Video Email Marketing –
How to use Video in Email

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Email marketing is still an incredible way to connect with your audience, when done right. Whilst conversion rates may be low for some, including a video thumbnail can increase click-through rates.

With a clear set of goals for your email marketing campaign, you can create and include relevant video content that drives results.

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Why you should use video in your email

Readers are constantly being bombarded with emails and it makes all the more difficult to get your emails read. You constantly need to find innovative ways to make your emails stand out and entice people’s curiosity and get them to click and read more.

An email that has a video thumbnail linking to your explainer video enables you to deliver the perfect pitch, compared to an ordinary email. The average attention span to a text-based website is no more than 8 seconds.

That’s even lower than the average attention span of a goldfish. For that reason, you can capture the attention of your email recipients when you add compelling video content.

Why video in email captures more leads?

  • Gets your message across: Subscribers find them more interesting so don’t abandon your email halfway through
  • Saves time: Delivers more information in less time
  • Quantifiable marketing tool: You can assess the stats for tweaking future email marketing campaigns
Video Email Marketing

How to use video in your emails

Create A Captivating Thumbnail

In a test done by Wistia, video thumbnails in an email generated more engagement that normal thumbnails. Typically, videos don’t play inside an email. That’s why you need to create a thumbnail embedded with an external link to your video. When an email subscriber clicks the link, it will take them directly to your YouTube channel or a landing page where the video is located.

Make A Professional Explainer Video

Getting the email and thumbnail right is great but the video has to be well produced to generate the conversions you need. If you want to make an animated explainer video, find an animation studio that can produce a high converting video with great ROI. A marketing video production company can guide you through every step of the production process and produce a quality video that converts.

Do A/B Testing on your emails

Make sure you always test your video emails. Doing A/B testing provides valuable insights to make further improvements to your email marketing campaign while reducing the risk of failure.

Track Click-through Rates

While you can send as many emails as you want, you won’t know how effective they are unless you track progress. Analytics and monitoring tools help you evaluate the factors that go into a successful email marketing campaign. Do your own comparison and see what works best for you.

Create and Use Animated Gifs

GIFs are another excellent way to capture your reader’s attention, because they’re like short videos that play right inside the inbox. These videos do not comprise more than six or seven frames. This is a great way to boost the success rate of your email efforts. It’s important to note that the size of the GIF file should not be more than 1MB. Larger files may not show or be rejected as spam by email filters.

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Maybe you’re launching something new on Christmas or celebrating a holiday. Working on a video campaign that capitalizes on an important message can make you launch a successful email marketing campaign.

Using video in email has never been easier with Soapbox, an easy to use tool for creating cool videos right from your computer. Let your animated explainer videos do all the hard work for you. You can also create a yearly schedule or calendar to mark important events to create a solid video email marketing strategy that runs throughout the year.