How to Use Social
Media to Boost Sales

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Why Use Social Media?

When businesses use social media in a smart and strategic way, it contributes to their bottom line. The sales funnel comprises four stages for progression. These are interest, awareness, assessment, and purchase. Social media is a platform that can improve success at each stage. That means the platform can become a marketing channel to generate revenue and boost sales.  If you have already invested in channels like content marketing, PPC, and email marketing, it is the right time to amplify social media marketing strategies and get sales rolling.

Wondering why?

On social platforms, users have a deep interest in learning the latest happenings in the industry. This makes social networks an essential means to advertise and gain brand exposure. You can reach at least five thousand people in the world through Facebook alone. In fact, it is quite likely the most popular and fast marketing platform in the world. Tools like promotional advertisements make social media the ideal way to attract an audience and boost sales. The platform can build a reputation and increase sales and profits by reaching potential consumers. Plus, your brand can develop a loyal customer base through social networks.

Not sure how this platform or network can help your business expands and pads your account? Continue reading to determine how it boosts sales.

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Why You Need Social Media to Boosts Sales

According to a recent survey, 66 percent of businesses that spend six hours on social networks weekly get more leads. 84 percent of VPs and CEOs consider social networking platforms an important tool to make informed buying decisions.  Needless to say, when businesses stay in front of their potential audience, they boost product sales significantly.

If you think social networking platforms can only improve brand presence, you’re mistaken. With the help of active networking, brands can influence the customers’ buying decisions at multiple points with the sales funnel.

From boosting the reach of blogs and white papers to target potential customers to respond to purchaser questions, social communication can do wonders to boost sales. It is easy to address pain points and incentivize buyers using Facebook and Instagram.

In fact, there is no other digital and marketing platform that plays a more vital role in impacting your brand perception compared to social media. It allows you to interact with not only followers but also thought leaders, tastemakers, and journalists. It increases your public image, upgrades credibility, and offers your business the sales it deserves.

The ROI businesses get on social media advertisements is unbeatable. By boosting engaging posts on social media, your business can bring a great deal of traffic for a fraction of the price of Google ads.  With boosted content, you can have more control and power over the messages you want to increase. It is an exceptional opportunity to design your advertising and marketing financial plan more strategically.  You can focus on the ideas and topics that interest your audience to entice them and turn them into potential customizers.

Simply stated, a dynamic social media platform offers excellent ways to boost traffic to a business site. The content you share on social media brings several new visitors to your brand’s website and helps you convert them into customers.

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Valuable Ways to Boost Sales with the Help of Social Networking

So far, you have used social networking platforms to expand your business and connect with your followers.  However, you’re looking for innovative means to use this platform to improve your sales.  Econsultancy, in its latest survey, found social networking sites as a reliable channel to market the brand and yield ROI.

Take a look at these proven ways to boost sales through interactive mass media. While most of the ways produce revenue directly, some will contribute to generating indirect profits.

#1) Know Your Target Demographic /Market

Knowing your target market is the rule of thumb to help your potential buyers find your products. For instance, if you’re looking for B2B clients, it is not necessary that you get them on a single social networking site. This is where you need target demography. It finds out and assesses the sites where your potential users and buyers are most active.

Although you can choose more than one platform, it may become time-consuming. That is why you must find a platform where your audience is the most active using target demographic. For instance, LinkedIn can be an excellent site to take a star if your target is B2B clients. At the same time, Facebook has a vast user base to begin searching for B2B clients. According to recent findings of Sprout Social, 18 -28 age groups use all social networking platforms, especially LinkedIn. A keyhole is a useful tool for determining which platform is right to connect your clientele.

All you need is to pick the hashtag your rivals use for advertising and search on Keyhole. It provides you a chat of popular domains where your competitors have used hashtags. It gives you an idea of the domain or social networking site your customers are active on. You can use that particular social media channel to connect with your audiences and turn leads into customers.

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#2) Hire Social-Networking Influencers

This might sound surprising to you, but approximately 40 percent of people who use Twitter feel compelled to buy a product if an influencer recommends it. This is why influencer marketing has become a raging trend. It benefits the brand when it comes to influencing the users and improving the brand’s credibility. A recent study has found that buyers trust influencers just as much as they trust their close family and friends.

It answers why promoting your business and services through mass media influencers can boosts sales significantly.  In fact, in many cases, influencer marketing has delivered revenues as high as 500 percent.   The high percentages show that businesses and brands need to use the power and credibility of social media influencers to boost sales.

