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We’re moving into a world of connected things. Where companies leverage data and intelligence from thousands of devices to create smart business processes that’ll transform the business. Using connectivity, they’ll enhance user experience and change our lives. The vision of the Internet of Things is a connected world.
A great vision, but here’s the problem.

Millions of connected products will be created by thousands of companies each with their own proprietary apps. Apps that know nothing about each other let alone how to share data. The Internet of Things is about making Apps work together to achieve a desired goal. Xenograte is a development platform for realizing the true vision of the Internet of Things.

It solves the application silo problem by re-thinking how apps are built. Naturally Apps can’t share data because processes are trapped inside the application. In Xenograte Apps don’t own the data or logic that works on the data.

They become dynamic roadmaps to where data goes and what logic is used. This allows for infinite changeability of apps and re-use of data from one app to another.

Processes are independent and can live anywhere, and roadmaps determine how data simultaneously moves between any number of processes. Soon your house will sound your alarm early because it knows there’s a traffic jam on your route to work. Your coffee maker will turn on soon as your shower turns off. Your car receives driving directions because your calendar says you’re giving Tom a ride to work.

Oh and your house just told Tom’s house to wake him up early too. Chances are, the coffee maker company is different from the carmaker, and each communicates differently. Xenograte lets you focus on how each one works separately so you can communicate in a way that’s natural for your coffee maker, and car, without complicating things.

Developers can focus on a single feature with less code, which is easier to debug, maintain, and secure. Once Xenograte is communicating with the individual “things” it’s easy to organize the information each one needs to do something useful. Like… get you to work on time. Find out more at

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