How to Build Your Brand With
Educational Video Content

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Education video content plays a critical role in building strong brands. As a marketer, one of your main goals is to create a credible reputation for your brand in the eyes of the consumers. Branded videos are becoming increasingly popular as a brand building strategy.

It is a well-known fact that this cannot be achieved by stuffing your marketing efforts with promotional material. Using a video for business marketing has become a mandatory part of every content marketing strategy.

That too, for a good reason. 52% of marketers believe video marketing efforts result in the highest ROI when compared to other content options. Hence, educational content marketing is primarily being done through videos rather than text. Moreover, video content marketing can be used in a number of ways.

Educational Video Production

There are different types of videos that you can make to communicate a particular message. Non-profit organizations can make use of educational video content to create awareness about their cause. When attempting to build a positive and credible brand image, marketers must provide solutions to the audience through video marketing.

According to Google, the number of searches involving “how to” queries has increased by 70% every year on YouTube. Hence, as a marketer, you should seriously consider making demonstrative or educational videos a part of your marketing strategy.

What are Educational Videos?

Best brand launch videos help the audience gather an understanding of a particular subject or idea. Educational videos are therefore comprised of informative material that addresses the “how to” queries of a particular target audience.

Educational videos for YouTube users are primarily for learning more about the product. Hence, these videos are also sometimes used by marketers to deliver a better understanding of a particular product. In such explainer videos, information regarding how to use a complex product is shared.

This is a great example of an effective education marketing strategy. You can find a list video production companies that can help you create educational videos for your business.

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Why are Educational Videos Important?


In the modern world using education as a marketing tool is a great way to boost sales. Customers are always on the lookout for easy and convenient solutions. They need answers, and they need them fast!

While sharing educational content through text is also possible, a visual representation of such content makes it much more effective. Whether you have a B2B business or B2C, educational video content helps you gather a significant amount of leads. Animated explainer videos makes for an effective educational tool for your business.

The same idea can be supported by the statistic shared by Business Insider back in 2016 that revealed that more than 500 million hours were spent everyday to watch videos on YouTube.

Video Marketing

Apart from the fact that the statistics from Cisco reveal that 80% of all internet traffic by 2020 will comprise of video streaming, there are also some other reasons to invest in video marketing and make your own animated explainer videos.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in seeking help from video production companies to create educational videos:

1.     Answers Questions

When you create educational videos, you are providing your audience customer service in an easy and entertaining way.

Addressing any common questions your target customer can think of is not easy. When you use text, there is a greater likelihood that the customer does not use that information. Educational videos make the process of learning easy and visually appealing. Understanding how to make a video to answer those questions is a great start.

2.     Builds Authority

When you constantly offer educational videos to your target audience, they perceive you as an expert in the field. Your brand becomes their go-to solution whenever they have a “how to” problem to resolve.

Overtime, this gives your brand a reliable and qualified reputation that gives you a larger, more loyal customer base.

3.     Makes Things Easy

Explaining things using animation video content makes it possible for businesses to keep everything simple. A visual representation of how-to solutions helps the audience gain complete understanding.

This is because viewers can go back any time and play the videos as many times as they like. For businesses, it is easier to show the audience how a particular thing is done rather than explain to them via text.

Animated Explainer Video

4.     Encourages More Traffic

Video content marketing allows businesses to earn a strong reputation for themselves. Once that is done, the audience starts perceiving the business as an expert, which makes them want to explore other solutions the business has to offer.

As this happens, your website will experience increased traffic and significantly higher conversion rates. According to Google, YouTube is known to be second on the list of most trafficked websites. This makes one believe in the power of using video in marketing.

5.     Flexible Usage

Educational videos can be used to meet a number of goals. Whether you wish to create a better understanding of your product or raise awareness, educational videos are great.

However, it is extremely critical that your video content remains free of any direct attempts to promote your brand.

6.     Higher Retention Levels

According to Vidyard, viewer retention rate increases to 59% when they are shown video content that just lasts 90 seconds.

Due to this very reason, there is a rising trend in education video download. People with visual memory are able to retain a lot of the information that you give them via video content marketing. These learners do not truly benefit from the other modes of marketing as these techniques are unable to make a profound impact on them.

Therefore, to give the target audience a complete how-to solution, you must introduce the use of educational video content.

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7.     Shareable

If there is a confusion that exists in the mind of a particular customer, chances are, there are others looking for answers for the same problem. Thanks to social media, your educational videos are more likely to knock many other doors.

According to Wordstream, a video shared on social media gets 1200% more shares than content that incorporates images or text. If your educational video is found to be helpful, more and more people will share these videos easily over different social media platforms.

This will increase the number of times your video is viewed and raise awareness for your brand. Hence, free educational videos are a great way to spread the word about your new product.

8.     Unlimited Convenience

Advancements in technology have made everything extremely convenient. This is why millennials are believed to always be on a lookout for “instant gratification”.

Video content marketing has the ability to appeal to these masses since they are easier to absorb. Instead of having your customers go through boring text, you can give them a visual representation of how to solve a particular problem through educational video marketing.

