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Project: Storytelling Video

Animals In Science Policy Institute is a registered not-for-profit dedicated to providing education on ethics and alternatives to animals in research, testing and teaching in Canada.

AiSPI aims to promote meaningful, evidence-based discussion about the need to use animals in science, to highlight where non-animal alternatives can be better implemented, and to encourage deeper ethical reflection about animal use in the scientific community.

Project Brief

AiSPI commissioned Creamy Animation to help them tell the story of how the organization is working to change perceptions and the practice of animal dissection is schools.
The idea behind the video was to reach out to animal lovers and concerned individuals understand the impact of animal dissection and how they can play a part in helping bring change.

Our Solution

We developed a storytelling explainer video that would provide a brief background on animal dissection in Canada, what AiSPI is doing to reduce the use of real animals in school science, and how animal lovers and citizens can be involved.

So the life-like visuals and compassionate voice was especially designed to tug at the heartstrings of animal lovers and concerned individuals, bring awareness, and drive more people to get involved and help support the preservation of animals in Canada.

Our Role

  • Story Development

  • Script Writing

  • Voiceover

  • Storyboarding

  • Illustration

  • Animation

Creamy Animation were a delight to work with. They nailed my vision for a 60-second explainer video for my charity on the first draft, and there were very few revisions needed. They were also very patient with my own restricted availability to give feedback at some points in the workflow. I’m really happy with the final result! Thanks, Creamy Team for an awesome experience!

Elisabeth Ormandy, Animals In Science Policy Institute

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