Interestingly, you can utilize this power in many ways. Getting mass media influencers to post your services in videos and photos strategically is one way to benefit from it. Have influencers tell an interesting story highlighting your product’s features and make it more reliable and usable for the customers. Many big brands hire influencers to provide personal feedback about the brand. Many influencers like to make how-to-content or tutorials for the products they are promoting.

The opportunities to improve brand awareness through mass media influencers are endless. However, if amplifying sales is your goal, hire social networking influencers to promote discount deals. Daniel Wellington- the Swedish watch brand used this strategy when it began business. The wristwatch brand was able to sell more than one million watches within the time span of three years, with influencers promoting the brand. The strategy helped the brand boost sales. It generated profits worth $220 million in 2015. Its ROI increased by 214 percent from the last two years.

In short, you can hire micro-influencers and top-tier influencers to promote discount codes for your products. They can boost the number of followers on Facebook and Instagram. Leverage various platforms to find and connect with popular mass media influencers to run your business campaign.

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#3) Slot in Paid Ads

As mentioned earlier, millions of people use social media platforms. Even if your brand communicates with the target audience through the right social networking platform, it might not benefit you if users have not heard about your brand before. This is when you need social media ads to notice your products before engaging with your audience.

Regardless of what networking platform you choose, you can always create advertisements to promote the business. It ensures higher visibility for a product among the relevant and potential target audience. Moreover, it further improves your opportunities to drive sales and leads from social media. Advertising via Instagram stories, for instance, offers an additional benefit to brands compared to traditional advertising.

An online fashion brand YOOX reported a 6 percent increase in its popularity after promoting products through stories.  Also, the fashion retailer was able to improve ad recall by 11 –points using story advertisement. This is not the only example where brands could reap the benefits of social media ads. LoveBook is another famous brand that increased brand awareness and boosted conversion via Facebook advertising.  The book publisher created numerous video ads and experienced three times boosted purchase rate.

Moreover, the brand had a 57 percent increase in ROI on the social media marketing cost. Investing in ad campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, or a sponsored post to reach a potential audience is an effective way to boost sales. You can also customize your social media ads by showing services users have viewed recently on your site. It will remind users about the products to make a purchase.

Thus, leveraging paid media to attract an audience can amplify your sales.

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#4) Turn Potential Customers into Your Brand Advocates

Although influencers hold the power to increase sales, relying only on them is not always necessary. If you’re an established brand, you may have many existing customers loyal to your brand. How about using them as brand advocates?  Yes, you heard that right!  You can always entice your potential customers to represent your brand as an advocate to endorse your brand. These brand promoters can do marketing for your brand, and you can offer them discount deals and freebies.

Conducting hashtag searches for your products or brand on the social-networking platform to find people who like posting about your services is also a good idea. Suppose you want to promote CCT watches. For that, you can search for #cctwatches on Instagram. You may find plenty of posts from influences you’re already working with.  Also, you will find influencers who have worked with you. Keep in mind that these are just popular posts. You need to scroll down and look for photos that feature your brand posted by a customer.

Once you get one, make sure you visit his or her profile.  The user might have a lot of followers on Instagram himself but has posted about your brand. This Instagrammer is the perfect choice to make a brand advocate. He/she will be the right addition to the CCT Watch community. You can offer your brand advocates free watches, attractive discount deals, and other similar perks on the next purchase. In exchange, ask them to make more exciting posts featuring CCT Watch.

#5) Generate Leads via Giveaways

You might have seen many brands offering perks, discounts, and giveaways to their customers. People are interested in buying from the brands that offer them something “EXTRA.” Enticing customers by providing them giveaways is a proven way to improve brand visibility and increase sales.

Create a giveaway promotion that needs buyers to signup first.  Also, incorporate an option for your users to receive brands and newsletters as an incentive. While it will offer users a great chance to win the giveaway, it will benefit you with hundreds of new buyers signing up for your business’s information. WayEasy Gift, for instance, followed this trend with its“12 Days of Giveaways” endorsement. The users can select between four different gifts that have a similar theme and win the prizes.  The promotion has generated recognition and leads for the brand and increased sales on their social media platforms.

Each user who wants to participate in the giveaway promotion must follow or like the brand’s Facebook page.

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#6) Leverage the Power of Hashtags

There is no denying that hashtags are a vital part of marketing on social media platforms. It is one way to label and find social media information and updates. In fact, hashtags make your posts and content discoverable and help you find content relevant to your business and people.

