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Real Estate Explainer Video – Pure Mortgage

Real estate explainer video created for Pure Mortgage, a real estate company based is Edmonton, Alberta. The client needed a short video that could help simplify their message. We helped tell a compelling story about how they help people realize their dream of becoming a home owner.

The idea was to reveal Pure Mortgage’s painless step-by-step process in the home buying process that takes it’s clients from making that dream come true. Let’s help you make a real estate explainer video for your real estate company or brokerage.

Explainer Video Script

Buying a home is exciting.
Getting a mortgage? Confusing.
And when it comes to choosing an independent mortgage broker to help, there are thousands of them out there.
But there’s only one Pure Mortgage.
Pure Mortgage doesn’t start with financing your home—we start with you.

First, we take the time to get to know you today—your work, lifestyle and family.
Then, we talk about your life plans for tomorrow—because when it comes to your mortgage, your future is just as important as your present.
All that info will help us guide you towards the right lender and the right mortgage product for your life.
You can expect awesome rates from Pure Mortgage too…‘cause we give the banks big business.
So what happens after you’re in your home with the perfect mortgage for your life?
We don’t go anywhere…figuratively of course.

We’ll stay in touch throughout the life of your mortgage, exploring every option to save you money and help you prepare for your future.
And what does it all cost? Nothing. Working with Pure Mortgage is free of charge.
But we’re ahead of ourselves…how about we meet first?
Get in touch with us today for a free consultation.


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