Whiteboard Animation Videos
What is it? How To Make Your Own Video

Whiteboard Animation Videos

Whiteboard animation videos have gained a lot of popularity as a marketing tool. Wonder why? Well, there are many reasons for this. Firstly, many businesses are realizing that videos, in general, are easily one of the most effective ways to connect with different types of audiences. Whiteboard animation videos have revolutionized the marketing industry.

We say that because when compared with conventional talking head videos, whiteboard animation has been proven to increase viewer retention by 15%. Isn’t that great! Also, these videos increase the viewer’s willingness to share by more than 65%. Imagine what that could mean for your business!

You can use a whiteboard animation videos for a variety of reasons, such as to sell an idea, to introduce your product or service, or even to teach your customers how to use a software application. The possibilities are endless.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

What is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard Animation is an animated video style using hand drawn images on a white board.. In most cases, the script is carefully structured as a third-person narration. In other cases, it can be a use-case example, which supports the story that’s told through the drawing.

In a whiteboard animation video, a whiteboard artist sketches visuals on a whiteboard. There is also a voiceover that describes certain concepts. This is why whiteboard marketing videos, such as tutorials, are also called animated explainer videos. Stop motion animation and time-lapsed drawing are commonly used by authors in order to liven up hand-drawn illustrations.

We wrote this article to answer some question on how to make your own whiteboard animation for business. Our step by step whiteboard animation production process is easy to follow. You can use whiteboard animation maker software or other custom animation websites.

When you watch the words and images unfold while viewing the video, it is mesmerizing. This makes a whiteboard video a greatly effective tool as it captures attention very quickly. It goes without saying that whiteboard animation is incredibly useful in explaining complex concepts in a simple manner that is easy to digest.

And there is another benefit. Because a whiteboard animation video is so straightforward, it costs much less than what you may expect. So, it won’t break your bank; rather, it will give you an impressive return on your investment.

Whiteboard Animation in Marketing

What’s great about whiteboard video marketing is that it gives you a way to combine pictures and words in an entertaining and engaging format to explain your business or product. Whiteboard animation videos are simple yet appealing. In case you’ve ever seen a whiteboard explainer video, you know they can easily capture your attention.

And that is not all; a whiteboard explanation video is an excellent educational tool as it helps simplify a complicated message, making it engaging, fun, and entertaining in the process. It can also work the other way around as it can make a boring topic very interesting.

If you don’t know what is whiteboard animation video, then don’t worry as we have you covered.

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How to Make A Whiteboard Animation Video

Are you wondering what steps are involved in whiteboard animation production? Follow these steps to create an effective whiteboard animation video.

Making your own whiteboard explainer video is a journey that starts with a good video marketing strategy. To ensure the success of your animated video, gather customer data to help shape the content of your whiteboard video.

Begin by identifying who your target audience is, the message you would like to communicate, and if a whiteboard animation is the right medium. It is important to analyze the demographics of the target audience to determine the most effective approach for the video. Then, choose a topic that they will find informative and engaging.

Animated characters spark empathy and identification in your target audience. This is more likely if these characters are modeled after the audience. Identifying specific buyer personas that could respond better to your whiteboard animated video is important. Then model the characters, setting, style, situation, and tone to target this particular buyer.

With appropriate heatmap tools such as CrazyEgg, you could gather important information about your website. Factors, such as webpage bounce rates, your landing page conversion rates, how long visitors spend time on each webpage, and how well particular features will engage your site visitors are important to consider.
Using tools like Google Analytics will help you track all of the different sources that bring visitors to your site and develop a traffic source map.

You should use this data in order to confidently create a whiteboard animation video that:

  • Speaks directly to and resonates with your target audience
  • Alleviates any objections and concerns they may have about your service or product
  • You can publish in the locations where it can have the most impact

How to Write A Whiteboard Animation Script

Your next step in the whiteboard animation production process is the script. The script is one of the most important components of the storytelling process. If your whiteboard explainer video has a week script, everything else in the process will be ineffective. So make sure you get the script right the first time around.

A simple formula for creating a whiteboard animation for business is to have an introduction, problem, solution, and call-to-action. Here’s a simple format on how to write a video script.

The Introduction: Talk about your target audience’s typical daily task they face in relation to your business or product. This could be a business owner trying to sell their products online.

The Problem: Next, we identify the most common problem they face in trying to complete the task or achieve a particular goal. A good rule of thumb is to point out some of the solutions out there and their accompanying bottlenecks. The problem should be something that is critical to their operations, efficiency, profitability, or anything very important to the organization.

The Solution: Now that your audience sees their problem, you introduce your solution. Talk about how your business or product solves their problem. Explain why your solution is superior to other production or services out there. Give your audience enough information to make a decision to contact you or buy your product.

