Healthcare Explainer Video – Resident Doctors of BC

This Healthcare explainer video for Resident Doctors of BC tells the story of a day in the life of a resident doctor. Healthcare is a complex industry that has proven fairly difficult to navigate. One way to help clients is to create an healthcare animation video that connects with your audience and explain how certain aspects of your hospital or practice work. I short animated video can help clients understand and navigate the healthcare system swiftly to get the best care that they need.

A simple healthcare explainer video that explains how to get medical attention would help answer basic questions and free up your phone lines for the more important thing. We had the privilege of working with Resident Doctors of BC to tell their story in a short motion graphic explainer video. We helped craft the script, storyboard, voiceover, animation and the final video. Our healthcare video production services are tailor made to help health professionals leverage video for effective communication. If you’re in the healthcare industry and would like to discuss the possibility of doing a medical animation video, would would love to hear from you.

Healthcare Explainer Video

Explainer Video Script

This is Lucy She is a resident physician She has her medical degree, and is now engaged in supervised training in a medical specialty prior to independent practice.

As a resident she arrives at the hospital early in the morning During the day she treats patients, teaches medical students, performs surgery, does medical research, orders lab work, and completes paperwork. At the end of the day, she doesn’t go home, she does a call shift. She stays in the hospital overnight to ensure 24-hour patient care.

When there isn’t a call to respond to, she tries to study. She also tries to catch some sleep. She responds to every call, assesses every patient and saves lives.Before going home after her call shift she checks on her patients and updates their charts.

She looks forward to tomorrow.