3 Reasons to Use Video on Your Website

Even if you’re already using video marketing, you may not yet be convinced that it’s a smart idea to use video on your website. If so, you’re missing out on some of the most powerful benefits of video marketing. That’s because video gives your site the digital equivalent of superpowers.

Would you want a more organic search traffic? Increased conversion rates? Genuinely engaged visitors? The trust of your prospects and users? a website video can give you all that and more. Let’s look at three persuasive reasons why you should use video on your website.

#1: Explain Your Business

While it’s true that video marketing is finally starting to catch on with small business owners and marketers, it’s still not all that prevalent in many niches. In fact, you may find yourself in a field with competitors who don’t use video at all. If that’s the case, video is your secret weapon. In fact, the right kind of videos on your website will instantly help differentiate your brand from the competition. To understand why, let’s look at some eye-opening statistics about video’s effect on consumers.

For example, a whopping 90% of online shoppers say that videos about a product or service help them decide whether to buy that item or not. 64% of those who see a branded video and visit the brand’s website are likely to purchase something there. Video is undeniably effective with individual consumers. It’s also effective with B2B prospects. In fact, 65% of business executives who view a video that’s relevant to their field are more likely to visit that company’s website.

It’s true of many different niches, not just consumer retail sales. Real estate listings with video walk-throughs get over 400% more active buyer interest than those that rely on images alone. A real estate agent whose prime competitors rely solely on static photography to sell properties has a ready-made opportunity to stand out from the crowd with video. Even if your competitors already publish videos on their sites, there’s always something you can do better or more interestingly. Tell different stories, raise the production values, improve on the information that’s being delivered in explainer videos, use a more personal tone; you can always find a way to take a different approach with video. A well-produced, engaging, and entertaining video will captivate your prospects and intrigue them long enough to stick around and learn more. In turn, this makes your website instantly more intriguing to your visitors.

Here’s what a well-placed, good quality video could do for the visitors to your website:

  • Turn a boring static site into an interesting, interactive one
  • Provide assistance to new visitors with a short site tour to help them find what they’re looking for
  • Demonstrate your products and services in action so they feel more comfortable making a purchase from you
  • Showcase your products actually being used by real people your visitors can relate to

Video makes storytelling an even more effective tool to convert casual visitors into purchasing customers. Stories are the best way to evoke the kind of emotional responses that are necessary to engage your casual visitors and convert them into purchasers. No medium is more effective for telling those stories than video.

#2: Improve Your Website’s SEO

Without question, video improves your site’s rankings in organic search results. Search engine optimization, or SEO, involves dozens, perhaps hundreds, of ranking factors that search engines include in their search and ranking algorithms. While those algorithms are kept under lock and key, one of the known factors is dwell time. Dwell time is essentially how long your visitors stay on your page. It’s one of the many ranking factors that Google includes in its ranking algorithm, because it’s one way to measure the user experience on your page.

Remember search engines aren’t really interested in helping site owners. They’re all about serving the best interests of searchers. How can they know which pages are likewise serving the searcher’s needs? Among other things, the longer the searcher stays on the site, the more likely it is that the page answered the searcher’s question. When you use video on your website, you’re improving your page’s dwell time, because it captures your visitor’s attention and keeps users on the page longer. This serves as a signal to Google that the visitor values your page and its content, and Google will in turn reward that page with better rankings for the user’s search term.

#3: Video on Your Website Is the Most Effective Kind of Social Proof Around

When you use video on your website, you’re providing a compelling form of social proof. Are you displaying testimonials on your website? If you are, most likely it’s a text-based testimonial. Think about how much more powerful that same text would be if your prospect could hear and see that customer speaking those words in person. Video testimonials are the next best thing to having your satisfied customers sing your praises face-to-face to your new prospects. Simply put, video is the single most effective way to display testimonials on your site. They’re much more powerful than mere written text, which anyone can do.

Video adds an instant, innate credibility to your testimonials. A short paragraph of praise, no matter how glowing, even when coupled with a supporting link, could really be anyone, or no one. On the other hand, a sincere testimonial from an actual human being willing to speak on camera is inherently more trustworthy and persuasive to your new prospects.

Video instantly increases your own authority, too. Watching a person speaking about their area of expertise instantly lends the expert more credibility, compared to a mere blog post or other text-based page. Video also adds a personal touch. People do business with other people, not with impersonal brands. Even B2B deals happen because people reach an agreement with other people. No matter what your niche or business model is, video puts a personal touch on an otherwise impersonal website and gives your brand name a human face.

Another way to use video on your website is to create a video of an influencer demonstrating or talking positively about your product or services. Instead of 140 written characters on Twitter, why not ask for a short video from your influencers? Imagine how much more persuasive that would be to their audiences.

Are You Ready to Use Video on Your Website?

Don’t let intimidation or budgetary concerns stop you from taking the video plunge. A high-quality explainer video or whiteboard video doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. When you use it properly, it might even pay for itself in increased sales and conversions. If you’d like to learn more or if you’re ready to add a compelling video to your brand’s site, drop Creamy a line today.