How To Make a Great Kickstarter Video

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How to Create a Kickstarter Video

You don’t have to be a genius to understand that Crowdfunding videos are compelling and instrumental for your campaigns’ success. They can make a long-lasting digital footprint on viewers’ minds only if they meet the criteria of Kickstarter videos – that is, to make them more sellable and shareable.

If you want your Crowdfunding Kickstarter videos to go viral and gain attention, you must evoke the audience’s emotions. The videos have to be compelling enough that viewers can’t help but share them with their family and friends.

However, it doesn’t mean that you need only witty scripts and outstanding visuals to catch the attention. If your video doesn’t explicitly demonstrate how your product or project solves the problem, it will fail. And when it comes to making Crowdfunding videos, you might need to put more thought into it.

It is important that your Crowdfunding video explicitly demonstrate the issue and tell your audience what you’re trying to solve. If you have never tried making a Crowdfunding kick starter video before, we have you covered here. The article explores the most important steps of creating a successful Kickstarter video that is actionable and can work best for you.

But before we delve into the details of how you can make an effective Crowdfunding Kickstarter video, let’s have a quick review of how powerful it can be.

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The Power of Kickstarter Videos

According to the latest survey of Kickstarter, people can successfully fund 34 percent of campaigns without videos. However, this percentage increases up to 65 percent when an ad campaign adds an explainer video to it. This is undeniably a significant rate of an additional 50 percent.

Indiegogo’s statistics and surveys on incorporating of Kickstarter videos mirror the same result. This might sound bizarre that ad Campaigns with explainer videos can generate 115 percent more funds than those without videos.

There is no denying that the use of Kickstarter videos specifically for promotional and marketing purposes has plenty of quantifiable benefits. Take a look at a few of them;

  • Videos transmit a huge amount of information in a short period
  • 90 percent of B2B consumers watch videos
  • Conversion rate increases by 80 percent when the brand adds a video
  • 30-second video ad has a high 88 percent rate of completion
  • 81 percent of CEOs and suit level executives ensure that videos are part of the online marketing strategy of their company

A Crowdfunding campaign with a compelling video is essentially a call to potential investors to invest their money in your business over others. Because videos use sound and sight to communicate a message so that viewers can emotionally connect with the content, they are very effective. It is important to keep in mind that not all videos can do that.

Videos that use the elements and right strategies to grab the audience’s attention and viewers can help brands improve their position in the market. No matter if you want to make an intriguing Crowdfunding video, you need to make sure that it gets the message across. Compelling videos are worthy enough to win any Crowdfunding contest and go viral.

In short, a Crowdfunding video must compel the audience to respond to the desired call-to-action.

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How to Make a Crowdfunding Kickstarter Video

1. Identify Your Target Audience

Every Crowdfunding video has a purpose: to reach or inspire a group of individuals who share ideas and similarities with your business approach. Your main goal is to collect information to appeal or attract your target audience. For that, you must study the target audience to understand their preferences and demands. Regardless of the nature of the service and product you provide, your crowdfunding’s campaign success relies on how well your videos connect to the individuals who understand and appreciate your offers.

Remember that your marketing strategies must revolve around the choices, priorities, and information you have collected about the target audience. In other words, marketing someone who is least interested in participating in your Crowdfunding video or campaign will likely waste your time and effort. You want to put your efforts to target people who are more likely to fund or donate.

Now that you know how targeting the right audience can benefit your startup or business, you must figure out who your target audience can be. According to experts, the ideal way to determine your target audience is to research successful campaigns similar to your business. You need to research their campaigns and marketing methods. It can help you find the specific traits and attributes of your target audience such that may include,

  • Where do they spend their time
  • How much do they typically donate
  • Their interests and choices

The information listed above can help you add the elements that can appeal to your Crowdfunding video and generate an effective marketing strategy. The successful campaigns may vary between individual Crowdfunding projects.

2. Establish Your Brand Positioning

Brand positioning is a coordinated effort between different parts to make a strong perception in the market that drives your company forward. Typically, it is one of the practices businesses use to explore, identify, and refine their distinctiveness or uniqueness with the target audience. It is a strategy that defines the position you want to have or make in your audience’s minds. It helps businesses break through the noise on the internet and speak directly to the audience and create market differentiation.

And when it comes to making a standout Crowdfunding Kickstarter video that defines your brand, you need to consider some key considerations. It is worth mentioning that your business is what your corporate consumer says it is. So start with these questions, your potential consumers may ask.