Provide your target audience with the next steps that they should follow after viewing the whiteboard video.

You may have them complete a contact form, contact you with any questions or download a whitepaper. Do not make the mistake of leaving them hanging – tell them clearly what you would like them to do.

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Create Storyboard Sketches

Draw multiple sketches for each sentence by visualizing your script. At this stage, they could be rough. You do not have to create works of art; rather, just make sure you get all the ideas on paper. Consider using colors.

Although many whiteboard animations are often black and white, the effective use of color in order to emphasize key points and increase engagement levels must always be considered.

The next step in the process is creating a storyboard. This is similar to a “comic strip” that describes all actions and the visual aspects of the video. Follow your script from the previous step and draw a sequence of important scenes.

Creating a storyboard must be a part of the whiteboard video production process since it helps you in staying organized. It also gives you a sense of pacing while linking images and voiceover. Use imagery that clarifies and explains the points you are making.

It is advisable to sketch 3-4 illustrations per sentence. As a whiteboard video simulates an individual drawing on a whiteboard while conveying a story, a whiteboard storyboard can’t present too many transitions. You should also note that one of the three primary elements of a whiteboard explainer video is the drawing hand; hence, do not forget to incorporate it in every frame of the storyboard.

Create Whiteboard Illustrations

Most whiteboard video illustrations tend to consist of a huge work of art on a whiteboard. Since every frame has to be connected, you should make your drawings with perfect proportions.

Often, it pays off to zoom out at the conclusion of your video so that the audience can appreciate the full illustration.

Working with a professional whiteboard animation company is a good idea as this step demands creative illustration skills and a lot of work.

Record A Voiceover

You can easily capture the audio voiceover as it is relatively simple, provided you have a solid script. The important thing here is to make the voiceover upbeat, engaging, and lively to capture your audience’s attention.

As whiteboard animation videos are often more limited in the means of expression compared to standard live or 2D or 3D animated videos, music, and voiceover are extremely important for your video to do well.

Leverage music and sound effects to complement and enhance the storytelling power of your animated video. However, you should never make the mistake of overshadowing it. Sound effects should not compete with the voice and should have a lower volume.

Here is a crucial thing about voiceovers: they must be recorded by a native speaker of both the language and region that you are targeting. In short, the voice should resonate with your audience.

You should pay due attention to background noise and breathing, and use intonation carefully. It pays to hire a voiceover professional that understand how to tell stories in a way that engages the viewer and delivers your messages clearly.

Animating The Video

Choose suitable software for producing your whiteboard animation. If you’re looking to make a whiteboard animation on the cheap, use a whiteboard animation maker software like Animatron.

In a standard whiteboard animation video, you need to grab the attention of the viewers using visuals. For a more professional look, hire a whiteboard video company like Creamy Animation.

When animating your video you have to simulate the scenes as if the hand is rubbing the board, making sure all the elements in the scene disappear just when the hands rub it off. Depending on the software, you can drag and drop pre-made characters on your canvas, and then add music and other effects.

Whiteboard videos are often intended to be more casual. Therefore absolute perfection is not necessary.

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Recording The Video

When you are recording the video, remember that you can speed up the video. So, it is advisable to move at a pace which suits you. It isn’t a live recording, so don’t hesitate to take short breaks when necessary. Everything would be edited together at the end to appear like one continuous shot.

Editing Your Video With Voiceover

Essentially, this is your dress rehearsal for the whiteboard animated video. You have to play the voiceover while you are sketching in order to ensure that the speed of the audio works with the movements.

You may use your video editing software to speed up your video so that it synchronizes with your voiceover. It is important to cut out any unnecessary parts and mistakes at this stage. You can apply filters to make the lines black, and the paper should look white.

You will likely have filmed your animated video in multiple parts. If that’s the case, use a tool to tie all your clips together. After stringing your clips together, upload your whiteboard animation video. You may also add a custom watermark along with your name, logo, or brand if you would like.

Your video is now complete and ready to launch. Embed the video on your website, share it across all your social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.

If you’re already doing email marketing, you can email the video link to your subscribers. Let everyone hear your story!

Final Thoughts

Whiteboard animation videos are a great educational and marketing tool. It is a style that easily sets your target audience’s mind into a learning mood, and at the same time, it’s engaging enough to really make learning look simple and cool. Whiteboard scribing videos are extremely useful for sharing ideas in an engaging and fun way with ease.

Video content plays a pivotal role in content marketing and is one of the most effective marketing tools you can use. If your organization would like to include animation that won’t cost a fortune but would still work as an effective marketing tool, then whiteboard animation is an excellent choice.

Following these easy steps, you can make the most of a genre of videos that is all the rage these days across several industries. Find out how Creamy Animation can help you make your own whiteboard video that delivers the results you need.