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We make custom animated videos that help advertise your business, educate your audience or tell your story.


Video Animation Services

Our animated videos are great at explaining your business effectively and telling visually captivating stories.

At Creamy Animation we can help you create animated videos that explain complex concepts, promote your brand, and deliver your message in an engaging and memorable way.

Animated Videos Are Engaging and Effective

Animated videos are the most effective medium for delivering content that’s engaging and memorable. Creamy Animation is a top custom animated video maker, with over 10 years experience making animated videos for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Animated Video Examples

Here are some of the animated videos we’ve made for some amazing brands. We can take any complex concept and condense it into a short animation video.


Blockdaemon – Blockchain Tech


Me Company – Tech


TestBox – Startup


SpeeDx – Healthcare


Dr. Bill by RBC – Healthcare


William Hill – Sports

Here are some of the amazing companies we’ve recently partnered with.

Benefits of Using Animation Videos

One reason animated video is so widely used is its compelling benefits. Here at Creamy Animation, we have seen these benefits work for both large and small businesses. Animated video characteristics make it easy to use the medium on a budget or when you have significant production resources. If you are wondering what is so magical about animated video creation, here are the top five reasons:

Animation Video

Animated Videos Are Engaging

The extent to which you can customize an animated video has only one limit – your imagination. This versatility makes it possible to create professional videos with any colors or themes, character concepts, brand qualities and a host of other customizations.

With animated video, we can easily pull in your brand assets like fonts, color schemes, design standards and persona definitions to make the video genuinely unique.

Animation Videos

Video Helps Tell Your Story Better

Animated video makes it easy to switch between different storytelling styles of varying complexities. As such, we can help you convey a simple message using a basic explainer video or switch to more complex storytelling like offering a complicated tutorial, all while using the same character animation videos.

Whatever story you want to tell, animated video from Creamy Animation has the flexibility to convey it exactly how you want to tell it.

Animation Videos

Streamlined Production Process

Other types of video like live action require scouting for a location, fielding numerous casting calls, and flying in talent and crews to a centralized location. Creating an animated video does away with all this because the entire production process can be completed with a team working remotely.

Even voiceover talent is often recorded and sent online to ensure as little overheads as possible. Moreover, any changes to the video are easier to make then with in live-action videos.

Explainer Animation

Animated Videos are Cost Effective

In general, animated videos cost less to make than live action videos. When making your animated video, there is no need to hire filming crews and videography equipment, pay for and travel to shooting locations or hire expensive actors.

Since we do everything in one place with mostly computer-based equipment, the cost of producing an animated video tends to be relatively low.

Animated Video Types

2D Animated Videos

2D animated videos are considered the original type of animation. As the name suggests, we create the videos on a two-dimensional canvas with only length and width. Most basic character animation and animated videos also fall under this category and are made using traditional animation techniques like frame-by-frame drawing, scene development, and image compositing.

Animated Videos

3D Animated Videos

3D video has three-dimensional characters and objects existing in a three-dimensional world. This animation style is widely used in entertainment videos like those from Disney. Making 3D animation video can also include complex 3D diagramming like demonstrating the inner workings of a car engine. The 3D animated videos we can make for you range from simple object motion videos to lifelike animated videos.

2D in 3D Space Animated Video

In this type of video, 2D characters exist in a 3D space. For instance, the character can walk towards you or into the screen, or they can turn around 360 degrees within the 3D space. This type of video is useful when a sense of depth is needed in a video but while retaining simple 2D characters.

Character Animation Videos

We understand that character animation is sometimes considered a sub-process of the broader animation process. However, its distinction comes from the fact that it brings characters to life outside of the script and wider video production process. During character animation, we will create animated characters that can then be “cast” into different animated videos.

Animated Video Production

Live Action Composition

Live-action compositing is a type of animated video that adds animated characters and objects to live-action footage. For example, we can film a person speaking then insert facts and figures related to the topic next to them on the screen. Similarly, we can also add animated characters, whether 2D or 3D, to appear to interact with a live actor, object, or environment.