Mostly potential funders want to know:

  • What is different and unique about your idea or brand?
  • Why do you want to crowdfund a project?
  • What is your idea of taking your project after getting successful funding?
  • What will happen if you won’t reach your funding goals?
  • Do you offer something to your early supporters?

Potential backers and investors want to know everything about your project planning – not just their part or how contributing to your project will benefit them. When you know the answers to these questions, it is easier to decide how you can best promote and market your crowdfunding campaign. Know that your brand positioning strategy gives viewers a clear idea of your project’s objectives and direction.

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3. Define What Problem you’re Solving

The next step to make a powerful Kickstarter Crowdfunding is to tell your viewers the purpose of your project or venture by educating them . You simply can’t appeal a potential backer to invest in your project or fund your business idea until it specifies what problem it solves. You must tell viewers in the Kickstarter video how your venture makes a difference in their lives.

According to Microsoft’s study, an individual’s average attention span is not more than eight seconds. What does it imply in the world of marketing and promotion?

This means if you fail to tell your viewer (who most likely is an investor) what problem you’re solving, he/she will switch to the next video within seconds. You must convey the purpose and message within the first 30 seconds of your Crowdfunding video.

Ideally, your video should put out your brand’s value proposition within the first 10 seconds. Your video must answer, “Why do viewers need to help you make your venture a reality?”

This is an important reason you need to work on branding and solve the only value proposition. However, you must show your audience that you’re a creative problem solver. The brand proposition entails everything a viewer or investor needs to know about the idea behind your business.

4. Communicate the Value of Your Product

People can recognize a product with its trade name. A brand can only create a long-lasting image in the viewer’s mind if it knows how to communicate its value. To create an impactful Crowdfunding video, you must invest in the strategies and tactics that can demonstrate viewers why your business idea or product is valuable.

Here are a few actionable highlights you can take to communicate your product’s value through a compelling Crowdfunding video.

  • Identify the “promise” of your product to grab the attention of your prospect: your video content needs to resonate with prospects as it may have several benefits. The video should identify the benefit associated with the product and understand how it affects or influences financial and personal levels.
  • Highlight what features your product has that convince customers: as mentioned earlier, your video must tell your viewers how it solves their problems. You need to develop a script that elaborates on how your business idea or product solves the problems.
  • Keep your brand message consistent by highlighting product benefits to create an impact on viewers: Highlight the features of your product, along with the benefits in detail to communicate its value. You can also align your brand message with the benefits of emphasizing your product’s promise whenever you talk about it.
  • Feature product testimonial to build credibility: Keep track of the feedback and reviews that you receive related to your product. You can ask clients and customers to give testimonial about your product and include it in your Kickstarter video to emphasize its importance and value.
  • Use call to action to motivate and encourage viewers to invest in your venture: This may seem an irrelevant step, but it can play an important role in encouraging your viewers and investors. When you incorporate a clear and convincing call to action into a Kickstarter video, it highlights the value of your product. You can also offer previews and trials of the product (if applicable) to feature its functionality and effectiveness.
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5. Keep it Short and to the Point

Finally, it is the quality and timing of your video content that make it stand out from the rest. No matter how well-created your video is, your viewers may find it boring and dragged if it is too long. Remember that you need to make the most of an average period of your viewer’s attention. If you’re serious about asking an investor to fund your venture, you will likely convey your message in a short but memorable Crowdfunding video campaign.

As mentioned above, you need to grab your audience’s attention or interest in the first few seconds if you want them to watch it to the end. That is why many studies demonstrate that the shorter the Kickstarter video is, the higher its success. A bulk of evidence shows that Crowdfunding videos that run under sixty seconds have a higher viewership rate.

The ideal length for a Crowdfunding video is two to three minutes. It is because entrepreneurs usually have more material and content to cover. A well-designed and concise Crowdfunding video campaign is undeniably a way to go to convince your viewers. It not only conveys your brand message but also triggers the audience’s emotion with its content.

That is what makes planning and preparing for your Crowdfunding video campaign is of paramount importance. The best way to ensure that you make an impactful and compelling crowdfunding video is to hire the services of qualified and experienced video producers. The professionals will take care of each and everything and help you make a quality finished product.

After all, a Crowdfunding Kickstarter video that goes viral easily recovers the cost of design and production.

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Video Tips

Ensuring that your Crowdfunding video goes viral, it needs to be engaging and interesting enough to make viewers want to watch and share with more people. If your Crowdfunding video is well-produced, concise, compelling, and addresses a specific audience’s needs, it will gain traction from viewers. They will share it with their contacts.

