Landing Page Video Production

Let Creamy’s landing page video production services help you convert casual site visitors into paying customers.

When people visit your website’s landing pages, they have certain expectations, created by whatever link brought them to your page. You can meet those expectations with a clever, concise, persuasive landing page video, to align your page with those expectations. A promise fulfilled in this way triggers greater consumer trust, which prompts higher conversion rates and ultimately more sales.

The right landing page video will quickly communicate your brand’s unique value proposition and product benefits.

A landing page may well be the first thing that a new visitor sees on your site, which they’ll ultimately associate with your brand. It’s important for your landing page to make a good first impression.

The landing page’s overriding goal is to drive potential customers into your sales funnel. The main metric for that goal is your conversion rate. And to put it succinctly, nothing converts like video.

What Makes a Great Landing Page Video?

A landing page video should have an introduction, a detailed explanation of features and benefits, and a concluding call to action which may be repeated throughout the page.

In order to fulfill the purpose of this structure, your landing page video should therefore focus on your company’s story, its values, and its culture. Make sure potential clients know who you are, what you do, and how your product works.

Lately, you may have heard that there’s been a decrease in the amount of time the average person pays attention to any single source of input. Web users in large part tend to scan large blocks of text instead of read the words carefully, and many people say they’d prefer watching video in any event.

So publishing your landing page in text-only format is counterproductive for your business. Instead, publish a well-crafted, engaging video front and center, and watch your time-on-page metrics increase. People will absolutely stick around and watch engaging videos on a landing page.

And when you can keep them interested, you can persuade them to stay on your site longer, and ultimately to trust your brand enough to make a purchase.

Keep Landing Page Videos Simple

For the highest-impact and most effective landing page video, get right to the point. Respect your viewer’s time and energy. Give them the main points to stoke their desire for more information. In that way, your video can persuade the viewer to explore your website more extensively.

A landing page video will help you grab your viewers’ attention and persuade them to stay longer, while simultaneously generating greater trust and engagement. Just one minute of video can have the persuasive potential of 1.8 million words!

Landing Page Video Production

Purpose-Driven Landing Page Video Production

An effective landing page video is not there solely to entertain, though certainly if it’s entertaining, your viewers will be more likely to watch it to the end.

Instead, your landing page video should be purposeful. Tell people exactly what you want them to do. Coax them to make a decision quickly by overcoming purchasing objections and ensuring that you’ve made the most out of every second.

At Creamy, we’re highly proficient at ensuring your video’s message is clear, concise, and communicative. We’ll help you finetune your video so that it’s as persuasive and engaging as possible.

Tug on Their Heartstrings

Facts are crucial in business and landing page video production. But simply blasting factual data at viewers results in an overwhelming, boring video that very few people will watch to the end.

Instead, at Creamy, we work with our clients to aim those facts at the viewer’s heart, so to speak. We know how to evoke the kind of emotional response that makes your clients and prospects remember your brand, trust it more, and be more willing to purchase from your company.

When a video resonates with viewers on an emotional level, customers tend to get attached to the brand behind the video more easily. Take advantage of video with Creamy, because we know how to craft videos that elicit those emotions and personalize the viewer’s experience.

A landing page video explains how a product or service works in a concise and compelling way. Make sure your landing page is convincing enough that your visitors will plunge on your website.

Are you ready to create a dynamic, persuasive video for your landing page? Contact Creamy today to request a quote for landing page video production.