoon Animation Style

Cartoon character animation has for decades been used to tell stories that have captured the attention of millions. When characters play roles we can identify with, they capture our hearts and emotions in the world of imagination.

You can use cartoon style animation videos to tell unforgettable stories about how your business idea or brand works in the real world. When used on landing pages and social media, cartoon animation videos will convert remarkably better than text and static graphics.

Cartoon Animation Examples

Mostardi Platt Explainer

Quince Analytics

LSI Credit Solutions


Impark – HangTag

Canada Pharmacy Online


Whiteboard Animation Style

The whiteboard animation style is very popular for creating storytelling videos that captivate the viewer with hand drawn animation. The ability to create amazing visuals without much animation opens up a world of opportunities to create rich visuals.

Though it’s mostly popular with non-profit organizations, it works well for explaining business ideas and for storytelling. Find out more about our whiteboard animation services.

Whiteboard Video Examples

JHR – Misinformation and Disinformation

Survey Promo – City of Coquitlam

Promo for Vancouver School Board

What is Yukon Employers Union?

Dealing with Mental Health Issues – Coast Mental Health

Heating and Ventilation Explainer – Haakon

How to Be Kind to Animals – BC SPCA