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Education Video Production

Education video production services can help administrators and teachers enhance classroom concepts. When it comes to creating vivid, compelling education videos, Creamy is at the head of the class.

Education is a crucial part of modern life. Through education, we become aware of our world, our neighbors, and ourselves.

With such global use of the internet and mobile technology, people increasingly tend to enjoy watching short videos instead of reading text in a book or merely listening to someone speak. Additionally, most people find they retain more information when it’s learned through a video as opposed to plain text.

We learn every day, both formally and informally. Education video production helps you make complex ideas simpler, more understandable, and easier to share.


Stories Are Entertaining

If you want students to understand and retain complex ideas, and actually enjoy the process of learning, put those ideas and concepts into a story-driven educational video.

According to recent studies, when the visual and auditory senses are stimulated, a person will retain a higher percentage of the information being presented to them. In fact, on average, a person who merely hears information is able to recall approximately half of it later on. But with the aid of visuals such as educational videos, that retention rate shoots up to 80% of the information presented.

The best and most effective educational videos are simultaneously clear and entertaining. Great educational videos utilize brain science to promptly present ideas in a brilliant way. And story-based videos are the latest, most effective way to take advantage of visual media for educational purposes.

Education Video Production Works at All Levels

Elementary schools, colleges, tutoring centers, technology startups with a focus on education … any type of educational organization can benefit from skilled education video production.

Education aims to produce future leaders who are great thinkers, problem-solvers, and progressive leaders. To maximize the effectiveness of instruction, smart educational institutions use videos to ensure that today’s students and tomorrow’s leaders get the most out of their education experience.

Education Video Production

Educational Videos for Visual Learners

Many students are visual learners. That is, they learn best when they’re engaging with visual formats, such as video.

That’s why educational videos help ensure that a subject is taught in a meaningful way. When the videos are captivating, students will pay attention and learn.

Video technology has been proven to be very powerful in motivating and educating students of all ages and skill levels. It also provides transferability and transformability, while opening new horizons for both teaching and learning.

Educational videos enhance the learning experience, as unfamiliar places and intangible phenomena are visualized in a dynamic way, adding experiential value to the students’ understanding. Moreover, video’s ability to demonstrate procedures and processes in a detailed manner is unsurpassed.

Two Ways to Use Videos in Education

Public Education & Outreach

Educational videos are the best fit when you want to inform the general public about an educational initiative.
When a video is used as part of a comprehensive outreach or educational program, it becomes easier to communicate your ideas to your audience and make sure that they are getting the education that you want them to get.

Keep your audience engaged and entertained at the same time. Make your website or presentation entertaining by including an explainer video based on your initiative.

With a polished, entertaining educational video, you’ll find your videos are easier for viewers to share, expanding the number of people that you can reach.

Education Video Production

Classrooms and Lectures

Videos are especially useful in classrooms, as they can simplify the communication of difficult concepts to students.

When a concept includes a lot of numbers or data, for example, a video can make it easier for students to visualize and comprehend that data. Most students find concepts with numbers either intimidating, boring, or both.

Creamy helps you make it fun for them by using entertaining videos! You can present graphs and data in a way that makes the underlying concepts come alive to students, who will no longer find the material intimidating. They’ll find themselves engaged in the lesson, in spite of themselves.


Make Learning and Studying Fun

Lots of people experience a bit of anxiety or fear when it comes to studying and learning new subjects. Reluctant students will almost always struggle unnecessarily to master that material. Make it easier on them with strategically designed and well-executed videos.

Educational videos help students forget that they are studying or learning because the videos feel like fun. They help keep students entertained and engaged, all the while the students are mastering difficult concepts and material.

Through the combination of creative visuals and voiceovers, education video production processes incorporate various instructional elements in a visually appealing format that effectively educates your students, no matter what the topic may be.

From Old School to a Contemporary Approach

Education video production is steadily being integrated into all kinds of formal and informal learning environments. In some cases, they’re even slowly replacing old-school textbooks and long, dreary classroom lectures. An explainer video is a great tool for explaining complex concepts and helping people understand how a how something works.

Whatever your organization’s goals may be, Creamy can help you create a dynamic video with the appropriate tone — light-hearted, serious, entertaining, or a mix — to capture and educate your students in a more effective way.

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