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Startup Explainer Video for DiversysPRO

We created a series of explainer videos for a Toronto based Startup, DiversysPRO. The first video provided an overview of the startup company and what they do. The next three explainer videos focused on unique features of DiversysPRO to provide more detail on the product value proposition.

Explainer Video Script

How DiversysPRO Works

We all know how ineffective it is to manage your recycling process with paper. From transactions that are hard to read or full of errors, to ones that get lost in the mail, it’s clear that paper-based processes are simply outdated. Instead, there’s DiversysPRO.

DiversysPRO is workflow management software that brings all of your people, transactions, and tasks together on one easy-to-use platform, helping you manage your entire recycling process better, faster, and more accurately. Reporting and compliance have never been easier.

Through the DiversysPRO portal on your internet browser, you easily and clearly get the big picture of all the details: whether it is tracking waste products, reporting on compliance, or tracking your performance with custom metrics, DiversysPRO makes it happen.

Pair the web portal with the DiversysPRO mobile app, and suddenly – transparent digital transactions and reporting happen anytime, anywhere.
Your infield participants that collect, transport, and process your waste materials use the mobile app for all their transactions.
Forget about paper! The app is so simple and easy to learn, it’s software that your team and participants will actually want to use.

While participants fill out all of their transaction information, the app makes sure that all their data is secure and accurate. You get all of that high-quality data back in the office on the web portal, in real-time. From there, you can make the decisions that matter based on data you can trust.

DiversysPRO improves your world today and jumpstarts your tomorrow. This software is flexible, so you can trust it to work the way it’s supposed to – no matter how many more people you add on, how much data you manage, how complex your transactions get, or how your compliance needs change.

So, stop wasting your time on ineffective, outdated processes and start saving the planet with DiversysPRO. With a solution this good, you need to see it to believe it. Contact Diversys for a customized demo today!

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