Characteristics of a Great Educational Video

Great videos are not created by chance. There are several styles of video you can use, that include cartoon character animation, whiteboard animation, live action, motion graphics, stop-motion, and more. To develop the best marketing videos, marketers must ensure that they have all the key components required to make a successful educational video.

You can using animation styles like whiteboard animation, motion graphics, or cartoon animation.

While visual content has the capability to captivate audience attention, retaining it is another matter. Advertising video clips on a website is not the sole purpose of a great marketer.

Best brand videos are able to keep the audience entertained and informed. Here are some characteristics that are common among great educational videos:

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1.     Solves a Real Problem

You might have the best educational video out there but if the question that it addresses isn’t found to be relative by your target audience, it will fail. Without ample knowledge about what your audience wants to know, you cannot create a successful educational video.

All great videos first invest their resources to find out what problems potential users face on a regular basis. Best animated explainer video is built for a purpose, which is to resolve a client’s problem.

2.     Has Less Promotional Content

A great educational video does not add heavy promotional material since making a sale is not the primary goal here. You must remember that helping the audience is your main objective. Therefore, it is vital that you focus only on that.

Businesses cannot gain a reliable reputation if they keep convincing the viewer why their products are the best in the market. It is rather recommended to give subtle hints to the viewer about your brand.

This can be done via non-invasive tactics such as incorporating your logo at the top and using colors specific to your brand.

Explainer Video

3.     Quality Information

The way you address a particular problem also determines the success of your educational video. You must ensure that the video content is helpful and is based on facts.

Giving solutions that are based on your own opinion and hold no significance will never help your brand build a reliable reputation.

You should provide information that the audience can trust and has a solid backing. Moreover, the content in your video should answer the viewer’s question entirely without requiring additional search.

4.     Carries the Right Style or Tone

Before you dive into video marketing, you must determine what your tone of voice should be. This is important because consistency in the way you communicate with your audience and gives your brand a unique identity.

This identity can help the audience develop a relationship with your brand and recognize its content. Animated videos for business are thought to be extremely impactful as marketers can come up with a unique character and use it to give the audience subtle hints of the brand.

How to Make An Educational Video

When it comes to video marketing, planning is everything. You must make sure that you conduct ample research before moving on to creating an educational video. Here are some useful steps on how to create video content:

1.     Build Buyer Personas

The first step to create a successful instructional video is to understand your target audience.

This can be done by creating buyer personas that are based on the demographic and psychographic information of your customers. Through buyer personas, you can get to know how your customers think and what you need to do to grab their attention.

Whiteboard Animation

2.     Identify Problems

Once you have created buyer personas for your target audience, it is time to identify the problems they face.

Find out common concerns that this group of people have and evaluate whether the solution can be demonstrated via video content or not. Problems that can be solved with the help of a demonstration should be chosen for making educational videos.

3.     Seek Help from the Experts

It is recommended to seek help from video production services companies instead of attempting to develop a video on your own.

These professionals will help you come up with a high quality and relevant videos. Moreover, experts will have the skills and the professional equipment needed to create a successful animated explainer video.

Educational Video

4.     Create Solid Content

You must ensure that your video addresses the problem in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. Having consistency across different marketing messages is important to deliver great content.

Rather than spending your budget on creating videos that solve a generic problem, come up with a video that attracts a niche customer base. When you provide the audience with information about content that is specific, you are more likely to earn increased traffic.

5.     Make Sure the Video is Engaging

Videos that are not entertaining or engaging are boring and will never help your brand grow. Therefore, you must work with experts in the video production services field to develop an educational video that is perceived to be engaging by the audience.

That will only be possible if you carry out all the steps mentioned above as well as deliver video marketing content in a visually appealing way. The use of colors and strong content along with reference to a common problem will keep the viewer captivated.

6.     Get Feedback

After finalizing the educational video, you must test it to see whether it will be a success or not. Seek help from a small group of audience that has characteristics similar to those of your target customers.

Find out whether they find the educational video to be helpful or not. Also, ask them if they would like to see some changes made to the video. Work on the suggestions to make the video as perfect as possible. With the help of a video production company, you can easily navigate some of the complexities of video marketing and educational video production.



  • Understand the importance of including educational videos in your content marketing plan.
  • Identify what goes into the making of a great educational video and try to incorporate all those elements.
  • Plan thoroughly and carry out extensive research to identify a common problem faced by your target audience.
  • Provide valuable information in your educational video in an entertaining and visually appealing manner.
  • Gather feedback and find out whether there is a need for change.
  • Make changes and share the educational video.

Final Thoughts

There are different types of animated explainer video available on the market. Each can serve its own purpose well, with the right amount of planning and execution. To develop a credible and trustworthy image for a brand, marketers must give out information that is free from explicit promotional efforts.

When the audience looks at a brand as being committed to solving their problems, they develop a strong relationship. Consistent efforts by the brand in the form of educational videos ultimately increase traffic and results in higher conversions.

While it is not recommended for marketers to incorporate material that is geared towards making sales, the use of subtle messages is possible. An educational video that has a clear goal and strategy behind it and is delivered in an attractive manner increases the ROI and reduces future marketing expenses. Find out more about our educational video production services.