Animation Studios in Seattle, Washington

We created a list of Animation Studios you can find in Seattle Washington

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Use An Animation Studio

Seattle has some notable animation studios that create amazing animated video content. Animation has fast become a very effective communication medium for business and organization, whether in Seattle or anywhere around the world. For instance, if you choose an animation studio that is thousands of miles apart, online communication would be the right path. However, Seattle animation companies are resourceful and talented at producing the best animated videos.

Today, brands understand the need for an animation design studio to craft the best animation services. Whether you want big or small-scale video production, there are various Seattle animation production studios that you can choose from.

Animation Studios in Seattle

Animation and The Rise in Its Use

As the new technological advancements occur in the animation industry, brands want to utilize the best efforts for their explainer videos. In fact, what might be trendy a few years ago may now be out of fashion.

It may come across as brutal, but practical tools to craft animated videos are constantly evolving. Therefore, why should you restrict your needs too? Don’t succumb to the faux traditional video marketing perception. Contemporarily, brands want to receive video animation services for most of their products or services.

That said, if you haven’t had the chance to find an animation company that lives up to your expectations, then maybe you need to conduct another search. Your decision to choose a dependable animation production studio in Seattle can help you deliver your brand’s envisioned message.

With the right workflow process, an animation company can render some of the most awe-inspiring and explanatory animated videos for the audience. Sure, the work that goes into making an animated video can be a lot – but the end-result will help you get the customers that aren’t even on your radar.

Seattle, however, occupies a distinct position when it comes to the animation making studios. You can hire an agency that would craft premium quality animated explainer or corporate videos. It’s up to you, whether you choose to be part of the collaborative process or allow complete freedom to the animation production studio. Nonetheless, you need to choose an animation making studio that can come up with unique storytelling and send the right message to your audience.

Looking For An Animation Studio?

Since you’re here, you may as well take a minute to get acquainted with us. Creamy Animation is one of the top storytelling and explainer video production companies in the industry. We create explainer videos, training videos, corporate videos, and other animated storytelling videos for business, both local and around the world.

We’ve been around since 2009, and have created hundreds of videos and developed a unique drive for creating captivating animated stories.

Our combination of creative writing and story-driven videos are designed to help you connect with your audience on a personal level and deliver your message in a clear and concise manner. Check out our portfolio and our explainer video below.


Video Animation Marketing is Effective

Are you sure your brand can survive without competitive animation marketing in the digital landscape? With the advent of new digital marketing tools, you can increase the potential results of your animation marketing efforts to a whole new level.

Animated explainer videos, for instance, help companies garner the best results. It is their aesthetic value, simplicity, and a precise explanatory mechanism that appeals to the audience. Most businesses, for example PEO companies use video as part of their marketing strategy. So, if you run a highly complicated tech firm, animated explainer videos can demonstrate detailed information with clear visuals.

Animation Companies in Seattle – Choosing One

Here are some proven tactics that can help you select the best Seattle animation making studio:

Review Portfolio of the Animation Company

Your first course of action to choose one of the best animation companies in Seattle should be to take a closer look at portfolios. For example, inexperienced animation production studios often have poor quality work displayed in their portfolios. An experienced animation design studio that produces a variety of video content contains a portfolio with highly creative animated videos.

Simultaneously, check the style of the animation company and make sure their animation style aligns with the type of message you want to communicate. However, most creative animation production studios can modify their visual animation style to match their clients’ needs.

Practically, it would be best if you looked for recently produced work done by the animation company. Remember, it’s easy to find animation companies in Seattle that still dwell on their past glory. Make sure the studio you select offers the animation style you want: stop motion, 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, 2D motion graphics.

Experience Matters

Experience is arguably the most crucial moment when it comes to the selection of an animation production company. You need to identify the expertise and overall skills of the animation company with at least 3 or more years experience.

It would be wise to converse with the creative team for a more insightful look. In fact, you can determine the wisdom, expertise, and ability to understand your brand’s vision from the point-of-view of the marketing team. The safest bet to select an animation service in Seattle would be the one that you can form a long-term working relationship.

Find Out about their Animation Process

Once you’ve taken a peek at portfolios and individual experience of the animation company in Seattle, ask about their animation production process. Just like live video production, the production process varies could vary from one studio to another.

Reasonable Cost-Structure

If you have a flexible budget, try to hire an animation company in Seattle that’s not too cheap. However, if you have budget constraints, you can still get good value for your money. In fact, various animation designers in Seattle are affordable and can produce some of the best animation work out there. However, it is a process that you need to go over with your animation video studio of choice beforehand. This avoids unforeseen future problems.

Seattle Animation Studios

Best Animation Studios in Seattle Washington

Here are some of the best 2D and 3D animation producers in Seattle:

  1. Creamy Animation
  2. Run Studios
  3. The Spa Studio
  4. YoYo String Media
  5. Starfire Animation
  6. Clayton Commercial Arts
  7. Straightface
  8. Victory Studios
  9. Video Igniter
  10. Pigmental
Seattle Animation Companies

It Comes Down to Choosing the Right Studio

The animation production studio you decide to go with should be able to understand the needs of your brand. The good news is that the animation companies in Seattle can fulfill your demands and help you realize your brand’s true potential.

You owe it to your brand and your ideas to hire the best video animation company with a vast amount of knowledge. Besides, the last thing you want is an inexperienced animation company that lacks modern animation skills.

Animation production studios in Seattle are famous for helping businesses create brand-centric animated videos and delivering quality content. In hindsight, now might be the perfect time to attain and retain a new segment of customers.