All About Explainer Videos
An explainer video is a short animation or live video whose goal is to grab the viewer’s attention, and explain a product or idea in a simple and concise way.
See an explainer video as an extension of your marketing strategy and your brand. The quality of the video and storytelling should be consistent which your message across all marketing channels.
We can help make video work for you. Let’s start with a clear video marketing strategy. We’re ready to partner with you.

11 Tips for Writing the Perfect Explainer Video Script

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11 Tips for Writing the Perfect Explainer Video Script Explainer videos are a great way to highlight your flagship products and services. But before you can create the perfect explainer video, you’ll need the perfect explainer video script. It’s not an impossible task, even if you’ve never done it before.

Technology Explainer Video – Xenograte

By | 2017-11-30T22:05:29+00:00 October 1st, 2014|Explainer Videos|

Technology Explainer Video In this technology explainer video we show you what Xenograte is and how it works. Video Script We’re moving into a world of connected things. Where companies leverage data and intelligence from thousands of devices to create smart business processes that’ll transform the

6 Reasons to use Whiteboard Explainer Videos

By | 2017-11-29T22:51:01+00:00 April 30th, 2014|Explainer Videos|

Whiteboard Videos Are Great For Online Marketing Whiteboard videos can bring about exceptional results when used as part on an online marketing strategy. Video is one of the most powerful online marketing media. Every other website has at least one explainer video on their main page. Some are using explainer

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