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Mental Healthcare Video Content

An unhealthy mind can be particularly debilitating even though the conditions might not physically manifest in the individual. For a long time, society considered mental illness trivial in comparison to physical illness. However, that thinking couldn’t be further from the truth. Just as physical health is vital for the functioning of the human body, so is mental health. Due to a sophisticated cocktail of factors – biological, genetic, personality and environment – everyone is prone to suffering from mental illness.

In the various interventions to tackle such illnesses and conditions, video animation has come to the forefront to support mental healthcare efforts. For organizations offering mental healthcare, the use of the best explainer videos for healthcare marketing offers plenty of advantages that benefit both the organization and the patient. Read on to find out why you should create healthcare video production to further your efforts to offer mental health services.

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Benefits of Mental Healthcare Videos?

The treatment of mental illness doesn’t have cookie-cutter interventions that work every time. The methods of improving mental health are as diverse as there are forms of mental illness. This makes society view mental illness through a shroud of confusion. Consequently, changing the prevailing mindset about – and perception of – mental illness requires more effective means.

Using different kinds and formats of motion pictures has proven to be an effective form of marketing various ideas and products. Therefore, the effectiveness of this medium of communication can be transferable in the marketing efforts by organizations involved in mental health. And this is an excellent point to segue into the benefits of video animation makers in spreading the word about mental healthcare.

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A handful of these benefits include:

Videos reach the target audience easier

You might be directing your efforts towards setting up banners, handing out flyers and crafting content for the blog on your website. And this isn’t a bad thing. After all, you’re reaching different demographics that need to know about mental illness and health.

However, when you create animated video, the results are exponentially better. Why? Because video has legs of its own. 54 percent of people prefer video to other forms of content. Animated video, in particular, is very shareable on social platforms. This means that it can reach the audience quickly. And since most social media users are in the younger demographic, you can easily reach them through the various platforms they frequent.

Video makes mental health information more accessible

Mental healthcare marketing can become difficult at times because, It is often difficult to find credible information on mental health. To get adequate and comprehensive information on the subject, one might have either visit the official website of a mental healthcare organization or walk into their brick-and-mortar location. However, video makes it easier to get this valuable information out there. As we stated earlier, video is easily shareable, making it useful in spreading the knowledge.

On the other hand, many online users consider text too boring or tasking to read. For information where you need to pore over several paragraphs to understand, you’ll only need a few seconds of video to comprehend. Consequently, you can share smaller videos to relay the same information in a full blog article. With 85 percent of internet users in the U.S watching videos on any of their devices, using video enables you to avail mental health information to a large number of people.

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Video makes mental health issues more relatable

Considering the stigma that people with mental illnesses face, it is no surprise that many people find a hard time identifying with these issues. It also doesn’t help that most of the work on psychiatric issues is splattered with industry jargon. This means that several people can’t muster the mental fortitude to forge through all the technical details.

Consequently, the vast majority of people can’t relate to mental issues. Videos are effective at making things understandable. They are adept at making seemingly complex subjects simple. Animations, in particular, lend themselves well to telling stories. This storytelling ability of the video medium evokes emotion in the audience. By tapping into the emotional side, you can get the audience to relate to the video’s subject matter – mental health, in this case.

Therefore, it is prudent to engage the video production services of a competent firm to create video animation pieces that carry your message.

Videos visualize mental condition escalations and solutions

When you create animated video, you can easily show the step by step development and escalation of the different psychiatric issues and conditions. This enables the ordinary person to identify these conditions in themselves or a loved one. Additionally, you can include the steps that one can follow after identifying the signs of escalation.

Consequently, they can identify the signs of mental illness and follow the right steps to help the person. You can share smaller videos to relay the same information in a full blog article. With 85 percent of internet users in the U.S watching videos on any of their devices, using video enables you to avail mental health information to a large number of people.

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Video explains the value of mental health organizations

People know about the existence of mental health organizations, but they might not know precisely what they do. By using video, you can clearly explain the function of your organization. Furthermore, you can elaborate on the mental health services you offer and how affected or interested individuals can reach out to you.

The appetite for and the shareability of video is especially advantageous to get the word out regarding your institution. Coast Mental Health has already rolled the dice. They engaged the services of a video animation company to produce this educative whiteboard animation.


From what we’ve seen, video commands a dominant spot in the world of marketing. Regardless of what you have to offer, the format is an effective form of communication with your desired audience. When it comes to mental healthcare, animated marketing videos have plenty of advantages. Not only can you reach your audience quickly, but you can also make mental health information more accessible.

The video medium makes the psychiatric issues more relatable, making it easy for the target audience to understand the step-by-step escalations of these issues as you demonstrate them. Furthermore, you can show them how to react and help in different circumstances. To leverage the power of video to further the reach of your institution’s mental healthcare mission, reach out to Creamy Animation for a free consultation.

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