Moreover, you can connect and engage with other users who have a common interest or theme. Hashtags increase traffic on Instagram and Twitter by getting your posts seen by people who are not your followers. Also, they add to the marketing strategy by increasing social media shares. That means by including hashtags in your social media posts, you can quickly increase your users and expand your brand’s reach.

If you’re looking to boost sales through social media, it is essential to know how to incorporate hashtags effectively.  Here is how you can use hashtags innovatively.

  • Use trending hashtags– A trending hashtag is typically a topic that becomes popular. It refers to the current, most talked about topics. Often, people make hashtags focusing on significant news and events happening in the world. That means if there is a trend related to your brands, you can engage in it using a hashtag.
  • Use hashtags on multiple platforms– To give your brand more exposure, you must use hashtags on more than one social media platform. When a brand uses a hashtag numerous times on various channels, the audience remembers it.
  • Avoid overusing a hashtag- Each post requires the top two hashtags. Adding too many hashtags can create an impression that you’re spamming the followers. Use the one that is the best choice.
  • Be Unique and Specific- Using unique hashtags is vital for better engagement. If you use generic hashtags, it will not entice people to share or re-post.
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#7) Post-User-Generated Content to Boost Sales

There is no way you can underestimate the importance of online searching. Remember that consumers worldwide read reviews to ensure that the product they are buying is trustworthy. The reviews tend to reduce the anxiety about purchasing from a brand they barely know. Also, online research gives buyers peace of mind that they are investing in a reliable brand.

And when customers read the experience and opinions of other buyers, they feel a sense of honesty and quickly connect with it. That is why it is essential to make the most content created and posted by other customers to drive sales. According to the latest study of Olapic, approximately 70 percent of respondents like to purchase products after reading positive reviews of other consumers.

One way to drive more revenues or boost sales via social media is to encourage consumers to share their reviews online. Share this user-generated content on your social media platforms to strengthen loyalty and connection with your potential customers. Plus, it adds to the credibility of your brand when a loyal customer visits your profile.

You can ask your buyers to share their pictures with your product. Design a campaign and share it on different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. By clicking on the user-generated photos, other users can view and find the information about the product.

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#8) Entice Your Audience

Social media is a fantastic platform for businesses to provide sized and valuable content to the audience. However, the content must be engaging and compelling enough for users to make a purchasing decision.

Besides advertising your posts on different social media platforms, creating bite-sized content that provides social media users something valuable is a wise idea.  Ideally, you can go for ‘how-to’ content and guides. Your goal is to offer relevant information that entices users to buy your product. Betty Crocker, for instance, uses its Facebook page for posting quick recipes. It allows followers to make the recipes in the right way. The recipes are easy and straightforward to attract viewers to make them by using Betty Crocker ingredients.

You can also provide your users useful information on how they can use your services or products in the same line. If you sell fashion accessories, post attire that matches the ornaments you design. If you make tech gadgets, showcase to people what cool things they can do with them. Note that when you make use of informational content creatively, it gives your products a broader context. Also, it provides your customers an idea of how they can use the products effectively. Most importantly, the kind of informational content gives target customers more reasons to buy your products, ultimately leading to more conversions.

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Boosting Sales through Social Media- What Experts Say

If your brand is struggling because its marketing methods are not living up to the expected results, social media can help you. Let’s plunge into the details and see what experts say about selling on social media platforms.

1. Ted Rubin

The leading and popular social media marketing strategist considers today’s consumer’s knowledge-hungry. Ted believes that brands need to learn how to build a stronger relationship with their clients as it works as a sales edge for them.

Social media has changed the selling process, and now the power is in the hands of savvy buyers active on different platforms.  Sales professionals and experts who use social media to connect and network relationships can outsell the peers.

2. Scott Eddy

Scott Eddy is a successful entrepreneur and traveler who believes that every sale begins with a conversation. Investing your time to initiate a conversation is the right way to leverage the benefits of social media.  You can develop a relationship with your customers and turn conversations into ROI.

3. Jeff Goins

Jeff Goins is a famous American speaker and blogger. Jeff considers social media the strongest platform to build trust and credibility and send users to your business site.

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Summing Up

All in all, there are plenty of practical and smart ways your business can use to increase or boost sales through social media marketing.  Most of the tips mentioned above involve winning the target audience’s trust through other consumers and influencers. Moreover, you need to make your brand highly visible to your potential audience. Take advantage of the content that is engaging, enticing, and compelling for customers to purchase your products. Thus, social media platforms make buying easy for your customers.