Photo Animation

Photo animation uses animation techniques to add motion to still pictures. For example, we can take an image of a logo and animate it so that the logo appears to move. This type of video is used when you want to add a sense of motion and depth to still photos that may otherwise lack a sense of distinctiveness

Stop Motion Animation

Stop motion animation uses a time-intensive process of physically manipulating objects to create a sense of motion. Each time the object is moved, it is photographed. The object can be moved and shot this way hundreds or even thousands of times. We then combine  and edit these photos to create a sense of continuous animated motion.

Animated Video Company

Motion Graphics Animated Videos

Motion graphics animation techniques to add motion to static graphics. These graphics can be words, shapes, or any other simple graphics. The concept focuses on animating graphics in a way that creates an engaging and interactive viewing experience. An example of motion graphics is the opening and closing credits that most videos have.

Whiteboard Video Animation

Whiteboard videos are an intuitive animation style that uses hand drawn illustrations which are animated on a white board. This versatile animated video style is very popular with non-profits and small business looking for a cheaper way to make animated videos. Creamy Animation is one of the top whiteboard animation makers in the industry, and our portfolio speaks for itself.

Video Animation for Business

Video animation content has vast use cases for organizations in technology, healthcare, nonprofit and other industries. Such flexibility means almost anyone can use this video medium to pass on their message. From enterprise businesses to small startups, animation videos can prove useful in helping you meet your messaging goals.


Entrepreneurs, including startups, often need versatile and affordable tools to work with. Animated video, especially cheaper options like 2D animated video and motion graphics, fits these criteria very well. We can use animated video to affordably create an explainer video, product walkthrough, tutorial, or specifications diagram. We can also recycle some animated video elements to cut down the cost of future video production.

Large Corporations

Larger companies also benefit from animated corporate videos. With more resources available, we can create genuinely astounding animated videos using more sophisticated animation styles like CGI 3D animation, stop motion, and live-action composting. We can also use simpler animation styles but go for finer artwork, more sophisticated storyboards, and higher resolution productions

Educational Institutions

Schools and other learning institutions are well-suited to benefit from education and training videos. Some uses within this context include animated presentations, animated lecture props, and animated awareness videos. Since most learning institutions have limited budgets, we know that animated video works well because it is relatively affordable and can be used for different purposes within the school.


Government entities can deliver crucial information using animation videos. In cases where complex requirements and policies must be met before publishing information, we can create an animated video that can be customized to meet all approvals. If anything requires changing, we can modify the video in a matter of days, helping ensure timely and accurate information delivery.


Inventors often grapple with how to visualize objects and processes that no one else has ever seen. Although they may have all the details and descriptions down on paper, we can create an animated startup video that can help them demonstrate their invention effectively. The video we create can be especially useful when fundraising or trying to generate awareness about an invention.

Animation Videos – What Are The Uses?

Animated videos can be used to achieve a wide variety of objectives. As a versatile messaging medium, we can help you use it to pass on any message in any theme, style, or animated video format you want. Here are the top ways we can help you leverage animated video:


Storytelling is a broad term that simply means passing on a message in a story format. Businesses tell stories through branded content videos, schools tell stories through documentaries, and entrepreneurs tell stories through product development videos. Whatever your story, we can help you use an animated video to tell it in your choice of voice, style, and character.

Attract Customers

Businesses trying to attract prospects can use animated video to help create awareness around their products and services. Explainer videos, whiteboard videos and walkthrough videos are some of the animated videos we can help you use to attract prospects. Once leads are captured, we can help you nurture them into customers through animated videos like product tutorials.

Explain Concepts

Animated videos are great for explaining concepts. Whether business-related or academic, we can create for you a short video that says more than a thousand words. Within a business context, we can help you use animation videos to educate your customers about your products, helping them see how using them can help solve a problem they have.

Enhance Your Messaging

Animated videos can be used to support other messaging channels and mediums like blogs, websites, and public relations. We can publish an animated video alongside your blog or on your homepage to increase the impact the rest of the content has. We can also publish animated videos alongside your social media posts, helping make them more engaging and shareable.

Animated Video Production Process

At Creamy Animation, we rely on both creative and technical expertise to deliver exceptional videos. On the creative front, we use compelling storytelling, excellent artwork, inspiring music, and voiceovers.

