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How to Advertise on Tik Tok

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Several businesses are pivoting from the traditional video marketing platforms like television and instead focusing their energies on social media. A plethora of services is perfectly optimized to host high-quality video content, presenting it to audiences palatably.

TikTok, a new player in the industry, is already one of the most popular social media platforms in 2020; it was the most downloaded app with over 800 million users in over 150 countries. Therefore, it makes perfect business sense to consider advertising on TikTok.

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Why Make A TikTok Video?

Additionally, this social medium is particularly useful if your business targets a market base comprising Gen Z and millennials. However, seeing as this is a relatively new social media platform, TikTok business advertising might be unfamiliar.

If you’re looking to leverage this medium for your business, you need to have a firm grip on how it works. In this guide, we peel back the layers to reveal all you need to know about how to advertise your business on Tiktok.

Creamy Animation is suitably poised to create video content that lends itself well with Tiktok audiences.

How to Advertise on TikTok

With its unique form of video content manipulation and presentation, Tiktok offers an off-the-beaten-road avenue to market your business.

The social media company introduced a trial version of its advertising platform at the beginning of 2019. Several companies, including behemoths like Nike and Apple, tapped into its ability to engage with their young customers.

This action lends credence to the platform’s ability to draw in an economically significant demographic; over 41 percent of the app’s users are aged below 25.

Therefore, you should be able to harness the platform’s power to drive your business further. Shorter versions of animated explainer videos perform exceptionally well on Tiktok.

Here’s how you can grow your operation with Tiktok business advertising.

Take advantage of native in-feed Ads

These video ads appear organically in the user’s feed, appearing between the live videos from followers. In-feed ads call for out-of-the-box creativity. After all, each video lasts between 5 to 15 seconds.

To capture your audience’s attention, you need to pull out all the stops to create video content that catches the user’s eye as they scroll past. Fortunately, Tiktok makes it possible to add music to the visual content.

Native in-feed ads are particularly effective for advertising on Tiktok because they appear naturally in the user’s feed. This means that the audience doesn’t feel like it’s being force-fed content paid for. Instead, they are more willing to pay attention to the content, making it easier for you to get your brand’s message across.

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Create Hashtag Challenges

Like other social media platforms, brands use specific words or phrases to create a buzz about their offerings. These hashtags are excellent at fostering user interaction and engagement with brands.

The viral nature of this user-generated content makes it so that your Tiktok advertising campaign builds and maintains momentum. After all, social video garners 12 percent more shares than text and images content put together.

Furthermore, users enjoy this type of content. 16 percent of the videos on TikTok is hashtag challenges.

Partner With Influencers

Given that the majority of users on the platform are young, the power of influencers can’t be overestimated. This demographic is particularly susceptible to social proof, making them more willing to listen to an individual before trusting a brand.

Therefore, influencer marketing should be part of your Tiktok advertising cost.

Engage influencers who align with your brand values and aesthetic but also appeal to your target audience.

Influencers drive the initial stages of your TikTok advertising campaign. For example, if you’re pushing a hashtag, notable influencers can give it enough juice so that it balloons and trends, creating buzz for your brand.

TikTok Video Ads

Cost of Advertising on TikTok

TikTok rolled out the ads feature on its platform in early 2019. As a new player on the scene, the app offers less competition for ad space compared to other social media platforms. Therefore, the Tiktok advertising cost is justifiably steep.

The social medium has biddable ads where businesses bid for ad slots on the platform. Tiktok can charge per click, per mille or per view.

Depending on the payment plan, advertising costs on the platform can run from thousands of dollars to hundreds of thousands. For native in-feed ads, you pay $10 for an impression. For such a payment plan, Tiktok requires you to pay for 600 impressions in advance.

In other words, you’re paying at least $6000 for the most basic of ad types. If you’re running a smaller in-feed ad campaign, you have to put up at least $500.

If you take a step up and consider greenlighting a hashtag challenge, you’ll part with $150,000 for each week you run that particular campaign. On the other hand, you pay $50,000 per day to run the brand takeover type of ads. Find out how much it costs to make an animated video here.

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Moving Forward

If your business can cover the costs involved with advertising on this platform, you need to make sure that you have a well-optimized Tiktok advertising campaign. For instance, use a single call-to-action since there’s limited space for text. Also, test every aspect of the campaign to come up with the best strategy.

It’s also prudent to use creative high-resolution videos to capture and retain the audience’s attention. You need to call on Creamy Animation’s professional corporate video production services to ensure that you reap the benefits of Tiktok business advertising.