Not to mention that a captivating video is a rich medium for storytelling. Of course, you must know all the secrets to create a Crowdfunding video that has the potential to convince viewers and make them believe that your venture is worth investing in.

Yes, you can try an array of tips to bring your total energy and creativity to make a powerful and captivating Crowdfunding video for your venture. Here we have enumerated three excellent tips to make an ideal Kickstarter video.

  • Highlight the Basics; according to a recent study of Kickstarter, every Crowdfunding video needs to cover these six essential things:
  • It must tell viewers and audience what your brand is and who you are
  • It must tell your viewers the background story behind your venture
  • It must have compelling content that asks for people’s support, explains why your brand needs it and what it will do with money.
  • It should talk about how excellent your rewards and returns are through images
  • It has to explain how crucial it is for you to reach your goals

Be Yourself

You might have seen plenty of Crowdfunding Kickstarter videos. Not all these videos you come across entail fresh ideas, concepts, or storylines. Most of them have seemingly unauthentic people and stale personalities.

It is worth mentioning that with the stake of Crowdfunding videos high, the pressure to stand out and perform well has also increased. That is why many marketers resort to strategies that are out-mode. These marketers often end up producing a Crowdfunding video that looks like a fabricated show. This is perhaps one thing that they miss out on when conceptualizing their Kickstarter video.

Remember that crowd-funders and investors are more interested to hear your idea and see your personality. One thing that they are least interested to see is a person on-screen speaking without any conviction. According to Daniel Kahneman- the Noble Prize holder and psychologist, viewers look for an association and deep link between a product with its developer. Therefore, the secret to making a great Crowdfunding video is to retain a “sight of you.”

Being original and authentic can give you the strength and confidence to say things you believe and come off as natural. “Be yourself” means that you will convince people to not only fund your idea but also invest in you. Producing a video like this will allow viewers to see your passion. Also, it will portray you as a trustworthy and competent person. Ultimately, it will become something that can influence funders and potential beckets to invest in your venture.

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Keep it Legal

This is, without a doubt, one of the important aspects you need to keep in mind. Whether you make a Kickstarter Crowdfunding video for a business venture or your project, you must not violate copyright law. This may include anything from copyrighted logos, music to videos, and images. For instance, you want to incorporate a popular song or insert a unique clip of a movie but don’t own the copyrights to the film and add it to your video.

The American Society of Composers, Authors, and Publishers (ASCAP) is a nonprofit company that manages the exclusive copyright license and licensing fees of members. The organization strongly advises people who want to use a protected song or clip to “contact the publishers and possibly the record label of artists to negotiate the licenses and rights with them.”

Receiving permission is always a good idea when you’re using someone else’s material in your Crowdfunding videos. Having a license and proof will help you prevent legal consequences.

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Best Kickstarter Video Production Companies

As mentioned earlier, if you want your crowdfunding Kickstarter video to outshine, hiring the best explainer video companies is a great idea. It is especially true if you’re creating a Crowdfunding video for the first time. Below we have mentioned a few Kickstarter video production companies to help you choose the best services.

Creamy Animation

Creamy Animation excels at masterfully creating Crowdfunding videos that reach viewers emotionally via beautiful cinematography, slick animation, and polished visual effects. The video production company specializes in creating compelling plots and knows all the creative strategies of storytelling. The company can help you meet the goals of your Kickstarter videos.

Hunt House Pictures

Hunt House Pictures is a popular company headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, and is a collaborative project of USC Cinema graduates Edwin Eversole and Jack Murgatroyd.

Whether it is via advertising, narrative filmmaking, or music video, Hunt House Pictures works with the singular intention and goal of making great stories.

To produce the best craft, the competent teams of creative video makers use various styles, inspirations, and anything that can help it deliver content that viewers not only can connect with, but also share with others and fall in love with. The team believes storytelling is everything, and they like exploring all sorts of ways of telling it.

Luminous Studio

Luminous Studios is a well-reputed bicoastal production company, based in NY and LA. The company works with a qualified team of creators who focus on making exciting and unique video content for start-ups and small companies, mostly in fashion and tech lifestyles.

The company started working as indie filmmakers, so their approach combines branded content and cinematic style storytelling to make a high-quality product. The Luminous Studio is a one-stop-shop and knows how to handle everything from Crowdfunding video making to delivery.


All in all, raising or collecting funds for your planned venture may be a daunting task if you don’t know the right strategies. A Crowdfunding Kickstarter video can make this process significantly smoother. All you need is to make an emotionally captivating Crowdfunding video that can convince and enthuse potential backers to fund your venture. Thus, the given steps can help you create an effective Crowdfunding video with all the necessary elements.