On the technical front, we create the best animated video using modern animation techniques and strong technical skills that result in a professional and polished video. When you work with an experienced explainer video company like Creamy Animation, these are the steps we typically follow:

Creative Brief and Information Gathering

Every animated video starts with an idea. The idea can be to convey a marketing message or to create an educational video or anything else. To turn this idea into a workable brief, it is essential first to explore different animated video concepts, idea angles and messaging dynamics.

Out of this stage should emerge a solid understanding of what the idea is, how to clarify and summarize the message and some ideas on how to visualize everything. We summarize all this information in an animated video brief.

Concept and Script Development

From the brief, the next step is to turn the idea into an animated video concept. At this stage, it is pertinent to have more detailed conversations about how the video should look and how it will convey the information in an impactful way.

Here, we share ideas and script samples of what the video can become. At the end of this step, we deliver a video concept and script that conveys your message in a powerful yet concise way.

Mood Board and Storyboarding

A mood board is a visual depiction of what the animated video concept is all about. Typically, the mood board will comprise a collage of images related to and reinforcing the concept. At this stage, we also create a storyboard based on the concept.

This storyboard will have a scene-by-scene breakdown of how the animated video will play out.

Design and Illustration

Once the storyboard is complete, development of the creative visual style for the animated video commences. Here, we create full-color illustrations of how each scene, character and element in the video will look.

Since the design process is flexible and adaptable, we can create two to three visual style concepts for comparison purposes. Once the final visual style is picked, we illustrate the entire animated video script, from start to finish.

Voiceover Recording

Voiceover recording is the first step of turning static images into a compelling audiovisual medium. Here, we will record two to three voiceover samples and compare them for effectiveness, complementarity to the message and general preference by the brief owner.

Since we only work with professional voiceover artists, whatever choice you pick will sound professional and polished in the final recording sample. Once the right voiceover is selected, we record the entire script.

Video Animation

With the storyboard, script and voiceover approved, the duty now lies with our animators to bring all these components to life through animation. This step requires attention to detail and high technical proficiency to ensure the final animation lives up to the initial concept.

Using a mix of graphic design and video editing skills, we build out the entire video, scene by scene. The resulting video is a compilation of silent moving pictures.

Sound and Video Editing

Post-production involves combining the video elements with the audio components and then editing them so that they are perfectly synchronized. We also add music to round out the animated video including adding intro and outro audio and background music or sounds.

Some additional graphics may also be added such as subtitles or credits.

Wrap Up

Now the video is complete and ready for launch. We can work with you to determine the best launch strategy for your videos and other video marketing techniques you can use. For most people YouTube is the best platform for hosting the video and getting the video seen by a wider audience.

How To Promote Your Animated Videos

There are myriad video promotional strategies for your business. No matter how amazing an animation video is, if people do not watch it, it will have failed in its mission. The best way to maximize the value you get from animated video is to publish it in as many places as possible. Here are the primary places we can help you to publish your animated video to:

Post Video On Your Website

Your website should be the first place you publish your new animated video to. Whether it is an explainer video or a documentary, having it on your website will add it to the rest of your content and support your overall messaging efforts. Although you can also embed a YouTube or Vimeo link to your site, we recommend that you first publish it directly to your website.

YouTube Video Hosting

Video websites like YouTube and Vimeo can serve as a great animated video publishing channel. Aside from offering excellent YouTube video hosting and sharing tools, you will also gain access to the billions of users who frequent these channels. We can help you build out a dedicated channel on one of these platforms to help you cultivate a community around your videos.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are all great places to publish your animated videos. Since these platforms also have billions of users, your animated video may gain more views leading to a broader reach for your message. We can also help you quickly turn your animation videos into ads and promote them on these platforms, so that more people see them.

Company Intranet

Animated videos like in-house professional training videos and awareness videos can be published to a company intranet like SharePoint, Box or ownCloud. Since these videos are not for public consumption, sharing them this way can retain confidential information within the company, while giving employees access to the information shared in the videos. If you’re looking for a great animated video maker, contact us today.